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PMG Chapter 1421: Vines, Old Trees and Crows

PMG Chapter 1421: Vines, Old Trees and Crows

Emperor Yu frowned while saying, “You’re an old emperor and you dare act so aggressively with the younger people?”

“Since he knows I’m an old man, how dare he talk to me that way?” replied the man to Emperor Yu without even glancing at him. Then, he looked at the young man and said, “Remember, I don’t want any of them to survive.”

“Roger, Your Highness!” said the young man bowing. There was only one person who was standing there in such a calm and serene way, he didn’t even bow before Emperor Qi. That person’s Qi was absolutely extraordinary. He glanced at the crowd and stopped turning his head once he saw Hou Qing Lin. Only Hou Qing Lin attracted his attention.

“The emperor from the East brought some strong people, fifteen people in total.” thought some of the people from Tiantai, frowning. There were twenty-two groups and a hundred cultivators in total. Apart from Tiantai, There were no other groups which had brought that many people. In Jiu You, a hundred people had been qualified as well, but because there were less groups in Jiu You, they had more people qualify per group.

“The Wen Clan, the Si Kong Clan and the Celestial Thunder Temple all seem to have something to do with Jiu You.” thought Lin Feng as he glanced over at them. The Wen Clan and the Si Kong Clan groups seemed bigger.

The Celestial Thunder Temple and the Deva-Mara Palace also seem to have something to do with Jiu You because Kong Ming and Xiao Yu had been in a shrine.

“Why don’t you come to your mother?” asked the snow leader to Yi Ren Lei. Yi Ren Lei smiled and said, “I’m with my teacher, it’s the same.”

“My daughter, where are your fellow disciples and Mu Feng? Are they all dead? And what happened in the shrine? Won’t you tell us?” asked the snow leader. Even though she was smiling, her voice was strange.

“Mu Feng?” those from the Ba Huang Province were surprised to hear that name.

What did Lin Feng have to do with Yi Ren Lei? Besides, people were surprised to learn that Yi Ren Lei was the daughter of an empress from Jiu You.

“Mother, I can’t tell you that. I’m sorry.” said Yi Ren Lei, smiling thinly.

“Alright, you’re my good girl after all.” said the snow leader, in a cold way. Then, she turned to the people on her side and said, “Once inside, take good care of my daughter.”

“Roger, snow leader!” said the strong cultivators from the Ice and Snow Shrine. All those people were cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

People from Ba Huang Province and Jiu You all arrived, but nobody did anything still. They seemed to be waiting for someone.

“Haha, you waited for a long time!” said a voice in the distance. That person was wearing a white robe and his Qi was extraordinary.

“That’s not a problem at all, Your Excellency, The Messenger!” said the emperors politely.

“Let me find the place.” said the Messenger, still smiling. Then, terrifying cosmic energies emerged from his eyes as he stared into the Huang Sea. Huge waves appeared from his energies.

“What a terrifying strength.” everybody was amazed. The man’s cosmic energies made the sea go insane, creating a whirlpool.

“You all remember well, that was the right place.” said the Messenger to the emperors. Then he entered the Huang Sea.

“Let’s go.” said all the emperors to their cultivators. Then they too entered the Huang Sea, the legendary battlefield of the antiquity.

It quickly became dark in the Huang Sea as they went dozens of thousands of meters deep in. Suddenly, they arrived in front of an empty space, the Huang Sea couldn’t penetrate into it even. There was a coffin there which looked like a door. There were even marks on it.

“Sealing technique!” Lin Feng recognized some of the seals from back in Xue Yue. Now, in front of him, there was a seal which had the form of a coffin.

“The young people this years seem even more outstanding than a hundred years ago. Let me explain to you where you’re going: the central part of the ancient battlefield. Many many emperors were buried inside and a myriad of strong cultivators died there. Only people who aren’t cultivation emperors can go inside. Nobody knows what there is inside, but there are definitely emperor fate seeds. Once you have an emperor fate seed, give it to me and I’ll let you go to the Holy City.” explained the Messenger.

“Understood!” said many people, nodding along. It seemed like they had to obey that guy.

“Alright, let’s open the seal. Good luck.” said the Messenger. He placed his hand on the marks of the coffin and dazzling lights broke through the dark Huang Sea.

“Bzzz!” a terrifying strength emerged from the coffin. Then a door appeared and the lights became even brighter.

“Alright, you can go inside now.” said the Messenger to the crowd. Instantly, many people crossed the door as fast as they could.

“Let’s go too!” said Hou Qing Lin to his friends. Then, Tiantai’s people gradually crossed the door as well.

Lin Feng crossed the door and was surprised by what he saw.

“What is this place?” everything was dark in front of him. There was no sun, no moon, it was just dark. There were many ancient trees and vines, there was even desolate and dry Qi.

“Caw, caw!” many people gulped down and shivered. There were some crows resting on the ancient black trees. They were pitch-black and gigantic, but they looked calm though. If they hadn’t cawed, people wouldn’t have noticed them.

“Surprisingly, there are living things here.” thought some people surprised. There was an ancient log cabin in the distance and it seemed like someone lived there, but it was only an illusion. It gave people an ominous feeling.

“Dry vines, old trees, crows!” whispered Lin Feng. There were no bridges, no rivers, no people.

“What the hell is going on!” someone rose up in the air and punched the crows.

The crows all opened their eyes and fixedly stared at the attacker.

“Ah…” that cultivator gave a horrible shriek and suddenly, his body decayed and turned to dust.

“Boom, boom…” people’s hearts started pounding. It was as if they had forgotten what they were there for. They were just standing there, calmly not trying to aggravate those crows.

The crows then stopped moving and calmly stood on the branches of the trees again.

“That’s cosmic strength!” thought Lin Feng. The bodies of the evil crows contained cosmic energies. They had killed a cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer in a flash.
“The crows’ bodies contain cosmic energies so that means there are emperor fate seeds here.” thought Lin Feng. Then, he heard another crow caw and the door of the cabin opened itself. The crowd was startled and stopped breathing for a few seconds!

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