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PMG Chapter 1434: To Wait Idly For Opportunities

PMG Chapter 1434: To Wait Idly For Opportunities

“Sisters, let’s get farther away.” said Yi Ren Lei to her fellow disciples who nodded back to her. Lin Feng’s sword and death energies could kill them if they stayed too close.
“Sister, Lin Feng likes you. Maybe you should make love with him, it’d help your desire cultivation.” said one of Yi Ren Lei’s fellow disciples smiling. Yi Ren Lei nodded and replied, “I’ll think about it.”

Her fellow disciple looked at her in a strange way and smiled: “It seems like you like him too.”

Yi Ren Lei smiled and said nothing. The two dazzling lights became even more dazzling. One of them contained earth cosmic energy and held a golden color. In Lin Feng’s other hand, there was a fate seed which contained nature cosmic energy and exuded green lights.

“Those lights should definitely attract people’s attention.” thought Yi Ren Lei.

As expected, people rushed over, looking at Lin Feng in a greedy way. They wanted the fate seeds, however, the one who had taken out the fate seeds was Lin Feng and he had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer now.

Lin Feng stood in the air and said coldly, “You have nothing to do here, just leave!”

The crowd was surprised. One of them, a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer from the Magic World Heavenly Palace said, “Lin Feng, did you take out those fate seeds just to attract everyone over? Do you want to trade them? If you do, what do you want in exchange?”

“Piss off!” said Lin Feng in a sharp way.

“He’s so dumb, who would want to exchange fate seeds?” whispered one of Yi Ren Lei’s fellow disciples. Yi Ren Lei giggled. She had asked Lin Feng the same thing only a short while before.

Even if some people really wanted to exchange fate seeds, apart from imperial weapons, what could they exchange for them?

“Bzzz!” After some time, Lin Feng sensed a fist getting close to him from behind. It was a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer from Jiu You. A cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer had taken out fate seeds, so he had to die!

Lin Feng shook his hand and his Tian Ji Sword lacerated the sky. At the same time, Lin Feng turned around and flew back, creating a sonic boom as they went.

“How reckless!” said Lin Feng. His voice turned into demon-curse strength and he stared into his opponent’s eyes.

“Earthen Armor!” shouted that cultivator. A mud armor appeared around him and it seemed rather dense.

“Life Drain!” said Lin Feng. Then his opponent’s eyes turned grey as his vitality was being drained quickly.

“Boom, boom!” terrifying threads of Qi suddenly surrounded Lin Feng as three more strong cultivators attacked him at the same time. Even though Lin Feng was strong, people couldn’t help themselves from attacking him for he had two fate seeds! If they obtained more fate seeds, they could exchange them for other fate seeds which were more suitable for their cultivation type. That way, after reaching the top of the Zun Qi layer, if they didn’t understand their favorite type of energy, they would be able to borrow the cosmic strength from the fate seed.

It was said that with the appropriate fate seed, a cultivator’s chances of becoming stronger were multiplied by three. It meant that with such a fate seed, they were more likely to become emperors!

In the Ba Huang Province, opportunities to become emperors were too rare. And cultivators only had one chance every one-hundred years to get those fate seeds: during the meeting of the emperors.

“Die!” said Lin Feng, putting the fate seed he had in his right hand into his left hand, then he released death strength and his Tian Ji Sword beheaded him.

At the same time, Lin Feng condensed a sword in his right hand and jumped forwards with uncanny speed.

Dazzling lights and blood mixed in the air as someone else died, he didn’t even have time to shout.

“How fast!” thought the two others. Wind and empty space abstruse energies, when mixed together, amplified speed to an astounding degree. Lin Feng’s wind and empty space abstruse energies were each level six.

Lin Feng moved even faster, creating several illusions. The two enemies looked at them and couldn’t tell which one was the real Lin Feng.

“Slash…” blood splashed. Another cultivator was killed, and even after dying he looked desperate. How had he been hit? He hadn’t sensed anything.

The other one looked hopeless too. An illusion moved towards him, and he attacked it, but then energies attacked him from behind and he died.

“Cultivators of the eighth Zun Qi layer are now too weak for Lin Feng!” thought Yi Ren Lei. They couldn’t withstand a single attack against Lin Feng.

“What the hell are you still doing here?” said Lin Feng to the others. They came back to their senses and left quickly. They knew they couldn’t take his fate seeds.

A moment before, when Lin Feng’s illusions had appeared everywhere, he had actually used his shadow spirit to attack. After his spirit had been cleansed by the gate in Tiantai, his speed and spirit had become terrifying. He could release clones of himself and attack enemies, unknowingly, from behind.

“Still not here!” Lin Feng was waiting calmly. That way, he would continue to attract many people’s attention.

“Bzzz!” An animal appeared in the distance. He was moving extremely fast, like he was being carried by the wind. It was a bird of the seventh Zun Qi layer.

Lin Feng suddenly disappeared from where he was and threw himself at the bird while condensing death Qi in his eyes. He also took out his scepter. “death-curse!”

“Boom!” the bird hadn’t even arrived yet, but death and cursing energies surrounded his body. Then his dazzling golden body turned grey and dull.

“We’ll see how hard your golden body is now!” Lin Feng’s scepter disappeared and a sword containing death Qi descended from the sky. As expected, the sword encountered some resistance, but it still pierced through like a knife cutting butter.

He took the bird and stowed it away. The body of a bird of the seventh Zun Qi layer was even more valuable than a holy weapon. Lin Feng had successfully cut through him which meant that his sword could now lacerate medium-level holy weapons.

After killing the bird, Lin Feng continued attracting people with fate seeds. He had only killed one bird so far, that still wasn’t enough!

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