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PMG Chapter 1432: Displaying One’s Talent

PMG Chapter 1432: Displaying One’s Talent

After Lin Feng came out, green lights were shining upon his body.

“Fate seed!” Lin Feng stared at the tree. Initially, it contained the life fate seed, but it had appeared with the others.

“Did he want to help me?” thought Lin Feng, recalling the skeleton. Although he had been stuck in there for a long time, maybe the skeleton had taken him there to help him become stronger.

But if the skeleton had taken him there, it also meant that he understood Lin Feng quite well. There were four types of cosmic energies there, so he must have known that Lin Feng knew so many different types of energies.

Lin Feng rose up in the air and grabbed the fate seed from the tree, then the green lights faded.

Lin Feng put on another robe and slowly rose up in the air. He had been there for three years already, when would it be possible to leave that place?

For Lin Feng, three years was a long time. He had been in the cultivation world for ten years already. When he had first arrived in that world, he was young and weak, and now ten years later, he was considered as an amazing cultivator inside of the Ba Huang Province.

“Bzzz!” In the distance, some silhouettes started approaching. In the middle of them, Lin Feng noticed a beautiful woman: Yi Ren Lei. Apart from her, there were several of her fellow disciples. They had all broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer. Even though they weren’t as beautiful as Yi Ren Lei, they were still drop-dead gorgeous.

During those three years, Yi Ren Lei hadn’t wasted any time either. She had also broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer.

Yi Ren Lei was surprised to see Lin Feng, but then she smiled in a bewitching way. Then she recalled back when they used to make love.

“He’s also broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer!” thought Yi Ren Lei. Lin Feng’s cultivation level used to be quite low in the Ba Huang Province, but he still stood out. Now that he had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer, how strong could he be?

“Prince Lin!” said a girl next to Yi Ren Lei who was smiling thinly at Lin Feng. She was also trying to seduce him.

“What was that green light? Was it a fate seed?”

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng smiling. Some other people came over and looked at Lin Feng.

“Sisters, since Prince Lin already took it, let’s go.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling thinly. Even though those two girls wanted to attack, they still nodded. Last time they had seen Lin Feng, it was at the meeting of the emperors and he had only broken through to the third Zun Qi layer then. Now that he had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer, he was probably stronger than them at the eighth. Besides, Lin Feng had been nice to the Heavens of Desire’s Palace, so they didn’t want to offend him.

“Celestial Girl Yi Ren, have you found any fate seeds?” asked Lin Feng. He felt weird talking like that, like he was being too formal.

“We need one more.” said a girl next to Yi Ren Lei. “If you were to agree, we could exchange something for one of your fate seeds.”

“I’ll give one to Yi Ren, what do you think?” asked Lin Feng smiling. The two girls next to Yi Ren Lei suddenly released a terrifying Qi, as if Lin Feng was threatening them.

“It’s alright!” said Yi Ren Lei, preventing them from going any further.

“Yi Ren!” Lin Feng took out a life fate seed and gave it to Yi Ren Lei. It contained thick and rich life energies. Yi Ren Lei’s two fellow disciples looked at Lin Feng in a strange way. Why was that guy giving their fellow disciple a fate seed?

“Thank you, Prince Lin!” said Yi Ren Lei. She took the fate seed, but Lin Feng grabbed her hand, forcing her to look at him.

“Even though all you care about is cultivation, don’t forget about love.” said Lin Feng, smiling before releasing her hand. Yi Ren Lei’s two fellow disciples looked at her and then back to Lin Feng. Was Lin Feng interested in Yi Ren Lei?

“Since you give our fellow disciple a fate seed, it must mean that you have more. You should give us some too!” said three other people.

“Princes from the Ice and Snow Empire!” said Yi Ren Lei to Lin Feng using telepathy.

“I still have a lot, but if you want them, you’ll have to come and take them from me.” said Lin Feng, rising up in the air and smiling indifferently. Those three people smiled coldly, a lot?

“Die!” shouted one of them. Those people hadn’t been to the shrine back when Lin Feng was in the Ice and Snow Empire because they were already cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. Two of them were cultivators of the eighth Zun Qi layer and one of them of the ninth Zun Qi layer.

The one who threw himself at Lin Feng was one of the cultivators who had broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer.

“A cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer dares face me, you must like to act recklessly!” said that cultivator.

A strong wind started blowing and it was ice-cold, piercingly cold even. Lin Feng’s clothes were fluttering in the wind as the ice energies around him fell apart.

Lin Feng released demonic Qi and his eyes became pitch-black. He smiled and moved with the wind. He no longer feared cultivators of the eighth Zun Qi layer.

“Be careful, that cultivator is not weak!” shouted the cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer. Lin Feng’s Qi was powerful, more so than he was expecting.

“Die!” the prince of the Ice and Snow Empire moved faster and raised his fist. The air around him turned to ice.

Lin Feng released a Deadly Demon Punch and it streaked across the sky, seemingly unstoppable.

“Boom!” The cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer continued moving forwards, but his mouth twitched. He lowered his head and saw a fist inside his ribs. Then he was propelled very far away.

“Grrr!” the others were furious. A cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer had been defeated in one punch.

“It seems like the strength of the sixth Zun Qi layer is enough to kill you!” said Lin Feng indifferently. The others were surprised. Lin Feng punched again and this time the cultivator’s head exploded.

Lin Feng’s Deadly Demon Punch now contained level seven death abstruse energy, level seven demon abstruse energy, desolate abstruse energy and the force of the Earth and sky. From ten meters away, his attack was deadly.

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