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PMG Chapter 1422: The demon sealing great emperor’s hometown

PMG Chapter 1422: The demon sealing great emperor’s hometown

“So many years!” said a ghostly voice. It seemed like a dead person had just talked to them.

Someone slowly came out of the cabin.

Half of his face was missing and instead of a left arm, there was white bones. The rest of his body was pitch-black, even eyes were pitch-black. He looked like a zombie.

“He must be dead!” thought the crowd. His body contained death Qi, so he had probably died many years ago, but he was now standing in front of the crowd.

“A hundred years have passed and even more people came here to see me again.” said the ghostly voice. Nobody dared say anything. Even the crows didn’t move, they could sense that person’s terrifying death Qi.

“That person’s death Qi has turned into cosmic strength, so that must mean he’s still alive.” thought Lin Feng. Maybe that he had died and then come back to life thanks to the death strength. The same probably applied to those crows.

“So he must have fate seeds, death fate seeds that is.” thought Lin Feng. He didn’t care how that person was still living, what he cared about was the seeds.

“Why are you not talking? Who wants to play chess?” asked the dead person. He sat down at a table in front of the cabin and started playing against himself.

“Mister, we still have some things to do. We’ll see you later!” said someone bowing before the dead man. Then he rose up in the air. He wanted to leave, but suddenly a terrifyingly oppressive energy surrounded him.

“Wrong answer…” said the dead man hoarsely. Then, he looked at the person and instantly, they turned black. Death Qi invaded his body and he collapsed, dead.

“He can kill people by simply glancing at them. What is this sorcery?” thought the crowd. Who would dare move?

“I’ve been here for a long time, so I just want to chat. After that, I’ll let you go. I’m not a demon. Killing you is useless to me.” said the dead man in a deep and hoarse voice. He felt alone, but he loved spending time with people and chatting.

“Since you don’t want to stay with me, I’ll choose someone myself. You, the very beautiful girl who breeds talent, come here.” said the dead person to Yi Ren Lei. Yi Ren Lei couldn’t manage a smile as she usually did.

“Mister, I’ll play chess with you. I love chess.” said Lin Feng walking forwards. He wasn’t afraid to die!

Yi Ren Lei was shocked, but the dead person smiled and said hoarsely, “Alright, good, come here.”

Lin Feng walked towards the dead person and sat down opposite him. Chess was just the same as it was in the normal world. Was chess a game which had been created in the antiquity?

“Alright, you people can walk around, just don’t go any farther than a thousand meters. Also, don’t offend those birds.” said the dead person.

Lin Feng started playing. He looked calm and serene as he said, “Mister, where are we? Why is the game of chess the same as in the outside world as in here?”

“We’re in the Jiu You Region. After the war, everybody died here. Why do you say the game of chess is the same?” said the dead person. He looked surprised, but at the same time, he looked expressionless, his eyes looked empty.

“Where do you come from?” asked the dead person to Lin Feng.

“I come from the Ba Huang Province, my hometown is Xue Yue though. Have you ever heard of it?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t have much hope though.

“Xue Yue, Xue Yue!” whispered the dead person, staring at Lin Feng. “You come from Xue Yue, that’s the demon sealer’s birth place!”

“The demon sealer!” Lin Feng was amazed. The demons sealer was probably the demon sealing great emperor, which meant that his hometown was Xue Yue!

“What’s going on?” thought Lin Feng.

“It can’t be. If the battlefield has been sealed by the demon sealer, and you come from the outside world, how could you be from Xue Yue? I must be mistaken.” said the dead person. He was confused. His memories must have been mixed-up.

“Mister, are you talking about the demon sealing great emperor? Is he really from Xue Yue?” asked Lin Feng. If Xue Yue was the demon sealing great emperor’s hometown, then, on the other day, when the Netherworld Demon Emperor had appeared, the one who had expelled everyone from Xue Yue was maybe the… demon sealing great emperor!

“Shut up!” shouted the dead person, suddenly releasing death Qi which surrounded Lin Feng’s body. Rumbling sounds spread in the air, then Lin Feng fell down onto his bottom.

“Lin Feng!” Lin Feng’s fellow disciples and Yi Ren Lei were surprised.

“Don’t come here!” shouted Lin Feng. Then he sat down cross-legged and absorbed the death Qi.

“You understand death Qi!” said the dead person, he sounded excited. He didn’t want to kill Lin Feng, he was just confused. If he had wanted to kill Lin Feng, it would have been easy.

“Indeed, mister, I have studied death abstruse energies.” said Lin Feng. He was trying to remain calm.

“This place is perfect for you to practice cultivation then.” said the dead person hoarsely. Lin Feng smiled and nodded, “Indeed!”

He gradually absorbed the death Qi and made his way back to the dead person. Then he sat down and the dead person looked at him, smiled, and said “You’re braver than them.”

“I don’t know that.” said Lin Feng smiling. The dead man and Lin Feng continued playing chess and chatted. Lin Feng didn’t ask anything else, he didn’t dare.

After a day, two people wanted to escape, but the dead man killed them. Apart from playing chess with the dead man during those days, Lin Feng also walked around sometimes. The death Qi was very thick and rich in there, so he had a lot to benefit from.

At that moment, Lin Feng sat down cross-legged in a dark area and studied the thick and rich death Qi. A demon appeared, and just like the dead man had said, that place was perfect to study death abstruse energies.

“If we don’t leave, we can’t do anything else.” said Ruo Xie and Mo Qing Tian to each other, using telepathy.

“I don’t know how long the dead man wants us to stay here and what the rest of this region looks like.” said Mo Qing Tian, sounding annoyed.

At that moment, a light appeared. Lin Feng turned around and saw that the east emperor’s people looked furious.

The great oriental greenfinch roc of the Bestial Imperial Palace also looked furious. They were all fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had ancient scriptures and they wanted them.

Lin Feng glanced at them, but then turned around again. During this time Lin Feng had realized that the core disciples of a few groups stayed together all the time, as if they were hiding something.

Hou Qing Lin came and said to them using telepathy, “We need to be careful. Some people brought imperial weapons in here. During the meeting of the emperors, we couldn’t use imperial weapons, but in here, there are absolutely no restrictions. They could be plotting against the dead man.”

Lin Feng nodded and also said, using telepathy, “Emperor Qi’s father must have given some imperial weapons to his people. If the dead man wasn’t here, we would probably have to fight against them.”

“Yes, we need to be prepared.” said Hou Qing Lin.

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