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PMG Chapter 1430: Stuck For Two Years

PMG Chapter 1430: Stuck For Two Years

Lin Feng had a strange feeling after he entered the tree.

He was in an empty space which looked like a castle. It looked like a strong cultivator’s small world. However, that castle was burning, flames were everywhere.

“Ka, kaboom!” explosions sounded as a stone block fell down.

“Cosmic strength, there’s cosmic strength everywhere. Besides, there are three different types of cosmic strength here, which means there must be three fate seeds!” thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng found the skeleton even more mysterious now. Lin Feng had a familiar feeling inside there.

“Bzzz!” a green light appeared. The stone blocks seemed like they had eyes, it felt like they were staring at Lin Feng.

“There’s something wrong here. There aren’t only three kinds of cosmic strength, there’s fire, empty space, and earth cosmic strength, but there’s life cosmic strength as well. That’s what gives those dead things that alive feeling.” thought Lin Feng. He could only see two fate seeds, but how could he get them?

“Go!” Lin Feng unsheathed his Tian Ji Sword and descended from the sky.

“Bzzz… bzzz…” however, as it descended, the fire became even more powerful. The stones came together and formed a gigantic stone man which collided with the Tian Ji Sword.

“Boom!” the Tian Ji Sword chipped away a piece of stone.

Flames dashed to the skies as the stone man seemed to have woken up.

“Boom, boom, boom!” the terrifying strength bombarded the Tian Ji Sword, making it shake violently.

“Come back!” shouted Lin Feng.

“Boom, boom boom, boom!” the Tian Ji Sword was already buried in the ground. Some more gigantic fire men appeared. Then they turned into burning mountains and buried everything beneath them as they sat down.

“Come out, come out…” shouted Lin Feng. He could sense that his Tian Ji Sword was shaking violently, it was going insane. But it was useless, the burning stone men were too strong.

“Earth cosmic strength!” Lin Feng looked upset.

While Lin Feng was thinking about how to get back his Tian Ji Sword, gigantic stone blocks appeared again and were staring at Lin Feng.

“Oh no!” Lin Feng feared that the gigantic, burning stone men wanted to attack him.

“Bzzz!” a burning stone flew towards him like a fireball.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng, furiously punching the fireball and making it explode. Lin Feng’s arm was extremely sore after that. Those energies were terrifying and contained cosmic strength, so he couldn’t afford to underestimate them.

“Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz!” At the same time, it started to rain fire on Lin Feng.

“Oh no!” Lin Feng suddenly rose up in the air and released sword Qi.

“Lacerate, lacerate, lacerate!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The fire rain was even more beautiful as it broke apart into a myriad of burning stone men, which then threw themselves at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng suddenly disappeared as he used his empty space robe, reappearing higher up in the air.

“Boom!” fireballs crashed where he had been a second before, leaving a gigantic crater.

“Getting those fate seeds seems to be too difficult.” thought Lin Feng. He continued rising up in the air, but more fireballs launched towards him.

“Slash, slash…” empty space energies appeared above Lin Feng. He raised his head and saw an incredible empty space strength above him. He hadn’t realized it before because the ceiling was too high.

“The empty space fate seed is above me.”

There were four fate seeds in that place, but they all seemed difficult to get to.

Lin Feng used his Deadly Demon Punch and explosions sounded. If he lost focus for even a second, he would die.

The fire stone men seemed furious and continued attacking Lin Feng.

Lin Feng punched one of them and moved like the wind before punching another one.

“Piss off!” Lin Feng kept destroying the burning stones, but he felt overwhelmed.

Lin Feng looked around looking for an exit, but found nothing. There was no exit and his Tian Ji Sword was stuck in there.

“Boom!” Lin Feng moved like the wind and dodged the next wave of attacks. He released wind and empty space energies to dodge all the attacks.

“Should I hide inside the Jade Emperor’s palace and practice inside it?” thought Lin Feng. Then, he thought, “I should try to practice here first. If that doesn’t work, I’ll go inside the palace.”

“Break!” Lin Feng continued punching the stones, but there were still too many of them.

“Break, break, break!” Lin Feng punched the stones one after the other as he continued running away.

After seven days, he was still dodging attacks. He felt like he was going to run out of demon Qi, but he continued on.

A month later, Lin Feng looked exhausted. He couldn’t use demon energies anymore, so his Deadly Demon Punches were useless. He persevered though and continued dodging the attacks. His empty space and wind energies were getting still stronger.

“I’ll see what my real limits are!” thought Lin Feng like a madman.

Three months later, it seemed like the fire and stones couldn’t kill Lin Feng. He couldn’t use demon energies, but the demon intent in his eyes seemed more stable. When he condensed demon intent, a strong wind surrounded him.

The wind around him was becoming even stronger, then it turned into a tornado. The strength of the Earth and sky turned into demon Qi and flowed throughout Lin Feng’s body.

“Boom!” Lin Feng felt great as the demon Qi flow throughout his body. He thought he had never felt so great in his life. He continued absorbing demon strength from the strength of the Earth and sky.

“Argh!” A terrifying demon Qi continued building in his body as he continued running around and releasing demon punches.

However, as Lin Feng became stronger, the fire stones also became stronger!

Three months, then six months, then one year. Time passed quickly, but Lin Feng didn’t give up. He wanted to leave, but he was stuck inside. He could only become stronger until he overcame the burning stones.

More time passed and Lin Feng had been stuck inside for two years already!

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