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PMG Chapter 1441 The Yun Hai Sect’s New Face

PMG Chapter 1441 The Yun Hai Sect’s New Face

Now, the Yun Hai Sect could be called the New Yun Hai Sect. There weren’t many old men, but Lin Feng had saved a few people back then, including the Chi Xie soldiers.

Those elders were amazed after seeing Lin Feng and Wen Ao Xue. They were older than most of the people in the Yun Hai Sect, but they looked incredible. They seemed very experienced and mature, especially the one who looked clean and manly.

Lin Feng inspected them, those two elders were high-level Xuan cultivators. That wasn’t bad considering what the Yun Hai Sect used to be.

The two elders sensed that Lin Feng was inspected them, but they felt powerless. Just how strong were those young men!

“He’s…” Mister Kong remembered a statue he had seen in Yangzhou City. He shivered, “Are you… Lin Feng?”

“Lin Feng!” the other elder shivered. Lin Feng, the legendary cultivator, could easily kill cultivators of the Zun Qi layer.

Lin Feng smiled and nodded. The two elders breathed even faster, they were nervous. Then the two old men bowed respectfully. Even though the patriarch of the Yun Hai Sect wasn’t Lin Feng, he was the one who had made it revive and was still considered as the patriarch by some.

“Children, Patriarch Lin Feng came back to see you!” shouted Mister Kong with his hands around his mouth. Receiving Lin Feng as a visitor was an honor to them.

Lin Feng was surprised but smiled in a calm and serene way. He hadn’t thought his visit was anything special, but for the members of the sect it was different though. He remembered when he only had the strength of the Ling Qi layer or the Xuan Qi layer and saw cultivators of the Zun Qi layer, he had admired them then as well. Zun cultivators used to be legendary back then.

“Lin Feng!”

“Patriarch Lin Feng!” the valley suddenly became silent. The disciples who were practicing cultivation opened their eyes and looked at Lin Feng in the distance. That handsome young man was… Patriarch Lin Feng!

“I’ve heard that he can easily kill Zun cultivators!”

“Besides, he has a terrifying army that nobody can defeat. Even the best Zun cultivators bow before Patriarch Lin Feng.”

“Legends say that he has a godly sword and that nobody can defeat him.”

Gossip quickly passed from mouth to mouth. Those were all the legends about Lin Feng. Everybody knew about him in Xue Yue. They now also knew many things people used to be unaware of in the past, such that after the Zun Qi layer, cultivators became emperors or even great emperors.

“Patriarch Lin Feng!” many people shouted at the same time. Their voices resonated in the valley and echoed both far and wide. Many silhouettes flickered over as if something great was happening.

Many people who were far away in the distance realized that something was going on, so there was only one possibility, Patriarch Lin Feng had come back.

“How dignified!” thought Wen Ao Xue who was calmly standing behind Lin Feng. He smiled happily, he felt determined after hearing all those people.

Lin Feng hadn’t realized how popular he was until then. They looked at him as if he were a hero. He remembered when he was down there himself and had just started practicing sword cultivation.

Some silhouettes rose up in the air towards him. Lin Feng smiled thinly, his robe and hair were fluttering in the wind majestically. Many young women looked at him with admiration, he was so handsome!

“Brother!” shouted a loud voice.

Lin Feng turned around and smiled, “Brother, you’re here!” two people came towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and hugged them. He put his hands on their shoulders and said, “Han Man, Po Jun, you finally came back!”

“We came back when you had just left. Uncle Lin told us to rebuild the Yun Hai Mountain Range, so we did all that we could. It took us three years to do it though.” said Han Man and Po Jun. They weren’t wearing masks anymore seeing how their slave marks had disappeared.

“Not bad!” said Lin Feng, bumping fists with them. Han Man and Po Jun had rebuilt the Yun Hai Mountain Range, that’s why it looked so magnificent again. It was a present for Lin Feng.
“Patriarch Han Man and Master Po Jun are friends with Patriarch Lin Feng, they even called him brother!” thought many people smiling. Seeing them act like brothers made them think that someday they’d become strong cultivators too, and that they’d also have extremely strong friends whom they’d call “brother”.

“We did all we could. Uncle Lin told us you left some incredible resources and that you hoped the Yun Hai Sect would be rebuilt. That was our dream, so we’re happy we did it.” said Han Man smiling. He then said, “Brother Lin, look at the disciples, they look very motivated, don’t they!”

“They do!” said Lin Feng nodding and smiling.

“Disciples of the Yun Hai Sect, tell Patriarch Lin Feng where you are!” shouted Han Man.

“Yun Hai Sect!” shouted everyone. They were so loud that they surprised the animals in the distant mountains. They were ordinary cultivators, but altogether, their voices resonated loudly.

“Brother Lin, since you came back, you should write something here. It’s your Yun Hai Sect after all!” said Han Man smiling, he sounded very enthusiastic.

“Write something?” Lin Feng smiled wryly.

“Just a few words!” said Po Jun.

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded and jumped into the valley, landing in front of a wall.

The crowd looked at Lin Feng, seemingly impatient.

“Bzzz…” Lin Feng carved some words with his finger on the wall. His finger was as sharp as a sword.

He continued writing and the sword energies in his finger alone made people shiver. A few words from Patriarch Lin Feng was a priceless gift in their eyes.

“Patriarch Lin Feng is writing the word “Yun!” thought the crowd.

The second word was “Hai”, the third word was “Sect”. Those words were each filled with a substantial amount of sword Qi.

“Go!” shouted Lin Feng. The three words were deeply carved in the wall, they possessed immortal energy so that they would never disappear.

“Yun Hai Sect!” whispered the crowd. They were so happy. Those words had been written by their patriarch himself!

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