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PMG Chapter 1431: Come Out!

PMG Chapter 1431: Come Out!

Back in Tiantai, two beautiful women were gazing into the distance while sitting on the stairs. They looked particularly sad.

Three years and he still hadn’t come back. Emperor Yu hadn’t come back either. Where were they? In the gigantic territory of Tiantai, all the disciples were still making great efforts to become stronger.

During those three years, the Ba Huang Province had changed a lot. Many new outstanding cultivators were rising, some people even talked about the new ten strongest young cultivators of the new generation, because apart from a few of the ten strongest young cultivators from the previous generation who had died, the others were already cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. Several of them had disappeared for three years now, so if they came back, they would probably be monstrously strong.

In the previous generation of monstrously strong geniuses, there was Lin Feng, sometimes called Mu Feng. He had killed many geniuses from Ba Huang. There was the great oriental greenfinch roc whose speed was unparalleled, the mysterious Buddhist monk, Kong Ming from the Celestial Thunder Temple, Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue from the Wen Clan, Si Kong Xiao from who had a mysterious Celestial Vision, Fu Hei was the one nobody really knew how strong he was, Yi Ren Lei the seductive woman and so on.

Now, new geniuses were rising in Ba Huang, for example Feng Ling from the Qi Feng Mountain. It was said that she was even stronger than Feng Xuan. Then there was Xie Yu from the Church of Desire. Xia Tian Fan was a mysterious fighter who could fight against cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. As of yet, he had never lost a battle. Qi Zang from the Qi Clan was terrifying too.

But the group in the Huang Sea didn’t know about these things. During those three years, many of them had obtained fate seeds, but many of them had died. Amongst the hundred people who entered, only half were left.

Inside the ancient tree, Lin Feng was still punching the burning stones over and over again. The burning stone men had become smaller, but their cosmic energies were stronger than when he first entered.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He punched the air again and another large burning stone broke apart.

Lin Feng was breathing fast, but a fire strength was visible as he exhaled.

“Two years!” whispered Lin Feng. During those two years, he had destroyed many stones while consuming exorbitant amounts of Qi: empty space Qi, fire Qi and Earth Qi. Even though he didn’t study it, his Earth abstruse energy was already level four. As Lin Feng became stronger, he was finding it easier to learn new abstruse energies.

It was similar to when he had the strength of the Tian Qi layer. As he became stronger, he understood intent faster too. Lin Feng was wondering, if someday, he broke through to the Huang Qi layer and became an emperor, while studying cosmic energies, would he start from level one abstruse energies or higher? Besides, after understanding level nine abstruse energies, would he immediately understand cosmic energies?

“I haven’t drunk or eaten anything in two years, all I’ve absorbed was empty space, fire, earth and life Qi. No wonder I learnt Earth abstruse energy during this time. That must be a special power that only I have though.” whispered Lin Feng.

“After leaving, I’ll definitely need to take a shower.” thought Lin Feng. Even though practicing cultivation allowed cultivators to remain healthy, Lin Feng didn’t appreciate greasy, dirty hair.

Lin Feng’s facial expression became sharp when he thought about the outside world. He looked around, thinking about leaving again.

“Bzzz!” as if a stone sensed that Lin Feng was feeling unhappy, it threw itself towards him. However, Lin Feng didn’t try to break it, he instead turned into an illusion. And not just one illusion, there were many Lin Feng illusions in the room.

During those two years, Lin Feng’s empty space and wind abstruse energies had become incredibly powerful. They were now both at the top of the sixth level while his demon abstruse energy was at the top of the seventh level and his life abstruse energy level five. He had also broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer recently.

He pierced through the ceiling’s stones and started digging a tunnel.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His body was as sharp as a sword as he made his way through the Earth.

“Boom!” gigantic burning stone men appeared which were several dozens of meter tall. Then, they immediately threw themselves at Lin Feng.

“Slash, slash…” Lin Feng joined together his hands and released sword energies. Then a gigantic sword appeared which was one-hundred meters long. There were no explosions as it fell, it simply cut the gigantic stone men to pieces. There were two lights which were becoming more and more dazzling the farther Lin Feng dug, those were fate seeds.

“Boom boom boom!” the earth shook, and a gigantic stone man appeared again.

“If I don’t break it, how long will I have to wait for this chance again?” thought Lin Feng. He turned into ten thousand illusions and his sword lights became overwhelming.

Then, they pierced through the ocean of fire.

Everything was filled with sword lights, and they weren’t disappearing because they contained immortal abstruse energy. In two years, Lin Feng had improved a lot in terms of demon, sword and agility cultivation. Now, he always made his sword energy fuse together with immortal abstruse energy, which was level five now.

Boom!” the ground exploded as Lin Feng dived into the fire, turning himself into a sword.

“Lacerate!” Lin Feng released more sword energy. The stones lost their energy, the flames weren’t as strong, and the stones weren’t as hard anymore. Lin Feng had taken the fate seed!

“I did it!” thought Lin Feng. He had failed many times during the past two years, but now, finally, he had taken it. It meant that he could now resist the cosmic energies.

“Why can’t I find the life fate seed?” thought Lin Feng, slowly rising up again. The scenery was spectacular, and his Tian Ji Sword was whistling besides him.

Lin Feng frowned, there was definitely a fate seed containing life cosmic energy, but he couldn’t see it. It was probably up in the ceiling with the other seed.

“I need to take it, and with the empty space fate seed, that’d be five seeds in total!” thought Lin Feng. After that, he continued digging into the ceiling.

“What a powerful strength!” thought Lin Feng. He suddenly sensed a pain spread throughout his body. Crack marks even appeared in his armor, but now he was strong enough that he didn’t need such an armor. His physical body was stronger than his armor.

“Lacerate!” shouted Lin Feng. He moved like the wind and finally managed to grab a dazzling golden fate seed. Directly after, buzzing sounds appeared and Lin Feng realized that he had left the place. He was back in the battlefield!

“I’m out!” thought Lin Feng. He was so happy and surprised. He was finally out, after two years!

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