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PMG Chapter 1453: Counterstrike

PMG Chapter 1453: Counterstrike

“I haven’t seen a watcher in a while.” whispered Lin Feng. If the watcher hadn’t gotten involved, maybe Wen Tian Ge would have died.
“That must be Wen Tian Ge’s Watcher!” thought Lin Feng. He was even more curious about the Watchers. Surprisingly, Wen Tian Ge had a Watcher, and nobody had noticed him.
“The assassins are also adepts at hiding. They had even dared to wait outside the Wen Clan’s territory. They’re absolutely fearless.” thought Lin Feng. A strong wind started blowing in the distance: Mister Wen and a few strong cultivators from the Wen Clan rushed over furiously.
“How shameless!” shouted Mister Wen furiously. That was the Wen Clan’s territory, an imperial clan, and assassins were waiting at the gate to kill their young cultivators.
Wen Tian Ge was soaked in a cold sweat. Those people weren’t too strong, but the explosiveness of their attacks was terrifying.
“Look, over there!” A strong cultivator from the Wen Clan pointed at a dazzling golden word “DIE!”. That gigantic word contained powerful deadly Qi. Many people raised their heads and immediately thought about the Imperial Assassin Union.
Mister Wen released deadly abstruse energy which then turned into a deadly sword. It crashed onto the “DIE” word and made it explode. Only then did it slowly disperse. Was Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue going to have to go through such things all the time?
“Grandfather, those three assassins came to kill us.” said a cultivator from the Wen Clan.
“Indeed, those people must die.” Lin Feng agreed.
“Thank you for your help, dear friend, and thank you to the Watchers’ Father.” said Mister Wen to the Watcher, smiling and nodding.
“That’s my duty.” said the watcher hoarsely. His plaited bamboo hat shook which meant he was probably nodding at Mister Wen. Then, he disappeared again. Lin Feng was wondering if the Watcher had really left.
“Watchers’ Father?” whispered Lin Feng. Who was the Watchers’ Father?
Who were the Watchers? And who was the Watchers’ Father? An emperor in the Ba Huang Province? Who were those people who acted behind the scenes?
“Mister Wen, who’s the Watchers’ Father?” asked Lin Feng.
“I don’t know either!” replied Mister Wen indifferently. “But he’s the one who raises the Watchers. They are the Imperial Assassin Union’s mortal enemies. Maybe there are new Watchers’ Fathers from generation to generation, or maybe the Watchers’ Father has always been the same person.”
“How mysterious.” said Lin Feng smiling.
Things just got more and more confusing for Lin Feng though. Many people would never know about the Watchers and the Assassins, they would only hear rumors and legends while going about their lives. Even Mister Wen couldn’t know precisely.
Lin Feng nodded and waved, “I’m going now, Mister. Goodbye!”
“Lin Feng, you should stay here for a while longer. The Imperial Assassin Union will try to find you and kill you.” said Mister Wen. Lin Feng was also one of the Imperial Assassin Union’s targets. Their previous encounter indicated that all three of them had the potential to become emperors.
“I’ll have to face them sooner or later. I can’t keep hiding.” said Lin Feng smiling. “See you, Mister Wen.”
Lin Feng then turned around looking confident and at ease. Mister Wen watched as Lin Feng left and smiled thinly, “Lin Feng is so confident.”
“He can afford being confident. The great oriental greenfinch roc who even had an imperial weapon tried to kill Lin Feng in the battlefield, but he failed numerous times.” whispered Wen Tian Ge. The great oriental greenfinch roc’s imperial weapon was terrifying. In terms of speed, offense and defense, he was incredible, but Lin Feng had managed to oppress him with his death cursing energies, and had almost killed him.
After Lin Feng left, he jumped onto his gigantic sword and traveled in the direction of central Ba Huang. He wanted to go to Sword City again.
He wanted to see the old man from the Sword Grave. He also wanted to know if Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword had gone back to the grave.
Behind him, it seemed like some clouds had been chasing Lin Feng with incredible speed. Lin Feng noticed a silhouette and frowned. It seemed like the assassins had been waiting for him to leave as well.
“Can you catch up with me though?” Lin Feng smiled coldly and his gigantic sword moved even faster. In a flash, he was far off in the distance.
After a short time, two silhouettes appeared from the clouds. Surprisingly, they had lost him.
“Who’s that?” One of them sensed some dangerous energies around them. Suddenly, they wanted to escape but a metallic ringing sound behind them informed them that they were too late. A sword quickly beheaded that person.
The other one was astonished, they wanted to escape but then another sword light appeared containing many abstruse energies.
“Who’s that!” shouted the second assassin.
“Are you not assassins? You can’t even see those who assassinate you!” said a voice in a cold way. The assassin’s heart started pounding furiously. He wanted to escape but two gigantic demon hands had grabbed him by his neck.
“Lin Feng!” that person’s face turned deathly pale. They had been chasing him, but Lin Feng had reappeared behind them silently.
“It seems that apart from killing people, you’re not good at anything else. It’s only too easy to assassinate you two.” said Lin Feng. “Tell me what the Imperial Assassin Union is?”
His eyes became pitch-black and demon intent filled the sky.
“Boom!” Lin Feng suddenly sensed a powerful attack as energies penetrated his eyes. There was someone else’s godly awareness in the assassin’s brain.
“Haha, I may not be an incredible fighter, I’m even an ordinary assassin, but amongst the seven assassins, there are much stronger ones. They’ll kill you, Lin Feng, without a doubt.” said that person laughing insanely. Then, that person’s godly awareness broke apart and he died.
“I see, even if they don’t want to die, they have to. There’s a thread of godly awareness lingering inside their brain!” thought Lin Feng. He then threw the body away and jumped onto his gigantic sword again!

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