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PMG Chapter 1427: Understanding Death Abstruse Energy

PMG Chapter 1427: Understanding Death Abstruse Energy

“Empty Space Wind!” Qi Yan’s imperial weapon contained cosmic strength, making it terrifying. Lin Feng couldn’t do anything to that imperial weapon. Unfortunately, he didn’t have Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword anymore, otherwise, the sword would have taken care of it.

Lin Feng used the Jade Emperor’s palace to block the energies. Qi Yan’s sword kept lacerating the sky but that palace infuriated him.

“Bzzz!” A silhouette suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng, it was Qi Yan. He had used his Empty Space Agility Technique and immediately attacked with his sword in Lin Feng’s direction.

Lin Feng and the palace suddenly disappeared and reappeared far away from Qi Yan. He had used his empty space robe to dodge Qi Yan’s attack.

The Jade Emperor’s palace moved towards Qi Yan, and then rumbling sounds appeared as it collided against him. The Jade Emperor’s palace then turned into a heart again and flew back to Lin Feng.

“Stay here!” shouted Lin Feng. He used many sorts of strength to block his enemy and then his axe descended from the sky.


His axe crashed onto the enemy’s body and another cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer was killed on the spot. Lin Feng glanced around, striking fear into those people’s hearts. Surprisingly, they didn’t meet Lin Feng’s gaze. They all stepped back, but Lin Feng released cursing energies, making them stop for a second. Lin Feng had killed cultivators of the seventh Zun Qi layer in front of them, so they didn’t want to give him that kind of opportunity again.

Lin Feng glanced at them, but they still didn’t dare get close to him. Lin Feng groaned coldly and said aggressively, “A bunch of trash!”

Lin Feng glanced at Qi Yan again and said coldly, “Stop!”

Qi Yan wanted to use his sword again, but Lin Feng’s shout actually made him stop. He looked at Lin Feng with some annoyance. Lin Feng was using a palace made of cosmic energies, so his sword, which was an imperial weapon, couldn’t destroy it. Besides, Lin Feng also had an empty space holy weapon which allowed him to teleport away at a moments notice.

“Since you can’t kill me, just run away. Don’t make me waste my time.” said Lin Feng.

“If you didn’t have all those precious treasures, I would have killed you already.” said Qi Yan.

“You’re really shameless!” said Lin Feng in a disdainful way. Qi Yan seemed to have forgotten that he was using an imperial weapon.

Then, Lin Feng jumped onto his gigantic sword and streaked across the sky. As he left, Lin Feng said, “I hope you’ll live a bit longer!”

Qi Yan didn’t chase Lin Feng because Lin Feng was right, since he couldn’t kill him, chasing him was pointless. They were both wasting time fighting against each other. He could go hunt other fate seeds instead.

“Everyone in here is heroically strong, especially the core disciples of some of the groups, and even more so those who have imperial weapons. I can’t defeat them yet.” thought Lin Feng while riding his gigantic sword. Lin Feng didn’t feel safe in that world. He needed to become even stronger.

“Should I practice cultivation or try to find more fate seeds?” thought Lin Feng. He wouldn’t become that much stronger if he practiced cultivation for only a short time, especially considering that he forgot about time when he practiced cultivation. Fate seeds were the keys to the Holy City. However, if he wanted to become stronger, he also needed to go to the Holy City, and would thus need more fate seeds.

“I’ll study death abstruse energy then.” thought Lin Feng. He went back to the place where the dead man was at the beginning. That was a corner of Xue Yue, but also the entrance of that world. Death Qi was thick and rich there, perfect for studying.

When Lin Feng arrived, he noticed the soil was still black and contained desolate Qi. Those annoying crows were still flying around overhead. Lin Feng didn’t know how they were still animated. In the past, the dead man used to control them, but now he was gone so how did they continue moving?

Lin Feng landed in front of the small cabin where the dead man used to stay. The death Qi was especially thick there.

“Caw, caw!” crows cawed, making Lin Feng felt cold. His Tian Ji Sword streaked across the sky and immediately lacerated the crows.

“Slash, slash!” crows fell down from the sky, one after the other. One crow slipped through and headed for Lin Feng.

“Die!” His Tian Ji Sword came back and aimed at that crow. At the same time, Lin Feng invoked his blood strength, causing dragon chants to sing.

“Absorb!” shouted Lin Feng. His nine dragon heads roared and absorbed the terrifying strength emanating from the crow.

As soon as the dragon swallowed the crow, death Qi entered Lin Feng’s body. However, Lin Feng released life abstruse energy to protect himself.

“My spirit doesn’t fear the strength of the dead crows!” thought Lin Feng, surprised. He shouted, “Absorb, absorb!” the nine dragon heads looked insane. They continued eating the crows, further adding to the death Qi entering Lin Feng’s blood. Although it was corroding his blood, he was transforming that death energy to his own.

After a long time, he finally calmed down. He started studying the death abstruse energy and found that it was easier now that he had absorbed the death Qi. Especially seeing how he had made it fuse together with his soul.

A month passed and Lin Feng was still surrounded by a terrifying death Qi. His death abstruse energy was now level six, which meant he could easily kill cultivators of the sixth Zun Qi layer and under with it. If he made it fuse together with other abstruse energies, then his attacks would become even more terrifying.

However, at that moment, inside the cabin, two white lights gleamed. The surroundings became pitch-black, except for those two white dots. Someone was smiling at Lin Feng.

Three months later, Lin Feng’s death Qi was even more terrifying. His death abstruse energy was now level seven. Finally, high-level abstruse energy!

On that day, Lin Feng opened his eyes and stopped practicing cultivation. But when he opened his eyes, the two white eyes in the cabin disappeared.

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