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PMG Chapter 1447: Beginning of a Massacre

PMG Chapter 1447: Beginning of a Massacre

The leader of Tian Xuan frowned. Three cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer were on the side of the Xiao Yao Sect? He had never seen such strong cultivators in his life. He was worried about how he could fight against them.

“Let’s start.” said someone at that moment. The leader of Tian Xuan turned around and saw someone in the middle of the group from Tian Chi. It was Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded and glanced around, “We’ll see who the strongest young cultivators of Gan Yu are. Those who want to try need to hop onto the battle stage.”

“Hmph!” the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect groaned coldly. A young man behind him immediately ran towards the battle stage and jumped on it. He had broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer, so he was already quite strong in Gan Yu.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was surprised and looked at the cultivators from Tian Xuan.

A young man from Jade Heaven also jumped onto the battle stage and released his Qi.

The young man of the East Sea Dragon Palace also released dragon Qi.

Then, Shen Gong, the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, Jade Heaven, and so on all had disciples who jumped onto the battle stage. Some disciples from other groups also joined in, but not many. Why had Tian Chi organized the great sect meeting and why in Asoka?

“What about Tian Chi?” asked the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect coldly.

“Here!” said a silhouette who rising in the air. It was again Lin Feng. He had asked Jian Ling Xiao to organize the meeting so that all his enemies would gather together and now they couldn’t escape him. Dealing with all those people at once was less troublesome.

“East Sea Dragon Palace, Jade Heaven, you’re here!” thought Lin Feng. He had to approach this slowly. The East Sea Dragon Palace and Jade Heaven had made him suffer a lot in the past, even Meng Qing had turned back into an animal because of them. He had turned into a demon, they had killed his teacher Yan Yu, Liu Cang Lan had also died because of those things. Lin Feng wanted to avenge those people he loved and respected.

King Dragon, Duan Mu from Jade Heaven, Mie Qing from Shen Gong and the others were all greatly upset after they saw Lin Feng, especially the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. Mie Qing and the others had almost fallen because of Lin Feng.

“Die!” Terrifying energies moved towards Lin Feng. They have wanted to kill Lin Feng for a long time now, and surprisingly, he had come.

“How dare you show your face!” even though the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was strong, after chasing Lin Feng to Ba Huang, he went to the Godly Xiao Yao Sect who then sent him back with some cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. The Godly Xiao Yao Sect wanted the Xiao Yao Sect to rise again in Gan Yu.

Lin Feng glanced at the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect indifferently. He looked calm and serene. Then, he also looked at the leaders from the East Sea Dragon Palace and Jade Heaven. He was trying to see if there were any others he recognized. Quickly, he noticed two silhouettes. One was from Jade Heaven, the one who had saved Duan Wu Dao. The other one was from the East Sea Dragon Palace, he had also taken Duan Wu Ya. Those people looked quite weak, but back in the day, they were extremely strong for Lin Feng.

“Do you recognize me?” asked Lin Feng to those two people. They were surprised, of course they recognized him.

“Do you all want to die?” said Lin Feng, looking over them in a cold way.

“You should think carefully first!” said King Dragon aggressively. Lin Feng was being ridiculous, without the deployment spell in Tian Chi, they would have died long ago.

“Is that so? Come and kill me then!” said Lin Feng smiling.

“You think hiding your cultivation level is enough? You may be strong, but after a few years, you can’t be that strong either!” said Duan Mu.

“Kill him!” shouted Duan Mu.

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, Mie Qing and the King Dragon’s silhouettes flickered.

“Who is he?” asked some people who didn’t know Lin Feng.

“It’s Lin Feng, he used to be a genius disciple in Tian Chi in the past and now he’s back.” Even though years had passed, many people still remembered Lin Feng.

“That’s Lin Feng! No wonder!” some younger people had already heard about Lin Feng but had never seen him.

“The Necropolis Sect and the Nine Cloud Swords Sect are not showing any emotion. Do they want to kill Lin Feng too?” thought some people.

“Patriarch, the Godly Xiao Yao Sect is involved. What should we do now?” asked a strong cultivator from the Nine Cloud Swords Sect to the patriarch using telepathy.

The patriarch’s eyes twinkled, then he looked at Lin Feng and said, “Lacerate him!”

After a short time, they joined the others. Lin Feng maybe had precious treasures. If they helped kill him, they’d get a share of his treasures. Then, they could let the Xiao Yao Sect deal with Tian Chi. If they both suffered heavy losses, that’d be more than okay with them. That was what the patriarch of the Nine Cloud Swords Sect was thinking.

“You shouldn’t have come back!” the patriarch of the Necropolis Sect had also made his decision. He knew that everybody wanted to kill Lin Feng, which also came down to fighting against Tian Chi.

Lin Feng looked at the patriarchs of the Nine Cloud Swords Sect and the Necropolis Sect, then he smiled indifferently and said, “Your decision is not the best one I think.”

At that moment, millions of threads of Qi moved towards Lin Feng. Even the patriarchs of the weakest sects were participating.

“Come, all of you!” said Lin Feng turning around. He also looked at the disciples on the battle stage, a bunch of insects compared to Lin Feng!


“Die!” all the disciples on the battle stage also decided to attack.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. He released a terrifying death Qi and all the cultivators who were attacking Lin Feng suddenly stopped. Their Qi became grey and they looked desperate.

“Boom!” a silhouette collapsed, and then another. A large majority of them had died. Their vitality was nothing compared to Lin Feng’s death Qi.

“How weak. Next batch, but send stronger people this time!” said Lin Feng glancing at the crowd.

The massacre could start!

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    Ahh, good old fashioned clean up of old outclassed enemies

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