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PMG Chapter 1423: Killing The Dead Man

PMG Chapter 1423: Killing The Dead Man

Some time passed and the crowd had been stuck in there for three months already. Someone else tried to escape, but he was no exception. He was killed instantly.

They were young, they needed to continue becoming stronger. Otherwise, if they came out after a hundred years, the world would have changed and they’d need to catch up with new geniuses.

Lin Feng sometimes played chess with the dead man, but they didn’t talk much. He wasn’t unhappy in there, his death abstruse energy was already level five.

“Little boy!” Lin Feng said using telepathy. Lin Feng opened his eyes and lights appeared in the sky. It was Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword. The Tian Ji Sword had finished condensing a death soul.

Lin Feng stood up and sat down next to the dead man, it was as if he had been waiting for him.

As usual, Lin Feng played chess with him and listened to the dead man’s incomprehensible stories. Back then, that place was gigantic, it used to be the Jiu You Region. Then, a great war began and many people died. Then, the demon sealing great emperor had sealed that place.

But why in the Huang Sea?

At that moment, the great oriental greenfinch roc approached them. He looked at Lin Feng and then the dead man in a sharp way.

“Eh?” Lin Feng didn’t turn his head, but he sensed that some people were looking at him. Like the young man who had bowed before Emperor Qi, and the princes from Tian Long Divine Castle.

“Oh no!” thought Lin Feng. The great oriental greenfinch roc was unruly and obstinate, he had even dared act disrespectful to the Diviner. Apart from him, the others were quite unruly and aggressive too. They all had the strength of the eighth Zun Qi layer at least. Lin Feng guessed they wanted to attack.

“Mister, when will you let us go?” asked the great oriental greenfinch roc to the dead man. Lin Feng felt extremely nervous. The dead man could use cosmic energies like emperors, even if he wasn’t as strong as real emperors, Zun cultivators couldn’t compete with his cosmic energies. If those people wanted to attack, they had to kill the dead man in one attack, otherwise, everybody would be doomed.

“When I get tired, I’ll let you go.” said the dead man as before. He didn’t even glance at them. It seemed like he hadn’t even noticed that they wanted to attack him.

“Alright, Mister, we hope you get tired quickly.” said the great oriental greenfinch roc calmly. Then, golden lights appeared and the great oriental greenfinch roc streaked across the sky.

“Boom!” Lin Feng had the feeling that he was going to explode. The great oriental greenfinch roc lacerated the sky with each flap of his wings.

“Block!” Lin Feng knew he didn’t have time to react. He just released empty space energy using his empty space robe and disappeared.

“Slash, slash!” the dazzling lights surprised the old man. Then, he released a terrifying death Qi and the atmosphere became darker.

“Kacha!” the golden wings lacerated the dead man’s body, but he was dead, so it didn’t matter. Death Qi surrounded the great oriental greenfinch roc, but he used his other wing to wrap himself up. The death Qi couldn’t corrode his dazzling golden wings.

The great oriental greenfinch roc was using an imperial weapon.

“Lacerate!” Lin Feng looked at the young man who came with the east emperor. He was holding a dazzling sword.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng used his empty space robe again and appeared a thousand meters away. The young man’s sword struck where Lin Feng was standing a moment before.

“Argh!” the dead man’s body was lacerated, but his head was still there though.

“Die, die, die…” death Qi invaded filled the space. Lin Feng turned around and ran away. The death Qi was corroding his body, and it was strong enough that it could kill him.

“Run fast!” the death Qi was terrifying.

“No…” someone died next to Lin Feng and fell down from the sky.

If Lin Feng hadn’t used his empty space robe, he would have died already. He continuously released vitality abstruse energies to recover as he ran away. Those people were using imperial weapons to fight the dead man, struggling to get his fate seeds.

“Lin Feng, take it!” Jun Mo Xi threw a jar of blood at Lin Feng.

“That’s my blood, it contains immortal energies!” said Jun Mo Xi to Lin Feng. Jun Mo Xi had received the blood from the emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals. He also had imperial weapons and understood death and immortal energies very well.

“Be careful!” shouted Lin Feng to Jun Mo Xi. He then flew away. He was a good fighter, but after all, he didn’t have any imperial weapons.

“Boom, boom, boom…” terrifying explosions sounded, the death Qi was exploding. The dead man didn’t attack everybody luckily, otherwise, many people would have died.

“The dead man is not as strong as an emperor, otherwise, he would have killed those people, even if they had imperial weapons.” thought Lin Feng. He didn’t use Jun Mo Xi’s blood yet, he wanted to be far away, so that he could block the death Qi.

“Caw, caw…” Some crows cawed and flew around Lin Feng. There were dozens of them and they were gigantic. Then they flew towards him, surprising him. He then jumped onto his gigantic sword. He wanted to go somewhere else, but the crows prevented him from moving away.

“Lin Feng!”

Lin Feng saw Yi Ren Lei, she looked like she was struggling. She was releasing life abstruse energies and using the life water Lin Feng had given to her.

“Those crowd can release cosmic energies, don’t offend them.” said Yi Ren Lei.

“They surrounded me. The dead man made them angry, not me.” Ruo Xie and the others had also arrived by this time.

“Those crows are dead, so I’ll use reincarnation energies to fight them.” said Hou Qing Lin. He released a sword reincarnation attack and then holes appeared in the air.

“Die!” shouted Hou Qing Lin. In a flash, the crows disappeared inside the reincarnation holes.

“Argh…” the others crows were going insane.

“Mu Bei, brother, use your gravestone!” said Lin Feng. Maybe those insane cultivators were going to kill the dead man, so they needed to think of a solution to escape if that happened.

“No, we’ll all try to bury ourselves, we can try and gamble that way.” said Mu Bei, shaking his head.

“No need, brother, I have Jun Mo Xi’s blood. You can stay, but I’m going!” said Lin Feng. His Tian Ji Sword dashed to the skies, diffusing dazzling lights. In a flash, many crows died. Even though their bodies were filled with cosmic energies, their energies didn’t belong to them!

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