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PMG Chapter 1454: Real Assassin

PMG Chapter 1454: Real Assassin

Lin Feng suddenly sensed a thread of consciousness around him. He turned around, surprised to see that the thread of consciousness which was in the assassin’s brain, hadn’t dispersed and was instead moving towards Lin Feng.
“Destroy!” said Lin Feng releasing sword energy. However, that thread of godly awareness broke apart into several stars which continued moving towards Lin Feng.
Lin Feng frowned and looked at the godly awareness. It had disappeared inside his clothes.
“What sorcery is this?” whispered Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t sense the energy anymore.
“Are they tracking me?” thought Lin Feng. Maybe it was a way of tracking his moves. He didn’t think about it too much though as he continued moving at full speed towards Sword City.
As Lin Feng arrived in Sword City, there were some people already waiting for him. Although he couldn’t see them, he heard some sounds, strange sounds which made him feel uncomfortable.
He tried to remain calm and serene as he released his godly awareness. He was ready to fight just in case his moves had been tracked.
The sounds in his head were louder and louder. He had the sensation that he was going to die at any moment. Lin Feng stayed under the sunlight, but the sounds made him feel cold. It was like his nine netherworlds song.
“What a terrifying soundwave technique. The sounds resonate at the same pace as the Earth and sky.” thought Lin Feng.
Lin Feng glanced around and saw some people walking on the same street as him. The sunlight made him feel a little warmer, but the sounds still resonated in his head.
The sensation was getting more intense. The soundwaves were attacking his determination.
Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and chanted a mantra. His voice contained life energies which then surrounded his body.
He started calming down and was feeling warm. However, at that moment, Lin Feng’s gigantic sword stopped moving as terrifying energies rolled in waves towards him from every side, like a ferocious animal. Those energies were even more terrifying than those at the gate of the Wen Clan’s territory.
The Imperial Assassin Union knew how strong Lin Feng was and had prepared themselves better this time.
“Slash…” dazzling sword lights appeared in the sky. All Lin Feng could see was a sun. That person must have been borrowing the strength of the sun and using it in his sword attack.
“Die!” said Lin Feng releasing-death cursing strength. At the same time, his sword whistled. Then, Lin Feng turned into a sharp sword, surrounded by dazzling sword lights. His Tian Ji Sword streaked across the sky and moved towards his enemy at full speed.
“Slash, slash!” behind him, some Qi appeared again. Lin Feng suddenly felt very cold, like he was going to freeze. It was the polar-opposite from the sun sword above him.
Another sound and some more sword lights moved towards him. He saw a silhouette wearing white clothes, it looked like a beautiful girl holding a sword. That sword was just an illusion though, illusion strength acted a lot faster than sword strength.
The two cultivators who were trying to kill Lin Feng were terrifyingly strong. They really were experts. Lin Feng felt like he couldn’t move, otherwise, he’d die.
“So Close Yet So Far!” said Lin Feng. He suddenly appeared in a tunnel. The three people who had thrown themselves at Lin Feng couldn’t get close to him now.
But suddenly, Lin Feng had the sensation that he was going to be dragged out of the So Close Yet So Far technique. He saw a stunning woman who was trying to seduce him. She was holding a sword while she was slowly getting undressed.
However, Lin Feng smiled coldly. That illusion spell didn’t work, Yi Ren Lei was a million times better than her at using such spells.
“Die!” shouted Lin Feng. Suddenly, demon lights emerged from his eyes. The girl didn’t look as seductive anymore. The death Qi emerging from Lin Feng’s eyes immediately moved in through the girl’s eyes and beheaded her from the inside.
Bzzz!” after killing the girl, another woman in white clothes threw herself at Lin Feng. Her sword lights were aiming for Lin Feng’s throat.
“What a terrifying attack.” thought Lin Feng. That girl was also in Lin Feng’s illusion, she had entered with the girl Lin Feng had just killed.
“Argh!” Lin Feng shouted furiously and the ground shook. A demon king appeared behind Lin Feng.
If Lin Feng hadn’t used his empty space robe, in such dire circumstances, he would have died countless times now.
“Boom!” The ground shook. Lin Feng stretched out his hand, which resembled a demon’s hand, and sword energies emerged from it. His hand was bigger than his enemy’s entire body. The terrifying sword energies penetrated his demonic hand but didn’t destroy it.
“Bzzz… bzzz… bzzz!” In the air, four assassins appeared around Lin Feng at the same time. They still weren’t done with him.
Their energies moved towards Lin Feng. He couldn’t even use his empty space robe to escape this time because he was surrounded by people on all sides.

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