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PMG Chapter 1439: Xia Tian Fan

PMG Chapter 1439: Xia Tian Fan

There was a mist floating at the top of the flight of stairs in Tiantai. Lin Feng was there, fighting against his own illusion again.

“Boom!” Explosions sounded and Lin Feng was propelled away. He was covered with sweat and fixedly staring at his own self.

“If I don’t use abstruse energies to fight against myself, I don’t stand a chance. He is a hundred times stronger than me. I need to condense the force of the Earth and sky better before I’ll be able to win. My teacher told me that if I understood the force of the Earth and sky properly, I’d definitely become an emperor.” thought Lin Feng.

Each floor was the same, another stronger counterpart. Lin Feng thought that if he passed the tests, he’d find a great place with cultivation treasures, but in fact there was no such thing. What Emperor Yu wanted them to understand was that if they didn’t unceasingly surpass themselves, they would stop becoming stronger. The test Lin Feng was trying to pass was meant to better teach them the force of the Earth and sky.

“Becoming an emperor is difficult. Maybe after this counterpart, I’ll have to defeat myself again, but a thousand times stronger.” thought Lin Feng. He stood up and continued fighting against himself.

“Lin Feng, have a rest.” said Meng Qing when she saw that Lin Feng wasn’t giving up.

“Alright.” said Lin Feng, turning around and smiling back at Meng Qing. Then he sat down.

“Cultivation is something you accomplish step by step, there’s no need to rush.” said Meng Qing, wiping the sweat off Lin Feng’s forehead with her sleeve.

“I can’t wait though. Besides, after becoming an emperor, I want you to give birth to our child.” said Lin Feng. Meng Qing blushed and leaned against him.

“Meng Qing, I’m dirty!” said Lin Feng. He was covered with sweat and he still hadn’t had a shower.

“Never mind that.” said Meng Qing, seemingly not caring.

“Lin Feng.” said someone from the seventh floor smiling.

“Teacher!” Lin Feng stood up and went down the stairs. He arrived in front of Mister Bai and sat down.

“Teacher, you are almost a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer.” said Lin Feng smiling. His teacher had also been cleansed by the lights of the gate of Tiantai. He had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer already.

“Little boy, don’t flatter me. You can defeat me in one punch now.” said Mister Bai smiling back. Then, he looked at Meng Qing and said, “You remind me of my teacher and his lover.”

“Teacher and his lover?” Lin Feng repeated. Did Emperor Shi have a wife? He had never seen Emperor Shi, so he was curious.

“Yes, he had a wife too. She was very beautiful, a celestial being even. Everybody was jealous of them back then.” said Mister Bai smiling nostalgically. “Back then, she was the most beautiful woman of Gan Yu, and she was exceptionally talented. Many men courted her, and nobody could defeat her besides my teacher. They kept fighting, but she kept losing. Finally, I don’t know how, but my teacher managed to make her fall in love with him!”

“Eh…” Lin Feng and Meng Qing glanced at each other and giggled. Emperor Shi had funny stories too. He had been in a relationship with the most beautiful woman of Gan Yu!

“Teacher, did Emperor Yu tell you anything about Emperor Shi? Why have I never seen him or heard about him?”

“He didn’t!” said Mister Bai shaking his head. “Maybe he left with his wife!”
Emperor Shi couldn’t let Emperor Yu take care of everything alone. Maybe Emperor Shi really was practicing cultivation?

“I don’t know if his wife has become a cultivation emperor yet though.” said Mister Bai.

“Lin Feng, I heard that you’ll go to the Holy City in a year. Will you be going back to Tian Chi before then?” asked Mister Bai.

“I’ll go back at some point.” said Lin Feng nodding. He was planning to go to the Holy City, but he didn’t know when he’d come back after the Holy City, so he had some things to do before that.

“Meng Qing, I want to go back to Xue Yue.” said Lin Feng. He had been away from home for four years, so he needed to go back and see his family. Then, he’d go to Gan Yu and avenge some people.

“Should I come with you?” asked Meng Qing. She didn’t directly say she wanted to go.

Lin Feng dragged her hand and smiled, “I initially wanted you to come back, but too many people want to kill me. You should stay in Tiantai for now. I’ll come back soon.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you.” said Meng Qing in a gentle way.

“Teacher, I’m going.” said Lin Feng, waving at his teacher. Then, he went back up the stairs to Qiu Yue Xin and Meng Qing followed.

“Yue Xin, I’m going away for some time. I’ll come back within a year. You and Meng Qing should stay here and practice cultivation!” said Lin Feng, caressing her face and smiling.

“Be careful.” Qiu Yue Xin was worried but didn’t ask anything.

“Don’t worry.” said Lin Feng. Then, he hugged Meng Qing and said in a gentle way, “Wait for me.”

Then, Lin Feng left the two girls and rose up in the air.

He jumped onto his gigantic sword and streaked across the sky at full speed.

Lin Feng went to Tian Xu Town in the central part of Ba Huang. Then, he went to the Wen Clan.

Xue Yue was far from Ba Huang Province, so Lin Feng needed time to go back and forth. He was heading in the direction of the Tian Xu Teleportation Portal. The Tian Xu Teleportation Portal could teleport cultivators to the Yun Hai mountain range in Xue Yue, which would save him time running between countries.

Outside of the Wen Clan, there were many people there. On a broad platform, there was a cultivator in black clothes with a crowd of people around him. He looked particularly proud.

Lin Feng was intrigued. Was that young man causing trouble at the Wen Clan? He didn’t know who that young man in the black clothes was.

Lin Feng landed in the middle of the crowd and listened to some people talk.

That young man was called Xia Tian Fan and he was famous in the Ba Huang Province. He had become famous when they travelled to the ancient battlefield. He was famous because he had challenged Mu Fan Chen from the Magic World Heavenly Palace and had defeated him in one punch. Now, he had come to Tian Xu Town to challenge Wen Tian Ge. He wanted to challenge all the ten strongest young cultivators.

In the distance, someone arrived. That cultivator was wearing white clothes and was holding a sword. Wen Tian Ge had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer, like Lin Feng.

Xia Tian Fan rose up in the air and looked down at Wen Tian Ge in a disdainful way.

“Wen Tian Ge, one of the ten strongest young cultivators, I’ve heard about your sword abilities. Let’s fight, one attack will determine who the winner is.” said Xia Tian Fan straightforwardly.

“Alright.” replied Wen Tian Ge nodding. He didn’t look conceited at all. He had heard of Xia Tian Fan and how he had defeated Mu Fan Chen in one strike.

“Unsheathe your sword!” said Xia Tian Fan calmly.

“Alright.” said Wen Tian Ge nodding. He jumped forwards and condensed the strength of the Earth and sky. He looked like he could defeat a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer with such an attack.

Xia Tian Fan’s black robe fluttered even more violently as he condensed more and more Qi. Loud sounds echoed, it sounded like a million horses galloping at the same time.

A subtle noise sounded as Wen Tian Ge unsheathed his sword. He condensed deadly and empty space strength into his attack.

“Die!” shouted Xia Tian Fan finally. He looked like an emperor with his energies whistling furiously.

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