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PMG Chapter 1424: Dream

PMG Chapter 1424: Dream

“Bzzz!” a terrifying death Qi descended from the sky, but Lin Feng took out a palace.

Mu Bei and the others were stupefied, Mu Bei shouted, “Lin Feng, brother, be careful!”

“Boom!” Mu Bei punched the ground, creating a crater and causing pieces of stones to rise up in the air. Then they jumped into the crater and the stones covered them up to look like a real tomb.

“Die!” Lin Feng could use the Tian Ji Sword to see around as the Tian Ji Sword didn’t fear cosmic energies. It quickly killed the crows while Lin Feng was surfing on his gigantic sword. His palace could prevent the cosmic energies from the crows from affecting him.

“What a great sword!” thought Lin Feng. He was making his Tian Ji Sword absorb death cosmic energies which could be beneficial in the future.

“Lin Feng!” shouted someone in the distance. Then, golden lights illuminated the surroundings. That was the great roc. It seems that they had managed to kill the dead man with their imperial weapons.

Lin Feng and his friends were worried that the great oriental greenfinch roc and the young man from the Qi Clan would try to get their revenge. It seems like they were right to fear that

“Flap, flap…” the great oriental greenfinch roc flapped his golden wings and the crows around him all died. He stared at Lin Feng in a strange way.

“Lin Feng, hand over your ancient scriptures!” said the great roc, glaring at Lin Feng who had just recalled his Tian Ji Sword.

“Little bird, Emperor Peng gave you a great imperial weapon. If you died here, it would be a pity, wouldn’t it?” said Lin Feng mockingly.

“You dare make fun of me, yet I never talked shit to you. You have three seconds to give me your ancient scriptures, otherwise you’ll die!” said Mo Peng furiously. Lin Feng smiled coldly, “How can you be sure that I have the ancient scriptures?”

Then, Lin Feng jumped into the Jade Emperor’s palace and the palace fell down to the ground.

“Caw!” Mo Peng cawed and looked at the palace. He wanted to break it, he even struck it with his golden wings, but he still couldn’t break it.

“Cosmic energies are condensed around that palace.” Mo Peng was surprised. Lin Feng surprisingly had a palace that even his imperial weapon couldn’t break.

“Caw!” Mo Peng shouted furiously. He flew towards the door of the palace as fast as he could. Rumbling sounds made the palace shake violently.

“Mo Peng!” shouted someone. The great oriental greenfinch roc looked at the palace and then left just as quickly as he came.

The young man from the Qi Clan struck the palace with his sword, but he couldn’t break it either. He looked furious. Mo Peng stole the fate seed and then flew away immediately. The young man from the Qi Clan was even more furious because he couldn’t catch up with him and now Lin Feng was hiding in the palace.

“Let’s go!” shouted the young man from the Qi Clan, leaving with his friends.

After Lin Feng found out that those people couldn’t break his palace, he stayed inside for a month and practiced cultivation. When he came out, there was nobody there anymore. They couldn’t waste such an opportunity, it was something that happened only once every one-hundred years.

Lin Feng put his palace away and jumped onto his gigantic sword, streaking across the sky. It was desolate, but there were some amazing landscapes to behold.

“It’s an ancient battlefield.” thought Lin Feng. He saw some familiar landscapes, but he couldn’t remember what they were.

“That mountain range!” Lin Feng saw a mountain range which looked like the Yun Hai mountain range.

“And that forest!” Lin Feng noticed a forest which looked like the Black Wind Mountain.

“How come it looks so similar?” thought Lin Feng. He continued flying across the sky towards Yangzhou City, and as expected, he saw a city. Even though it wasn’t like the Yangzhou City he had created, from the sky, it looked similar.

Lin Feng was very confused.

“From here, I need less than an hour to make it to the former imperial city of Xue Yue!” thought Lin Feng, gazing into the distance. His sword streaked across the sky again and after an hour, Lin Feng saw another city. It was wrecked, but it looked like the former imperial city of Xue Yue.

Lin Feng was astonished, his heart started racing. What was going on? Why did that place, which had been sealed by the demon sealing great emperor, look like Xue Yue?

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng flew towards Duan Ren City. He wanted to make sure that this place was Xue Yue.

When Lin Feng arrived in the sky above Duan Ren Border, he realized he was right. That place looked like Duan Ren City. However, instead of the Duan Ren Border, there was a gigantic valley which looked like a sword mark.

“Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword Qi!” thought Lin Feng. The valley had been created by a sword strike which contained terrifying energies.

“Emperor Wu Tian Jian came here too?” thought Lin Feng. He was confused. That ancient battlefield looked like Xue Yue though.

Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and he landed in Duan Ren Border.  There was a coffin seal in front of him and it was filled with ice-cold energies. That was the border of Xue Yue and that was a sealed area, as if it had been the end of the small world.

“Maybe the demon sealing great emperor was feeling sad after Xue Yue was destroyed, so he decided to recreate the country here.” thought Lin Feng. If that place was Xue Yue, an ancient battlefield which was also the demon sealing great emperor’s birth place, then where was the real Xue Yue in the outside world?

“There’s someone!” Lin Feng saw a silhouette in white clothes in the distance. He jumped onto his sword and streaked across the sky again.

“Who are you!” shouted Lin Feng suddenly The person in white clothes became blurry as Lin Feng suddenly felt like he was going to faint. Then, he slowly lied down and fell asleep.

When Lin Feng fainted, he sensed that he had fallen on a soft body. That person gently caressed Lin Feng’s head. He tried to open his eyes, but he couldn’t.

It was like a dream. In his dream, his saw a terrifying battle where many strong cultivators died. They were astonishingly strong, so much so that he felt like an ant next to them. Lin Feng also practiced cultivation in his dream and he became extremely strong. He practiced cultivation for a year and it felt so real.

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