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PMG Chapter 1442: Wu Shang

PMG Chapter 1442: Wu Shang

After carving those few words, Lin Feng flew back to the top of the valley. Everybody was still staring at the words Lin Feng had written. Those words would motivate many future sword cultivators.

Patriarch Lin Feng didn’t have a sword spirit, but his sword energies were terrifying.

“I’ll practice sword cultivation from now on, those words are even more precious than sword skills.” thought many people enthusiastically.

Lin Feng looked at the young cultivators, noting their enthusiasm. Lin Feng sighed, he remembered Patriarch Nan Gong and the protectors. He missed them.

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng to his friends using telepathy. Then, they flew away, leaving the crowd to think about a lot of things.

“Patriarch Lin Feng will definitely come back to see us again someday.” thought the young women. They were sad to see him leave.

Lin Feng soon arrived in a vast and desolate area. He looked around and saw that the small world was well sealed. He was happy that Yan Di had done things properly.

“Han Man, I don’t know where the entrance is. Can you take me there?” Lin Feng asked Han Man using telepathy. He hadn’t been there for three years, so he didn’t know how his father had organized things.

“Alright. Uncle Lin listened to you in that the area is sealed. Yangzhou City itself is the entrance. Uncle Lin still lives in Yangzhou City, but Yangzhou City and the small worlds are protected by the same deployment spell. Few are allowed to go there.” said Han Man using telepathy. He couldn’t help but glance at Wen Ao Xue while he was talking.

After all, Yan Di had protected those small worlds so that only those who were extremely close to Lin Feng’s family could know their secrets.

“Lin Feng, I’m going to the former imperial city. The Wen Clan’s teleportation spell is at the Celestial Academy, so when you’re done here, just come and find me there. Then we’ll go back to Ba Huang together.” said Wen Ao Xue. Lin Feng nodded and said, “Thank you, Ao Xue!”

“Don’t act so polite to me. Offer my greetings to Xin Ye when you see her!” Then Wen Ao Xue turned around, waved and left looking confident and at ease.

Lin Feng watched Wen Ao Xue leave. Then, his two friends and he jumped onto his gigantic sword and flew to Yangzhou City. In a very short time, they arrived and were greeted by the deployment spell.

“Brother Lin, I can’t believe Yangzhou City has become so incredible.” said Han Man smiling. He hadn’t seen Yangzhou City in a long time. Han Man and Po Jun had already broken through to the Tian Qi layer, but now it was normal to see cultivators of the Tian Qi layer in Yangzhou City. Zun cultivators were still rare though.

“Xue Yue has the strength of a low-level empire now. It’s also the strongest state in the Xue Yu Region.” said Po Jun.

“Yangzhou City is the strongest city in the Xue Yu Region!” thought Lin Feng. He felt proud. There were cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer everywhere, even Tian level cultivators were normal… That was amazing. Yangzhou City had become strong.

After a short time, they arrived at the palace. Lin Feng immediately disappeared and moved through the corridors with incredible speed. He was back so he wanted to rest for a short while, see his friends and family, then leave again.

A pavilion, located in a calm and peaceful courtyard, Yue Meng He was playing with a two-year old child. Even though she was growing old, she was still strong and quite attractive.

“Wu Shang, come here.” said Lin Hai, smiling at the child.

The little boy smiled and looked at Yue Meng He, then he looked at Lin Hai. He was extremely cute.

“Mother!” said the baby crawling towards Yue Meng He. Lin Hai smiled wryly. Yue Meng He smiled, she looked like a caring and loving mother as she took the child in her arms.

“Wu Shang, be a good boy. When you grow up, you’ll be as strong as your big brother. You’ll be a hero!” said Yue Meng He, tickling the little boy’s nose and smiling.

“Where’s my brother?” asked the little boy. Because of the pure Qi form the Earth and sky, children were smart in the cultivation world and developed faster. Lin Wu Shang could already speak and understood a lot of things even though he was only two years old.

“Fwwww!” a strong wind started blowing, surprising Yue Meng He. Suddenly, someone appeared in front of her. First, she was startled, then a warm and gentle expression appeared on her face.

Lin Feng looked at the little boy and the little boy looked back at him.

“Brother!” whispered the little boy. He was amazed. Then, he turned his head to Yue Meng He as if he had been asking for her confirmation.

“You’re very smart, Wu Shang!” said Yue Meng He. She blushed unknowingly though.

“Brother, hug!” said the little boy. He looked to be fascinated with Lin Feng.

Yue Meng He gave Wu Shang to Lin Feng. It was the first time Lin Feng saw Wu Shang, so he felt touched.

“Wu Shang!” said Lin Feng in a gentle way. He hadn’t thought he would have a brother after those three years. But that was a good surprise. Maybe Yue Meng He and Lin Hai had decided to have a child because Lin Feng was never there.

“Brother!” said Lin Wu Shang. He was getting used to saying the word: brother. He smiled, he was so cute.

“I have a little brother!” thought Lin Feng smiling. “Mom, dad, thank you!”

“You silly boy! Why thank us!” said Yue Meng He wiping away her tears with her sleeve.

“Thank you for giving birth to such a cute and good little brother!” said Lin Feng smiling. He raised Wu Shang up and said loudly, “My brother, Lin Wu Shang, you’ll become a hero someday!”

“Hihi!” Lin Wu Shang smiled fatuously.

“Right, Wu Shang. You’re two years old now and it’s the first time I’ve see you. I’m sorry about that, but I have a gift for you!” said Lin Feng. He looked happy and excited. Yue Meng He and Lin Feng glanced at each other though, Lin Feng looked a bit strange compared to before, but they were still happy to see him.

Lin Feng put Wu Shang on the ground and took out a ring. In a flash, a light appeared, and a cosmic strength flooded out. Yue Meng He and Lin Hai started suffocating. What a terrifying item!

There were nine fate seeds on the ground. Lin Feng had obtained five alone and had killed some people to get the other four. Now, he had nine in total.

The fate seeds were of different colors: one was yellow like the ground, one was green like trees, one was red like fire, and so on, it was very beautiful. Everybody in Xue Yue raised their heads and saw those lights in the sky.

“Lin Feng!” said Yue Meng He. She was astonished.

Lin Feng took Wu Shang in his arms and smiled, “Wu Shang, look at them. Which stone do you want? You can only have one.”

Lin Feng wanted Wu Shang to choose the most suitable for himself. Wu Shang could be exposed to cosmic energies for the rest of his life, that would be great for his future.

“Brother, I want that one!” said Wu Shang, pointing at the earth fate seed.

“Alright, it’s for you!” said Lin Feng, taking the others back and giving the small seed to Wu Shang.

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