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PMG Chapter 145: Blood vessels

Here is the regular release for today.

I read ahead far enough to see his next breakthrough and it was indeed to the Fifth layer. So currently he is only at the Fourth Layer. It was a typo from the author, so I have changed it now.

Enjoy xoxo

The old man’s body collapsed. He was lying dead on the ground with a shocked expression still on his face. At that moment, the entire atmosphere became calm again.

Lin Feng, who had only broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer, had killed the old man who had broken through to the seventh Ling Qi layer? In that world, one Ling Qi layer was already a huge difference in battle. A cultivator who could defeat people with higher Qi layers than his own was a real genius.

The whole crowd had the impression that they were in a dream. It had looked like it was the end for Lin Feng but the final result was strangely the exact opposite of what everyone was thinking. The crowd was stunned.

Lin Feng had been determined until the end and shocked the entire crowd.

“Quick, ruthless, agile, skilful and determined…” The crowd admired Lin Feng as a cultivator. His strategy had been amazing. He had planned everything that happened from the beginning. At the start of the fight he was not even using a fraction of his true speed. He wanted to hide how fast he really was… and then at the end, he had carried out an extremely quick and lethal attack.

Lin Feng coughed loudly. Blood revealed itself with each cough. There was also a large amount of blood flowing out from the wound on his chest.

He took out a jar of pills from his pocket. Lin Feng took two pills out and quickly swallowed them. Suddenly, he started feeling more and more relaxed.

“This guy is insane.” said Wen Ao Xue while looking at Lin Feng. He had a smile on his face. Lin Feng was hard to understand. What he had done seemed like a miracle. He had surprisingly managed to kill the old man.

“Seventh Qi layer…” thought Wen Ao Xue. “Besides, where did that other  sword come from?”

Lin Feng had gotten rid of his long sword during the battle and nobody had noticed that he still had another sword. He had used that sword to slit the old man’s throat.

“Lin Feng, brother!” said Han Man. At that moment, one of his pupils was a deep red and the other one was brown. It was extremely strange to see. One eyes looked like it had been bathed in blood and the other looked like the depth of the earth.

“Don’t worry. I don’t die so easily.” said Lin Feng whose cold expression turned into a warm and friendly smile when looking at Han Man.

Han Man roared again while looking at the sky. The ground started shaking. Yellow sand started flying around Han Man’s body. Suddenly, his entire body transformed into a sand storm.

“What’s going on?” asked some people in the crowd. That was so strange! A moment ago, the crowd hadn’t really paid attention to him because they were too fascinated by the fight between Lin Feng and the old man but they had noticed that something abnormal was happening to him. They were all speechless.

The sand flying around Han Man’s body was getting thicker and thicker. As the sand grew denser the light grew more dazzling and bright. At that moment, there was so much sand flying around Han Man that it had created a huge dome of sand.

Han Man was surrounded by a gigantic sand sphere.

Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t understand what was happening to Han Man.


A large crack appeared in the gigantic sphere surrounding Han Man’s body. It was as large as a lotus flower. Han Man’s body could be seen once again.

Everybody’s eyes shrank. They were all stupefied and looked incredibly perplexed.

Han Man’s hair was very long and its colour was pitch black but at this moment, his hair had turned yellow like sand. The sight of him made people in the crowd start to shiver.

Han Man looked incredibly majestic at that moment, like an ancient god. The only thing which hadn’t changed was the slave mark he had on his face.

Han Man opened his eyes. It seemed like there was a storm growing inside his eyes.


From head to toe, Han Man was filled with explosive force and power.

Han Man turned around and looked at the middle aged man with a vicious gaze. The middle aged man was scared by Han Man’s strange bestial look.

“Die!” shouted Han Man. He started walking slowly but his steps were extremely heavy on the ground. He stopped in place and threw a punch towards the middle aged man. Yellow sand was glowing all around his fist.

The middle aged man was surprised by the attack. He didn’t have time to dodge the attack so he raised his fist and a strong power emerged.


When their two fists collided, a huge cloud of sand rose up in the air but suddenly, a huge quantity of sand moved towards the middle aged man at full speed and buried his body in a solid tomb of sand.


Han Man sounded furious. He punched the sand in which the middle aged man was buried with such power that it cracked open. The body of the middle aged man was crushed and his body had exploded at the point of impact. However there was no blood to be seen, only sand surrounded the body.

“What!” The whole crowd was gasping with astonishment. They were staring at Han Man. His attack was incredibly violent. Not only had he trapped the middle aged man and buried him alive but he then also stuck with such power that part of his body exploded.

The crowd didn’t have the slightest impression that Han Man was any weaker than Lin Feng.

“His blood vessels have awoken.” whispered Wen Ao Xue blankly staring at Han Man through the cage.

That’s right. Han Man’s blood vessels had awoken. Only when the blood circulation had reached a perfect rhythm, the blood vessels could awaken and grant the blood a special power.

If someone’s blood vessels awoke, their offspring would also be granted the same power. When blood vessels awoke, it provided cultivators with an amazing strength which was previously hidden. However usually the cultivators who had awoken their blood vessels would have a blood spirit. What Han Man had achieved was a miracle to the extent that Wen Ao Xue had never even heard that it was possible.

However, there was no possible doubt, Han Man’s vessels had awoken, there was no other possible explanation for the strange transformation that had happened to his body.

Lin Feng was also dumbstruck. How strong! At that moment, Han Man had the strength of the fifth Ling Qi layer which meant he was even stronger than Lin Feng who was only at the fourth Ling Qi layer.

At that moment, many people moved towards the cage. Lin Feng was surprised.

“Lin Feng, brother, that little brat should make his grave here.” said Han Man while glancing at Bai Ze. He wanted to make Lin Feng a slave a moment before. Bai Ze had nowhere to run.

Han Man started walking towards Bai Ze and raised his fist into the air.

Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at Bai Ze. At that moment, Bai Ze’s face turned deathly pale and he started retreating backwards.

“You said that you wanted to make me a slave, right?” said Lin Feng while walking towards Bai Ze.

When Bai Ze heard Lin Feng, he started shaking with terror and shook his head.

“Come save me, come save me!” shouted Bai Ze. How could it end like this? This place belonged to his clan. If he wanted something, then he could get it… but at that moment, the situation was critical for him and he had no way to escape.

At that moment, many people were moving towards the cage in an attempt to help Bai Ze. They were all stopping close to Wen Ao Xue who was blocking the entrance of the cage.

Wen Ao Xue was just leaning against the entrance of cage. He had a cynical smile on his face. When Bai Ze saw that he wasn’t moving, he shouted: “Wen Ao Xue! You dare!”

Wen Ao Xue was provoking the young master of the Bai Clan.

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