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PMG Chapter 1444: Liu Fei

PMG Chapter 1444: Liu Fei

They enjoyed that peaceful moment for a short time. Lin Hai and Yue Meng He soon came and brought Wu Shang there. Yue Meng He was happy when she saw Liu Fei and Xin Ye in Lin Feng’s arms.

“Xin Ye, my big sister!” said Wu Shang, running towards Xin Ye. Xiao Ya liked to tease Wu Shang, but Xin Ye always praised him, so he preferred Xin Ye.

“You silly boy, she’s your sister in law!” said Xiao Ya giggling.

“I prefer big sister, it sounds more friendly.” said Xin Ye while caressing the child’s head. Yue Meng He was so happy, what a beautiful family.

Yue Meng He walked to Lin Feng and whispered, “Why didn’t you bring Meng Qing, is she alright?”

Yue Meng He loved Meng Qing as her daughter-in-law. She was Lin Feng’s first woman, and she was pure and celestial.

“Mom, I just came back for a few days.” whispered Lin Feng. Yue Meng He seemed disappointed. Xin Ye pinched Lin Feng. Only a few days?

Lin Feng smiled wryly. There were great changes happening in Ba Huang, so he couldn’t spend too much time in Xue Yue.

“Mom, don’t worry, I have broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer, and soon I’ll soon become a cultivation emperor. When the time comes, I’ll create my own small world and take you with me in there.” said Lin Feng, cheering up his mother. She had no choice but to nod, “Be careful when you’re abroad and take good care of Meng Qing. I won’t let you off if something happens to her!”

“Don’t worry.” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Brother, Xin Ye always says Meng Qing is the most beautiful girl in the world, why didn’t you bring her here? I want to see her!” said Wu Shang. Lin Feng laughed and said, “When you grow up, you’ll meet her!”

“Alright. It’s a promise!” said Wu Shang giggling.

“Wu Shang is so cute. I wish I had a child too.” said Xin Ye smiling. Lin Feng caressed her cheeks and smiled, “Don’t be impatient, when I become a cultivation emperor, my blood will be better. Then, you’ll all give birth to my children.”

“You think you’re going to make us all pregnant and get a bunch of children?!” said Xin Ye, grinding her teeth shyly. Liu Fei turned red. Even though Lin Feng had told her she was his woman, it wasn’t that official, so she blushed when she heard him.

Lin Feng looked at Liu Fei. She looked stunning and charming in her red skirt.

“Have you gotten used to living here?” asked Lin Feng to Liu Fei. By now, her face was almost as red as her dress.

“I’m happy to live with your parents and Xin Ye!” said Liu Fei. She wasn’t as impulsive as in the past. She sounded warm and gentle now.

“That’s good. I didn’t want to make you angry a moment before.” said Lin Feng.

“What are you talking about!” said Liu Fei, smiling and blushing. She still had her head resting on Lin Feng’s shoulder.

“Mom, dad, I should take Wu Shang out to play.” Xin Ye looked at Lin Feng and Liu Fei, then she smiled in a gentle way.

“Alright.” said Yue Meng He, she knew what Xin Ye meant, so they all left.

“I’ll go play with Xin Ye and Wu Shang as well!” said Xiao Ya while smiling and looking at Wu Shang. He looked at Xiao Ya as if she was evil because she always teased him.

Liu Fei blushed even more.

“Xin Ye!” said Liu Fei. She looked impatient though, she wanted to be Lin Feng’s woman officially.

Xin Ye smiled at Liu Fei and saw Yi Xue and Yun Xi in the distance. The two girls lived with Xin Ye, so they naturally understood why Xin Ye was looking at them as they left. The atmosphere became very calm, Lin Feng and Liu Fei were alone now.

Liu Fei’s heart was pounding, she was feeling extremely shy.

“You’re so beautiful, we should do something.” said Lin Feng smiling. He knew Liu Fei was feeling nervous.

“I don’t want to.” said Liu Fei in a weak voice. Her fingers felt extremely rigid.

“Are you sure?” said Lin Feng, putting his hand on her chin.

She didn’t know what to say. She was overwhelmingly nervous.

Lin Feng had a smile, yet not a smile on his face. She pushed him away and said, “You bastard!”

“Haha!” Lin Feng laughed. He grabbed her hand and pulled her in closer, “You’ve always thought I was a bastard!”

Lin Feng kissed her on the lips and put his hands around her. Then, he dragged her down to lie down on the grass.

Liu Fei relaxed and let herself go. Her heart was pounding as Lin Feng kissed her passionately and put his hand on her breasts. He slowly reached his hands up inside her skirt, resting it on her thighs.

“Mmh!” When Lin Feng put his hand on her breasts and caressed them, Liu Fei moaned. She felt like she was going to faint, she felt so weak.

“What a bastard!” Lin Feng was gently caressing her, making her all red. She closed her eyes and submitted herself to him.

Lin Feng was burning, after having made love with Yi Ren Lei back then, he had become extremely perverted. He loved beautiful women even more nowadays.

He looked at her face while making love to her and saw that she was enjoying it a lot. She was biting her lips as he continued taking off her clothes. Her breasts were extremely beautiful. They looked silky white, and her nipples were red and erect.

Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with fiery passion.

“Mmh…” Liu Fei put her hands around Lin Feng. She had no strength anymore. It was an amazing feeling.

“Ah…” Lin Feng raised her up and held her. They were making love and he was walking at the same time. How strange.

Very quickly, they arrived in her room. He set her down on the bed and undressed her completely. Liu Fei put her head under the blanket for she didn’t dare look.

“Fei Fei, you’re mine!” said Lin Feng biting and licking her lips. Liu Fei had the sensation she was going to faint, she couldn’t convince herself to look at his face.

It was her first time having intercourse, so it was painful, but at the same time it was incredibly pleasant. She was finally Lin Feng’s woman, officially. She belonged to him.

“Lin Feng, I’m yours!” said Liu Fei as she opened her eyes and looked at him.

He put his hands on her breasts again and played with them. She was so soft and so beautiful. Lin Feng continued making love to her for hours. How wonderful!

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