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PMG Chapter 1436: Arrogantly Proud

PMG Chapter 1436: Arrogantly Proud

“Six!” shouted the crown prince as he watched Lin Feng cut him in two. The other princes were furious, their eyes were bloodshot. The sixth prince was dead, so now Lin Feng had killed six of them.

The crowd around them was astonished at how terrifying Lin Feng was. After killing the sixth prince, a demon appeared behind Lin Feng, he looked like a demon king. Lin Feng was still holding his scepter in his left hand and a sword in his other.

“Any cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer or below can’t kill Lin Feng if they don’t possess an imperial weapon.” thought the crowd. Lin Feng’s death-cursing energies were terrifying. Maybe only Buddhist cultivators could deal with Lin Feng’s cursing energies.

The remaining princes threw themselves at Lin Feng. The crown prince shouted furiously, “Four, move back!”

Lin Feng had killed the sixth prince, so the fourth prince couldn’t compete with Lin Feng either.

The fourth prince was startled. On the battle stage during the meeting of the emperors, he could still deal with Lin Feng, but now he couldn’t? Even his brother was telling him to run away.

However, Lin Feng wasn’t going to let him off. He threw himself at the fourth prince using wind and empty space energies. His shadows appeared everywhere, so no one could see who the real Lin Feng was.

“Argh!” the crown prince was furious. Dragons started roaring as he took out a scepter. It was their imperial weapon, Tian Long’s scepter.

Lin Feng’s shadows were destroyed, but the real one remained. The crown prince’s heart was pounding. He suddenly turned around and saw that a thousand meters away from the fourth prince, there was a dazzling light.

“Four, run!” shouted the crown prince. The fourth prince had already sensed the energies behind him though. His hair rose on-end and his face turned deathly pale. He wanted to escape, but he couldn’t move because he was petrified.

“Die!” the fourth prince suddenly turned around and his arms grew dragon scales.

“Slash!” Lin Feng’s sword cut his body in two.

The fourth prince’s body fell from the sky as Lin Feng quickly took his ring.

The crown prince’s imperial weapon now aimed at Lin Feng while emitting whistling sounds. Lin Feng took a step back and then disappeared, reappeared ten thousand meters away. He released demon Qi and looked down at the crown prince in a cold way: an imperial weapon again!

Besides, the second prince also had a precious treasure, a sacrificial dragon altar. Last time, Tian Long Divine Castle had used it against him too. The scepter and the sacrificial altar together were a terrifying combination. The second prince was even stronger now, and so was the crown prince.

The crown prince chased Lin Feng, but Lin Feng didn’t face him directly. Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered as he ran around. The crown prince was incredibly strong, but a lot slower than Lin Feng. The great roc had incredible speed, offense and defense, but his cultivation level wasn’t high enough.

Many shadows of Lin Feng’s appeared in the sky. The crowd which had surrounded them now consisted of more than twenty people.
“Bzzz!” A light suddenly shot towards Lin Feng. It was the great roc; his wings were wide open and he was flying as fast as he could.

“Curse!” shouted Lin Feng, releasing cursing strength. At the same time, he moved away. The great oriental greenfinch roc crashed where Lin Feng was previously standing, but now he was cursed even more from Lin Feng’s energies. He glared at Lin Feng and said coldly, “I will definitely kill you!”

“You’re a little, stinky, ignorant bird. Just piss off!” said Lin Feng. The bird was indeed ignorant, how could he kill Lin Feng?

Lin Feng was humiliating the great oriental greenfinch roc once again.

“Caw!” The great oriental greenfinch roc shouted furiously and continued chasing Lin Feng. But, Lin Feng disappeared as he reached the crowd.

“Blood sacrifice!” shouted the second prince furiously. The sacrificial dragon altar rose up in the air.

Lin Feng glanced at the second prince in a cold way. How ridiculous, was the altar even useful at that moment? Lin Feng laughed and ran away with incredible speed.

The second prince and the crown prince watched Lin Feng leave. They were upset, but they couldn’t catch up with him.

“Four and Six were killed.” thought the princes, they weren’t able to calm down. Only two of them remained until Lin Feng had killed all the princes of Tian Long Divine Castle.

In the distance, dazzling lights once again illuminated the sky: a yellow and a green light. The crowd was speechless, Lin Feng had almost killed the great oriental greenfinch roc and he still wasn’t satisfied? He still wanted to kill people?

Those who knew Lin Feng knew that he probably wanted to attract cultivators from the Si Kong Clan and people under the East emperor. Maybe he would get their fate seeds as well.
As expected, some people who came with the East emperor were attracted by the lights. But Lin Feng instantly killed all them who didn’t have imperial weapons.

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