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PMG Chapter 1452: Assassins and Watchers

PMG Chapter 1452: Assassins and Watchers

Mister Wen’s facial expression was strange, and then he looked at Lin Feng in a deep and meaningful way. Mister Wen did know something.
“What do you think?” said Mister Wen smiling.
Lin Feng looked at his smile and took a deep breath.
“The Holy City, central-most part of the continent.” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng thought about all the mysterious things he didn’t understand as he said that. Why did the ancient battlefield in the Huang Sea have the shape of Xue Yue, why had Empress Xi’s tomb and the demon sealing great emperor’s vestiges appear there? Why was the demon sealing great emperor’s homeland Xue Yue? Who were those people he had met in the shrines?
“Since you had an answer, why ask?” said Mister Wen laughing and sipping his alcohol. That meant Lin Feng was right.
Xia Tian Fan was from the Holy City, so nobody prevented him from challenging all those people who belonged to powerful groups in Ba Huang. Which group did he belong to though?
“People from the Holy City can come here as they wish, but we need to pay with fate seeds to get the key to the Holy City?” asked Lin Feng. Mister Wen smiled but shook his head, “It’s not that easy. Many people from the Holy City will come to Ba Huang Province, but only during this year.”
“One year after we left the battlefield.” Lin Feng was surprised. Why this year? Why did they have to pay with fate seeds?
“Indeed.” said Mister Wen smiling and nodding.
“So Xia Tian Fan is not the only cultivator from the Holy City in Ba Huang at the moment?” asked Lin Feng.
“Of course, when you were away, many people became famous.” said Mister Wen smiling.
Lin Feng was surprised. He had left for only seven-eight days and some people had already become famous.
“Of course, in one year, they will leave Ba Huang, so they’re only guests here.” said Mister Wen smiling. Lin Feng knew what he meant. Besides, Mister Wen was telling Lin Feng those things only because Lin Feng had a very high social status now.
“Mister, have you ever been to the Holy City?” asked Lin Feng smiling.
“I have but I came back.” said Mister Wen laughing.
“Why?” asked Lin Feng.
“I’m old, it wasn’t suitable for me there.” replied Mister Wen nonchalantly. He looked like he wanted to laugh again. Lin Feng wanted to ask more but he controlled himself, he could see the old man didn’t want to tell him too much.
“I hope you, Tian Ge and Ao Xue can go there. It will be difficult but I’m sure you’ll manage to overcome the issues.” said Mister Wen. He sounded a bit drunk. He was being more and more open with him, as if Lin Feng had been one of his sons or grandsons.
The old man didn’t get drunk easily, he was hundreds of years old, but Lin Feng’s potential was almost endless. Therefore, being friends with him could only be beneficial.
Lin Feng was very happy to be able to talk about such topics with Mister Wen.
Lin Feng had nothing more to say so he decided to leave. The old man told Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue to see Lin Feng off. He smiled and said: “You’re all young people, I hope you can be close friends.”
“Mister, I’m going. Goodbye!” said Lin Feng waving. Lin Feng then rose up in the air with Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue on his sides.
Even though the Wen Clan’s governmental buildings were extremely vast, after a short time, Lin Feng and the two others made it outside. Lin Feng turned around and smiled at them, “Thank you for seeing me off, guys!”
“Alright, brother Lin, take care!” said Wen Tian Ge nodding. Wen Ao Xue also smiled at Lin Feng.
But suddenly, Lin Feng and the two others heard some loud sounds. Terrifying energies dashed to the skies, and Lin Feng and the two others had the feeling they were going to be killed.
“Bzzz!” Sword light appeared in the air above them. It was as if there was a vortex sucking them in towards it.
A sword condensed and it was incredibly fast. Lin Feng released sword Qi and demon energies, while Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue released deadly Qi.
“Be careful, behind you!” Lin Feng saw dazzling sword lights creeping behind Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue. That sword was extremely fast. That sword hadn’t killed Wen Ao Xue, its target was Wen Tian Ge alone.
“Behind!” shouted Wen Ao Xue at the same time. Lin Feng didn’t need him to tell him anything, he had also sensed energies coming from behind him. Without a doubt, those people were assassins.
However, that sword attack hadn’t killed anyone yet, which was weird because assassins usually killed their targets instantly. However, the sword energies which came from behind Lin Feng and behind Wen Tian Ge were even more terrifying than the one which had come from the above.
Lin Feng’s face turned pale. He had managed to dodge the attack because he had an empty space robe, so he could hide for a few seconds, but Wen Tian Ge was different. That sword attack was too fast and too scary. Lin Feng knew Wen Tian Ge was strong, but he probably couldn’t protect himself against such an attack.
Even though Lin Feng wasn’t far from Wen Tian Ge, he couldn’t help him, so Wen Tian Ge had to rely on his own self. Lin Feng went into an empty space and disappeared. The sword pierced through the air where Lin Feng was standing second before, but it hadn’t injured him.
As Lin Feng disappeared, Wen Tian Ge released terrifying energies, at the same time, he released empty space strength and the space around him became distorted.
“Slash…” the sword energies pierced through the distorted space, and at the same time, the sword coming from above also continued moving towards Wen Tian Ge. He had already used all his empty space energy to dodge the first attack, so what could he do about this second attack?
“Bzzz!” Dazzling golden lights appeared, and a dazzling arrow shot out. That golden arrow crashed onto the sword above Wen Tian Ge. The sword shook, but continued moving down. The assassin who was trying to kill Wen Tian Ge wouldn’t give up that easily. However, Wen Ao Xue released his own sword energies they clashed against the sword energies.
“Break!” shouted Wen Ao Xue furiously. He released deadly abstruse energies, forcing the assassin move away. Then, another arrow was moving towards him.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He used his Deadly Demon Punch to punch that silhouette’s head, instantly making it explode. Assassins were adepts at hiding and killing, so if their first attack failed, they usually failed completely.
At the same time, Wen Tian Ge also attacked the other one. He quickly released sword energies and created a sword territory which lacerated the opponent alive, but Wen Tian Ge wasn’t happy about it. Since the assassin failed to kill him, the assassin had let him kill him.
Wen Tian Ge killed him only because the assassin let him.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance and saw someone with a bow and arrows. They were wearing white clothes, with a plaited bamboo hat. It was a watcher.

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    With all these assassins running around killing the younger generation, I am legitimately surprised there hasn’t been a massive coalition to wipe them out by the other factions. Why are they allowed to continue to exist? And no, “because testing younger generation” is not an answer for that, at least not one that makes sense

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      Because they come from all the major factions themselves. They’re trying to keep their rivals weak by killing their genius disciples before they grow. I think LF should seriously consider becoming a disciple of that mysterious Diviner guy when he enters Holy City.

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    “He used his Deadly Demon Punch to punch that silhouette’s head, instantly making it explode. Assassins were adepts at hiding and killing, so if their first attack failed, they usually failed completely.”
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    He used his Deadly Demon Punch on that silhouette’s head,…
    Also a side thought, assassins skill set sound practically useless.

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