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PMG Chapter 1457: Furious

PMG Chapter 1457: Furious

Lin Feng glanced around with his pitch-black eyes and shouted furiously, “How many of you are there?”
Lin Feng could sense their Qi, but it was difficult to know how many people were attacking him. In the past, each time he had been attacked by assassins, there weren’t that many of them. This time, they were pulling out all the shots.
“Nine assassins, and over there, there are some people who might attack as well.” said the Watcher to Lin Feng hoarsely. A moment before, the Watcher had shouted with what was probably his real voice. On top of that, the Watcher’s real voice almost sounded like a woman’s voice.
“Are you injured? Are you alright?” asked the Watcher as hoarsely as before.
“Can you shoot an arrow at the crowd?” asked Lin Feng to the Watcher using telepathy.
The Watcher remained silent for a few seconds and replied, “Alright!”
“Alright, get ready to attack.” Lin Feng released sword Qi using both his hands. He condensed two dazzling swords and lights illuminated the sky. His swords were particularly large.
More and more people gathered below them to observe the great battle. Many people had recognized the Imperial Assassin Union and Lin Feng.
Besides, on another side, Lin Feng’s demon king was also fighting using his axe. That axe weighed more than a ton and could easily destroy a mountain range. It kept striking at the third assassin, who was already injured and couldn’t compete with the demon king at all. Luckily, he was faster than the demon king. He had told the fourth assassin to go and kill Lin Feng. Even though the two core assassins weren’t happy to see each other, they were also relieved because they couldn’t have dealt with Lin Feng on their own.
“I’m going to attack.” said the Watcher to Lin Feng. In a flash, nine Watchers appeared, but they didn’t have a bow, just arrows. They each aimed at different targets and attacked at the same time. Lin Feng was astonished, but he quickly regained his composure and attacked too.
“Slash, slash…” blood flew as some people who were hiding suddenly appeared, injured or dead. Amongst the nine targets, four were immediately killed by Lin Feng, two lost an arm, one lost a leg, one was vertically cut in two, and only one ended up with a light injury. They weren’t part of the seven elite assassins. Considering that even the third assassin lost to Lin Feng, those regular assassins couldn’t compete with Lin Feng at all.
The fourth assassin was extremely strong though, but he didn’t attack Lin Feng. Instead, he threw himself at the Watcher. He also knew speed abstruse energy, so his speed was unparalleled.
The Watcher’s illusions shot arrows at the fourth assassin. At the same time, a terrifying oppressive energy shot out, but the fourth assassin easily dodged the attacks. He was getting nearer and nearer, leaving dazzling lights trailing behind him.
“What a fast sword!” thought Lin Feng. The enemy was getting too close to the Watcher.
“Behind!” Lin Feng realized. The third assassin was attacking too.
Lin Feng stretched out his hand and took out a heart. The sky shook as the heart turned into a palace and collided with the assassins.
The gigantic palace was looming in the air when Lin Feng opened the door and told the Watcher, “Go inside!”
Lin Feng noticed that his Watcher wasn’t as strong as Wen Tian Ge’s Watcher. Even though he couldn’t see that Watcher’s cultivation level, he could sense the power of their arrows.
“Alright. You be careful!” said the Watcher nodding. He then jumped into the Jade Emperor’s palace. He didn’t want to pretend that he could keep fighting, he knew Lin Feng was stronger than him.
After the Watcher disappeared into the palace, Lin Feng’s palace became small again. Then he looked at the fourth assassin in a cold way. At the same time, a scepter appeared in his hand.
He was beyond infuriated.
He turned around and looked at the ordinary assassins with his pitch-black eyes while releasing terrifying death Qi.
Cursing strength turned those assassins grey. They wanted to escape and hide but they couldn’t.
“Die, all of you!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Terrifying death cursing energies surrounded their bodies, and at the same time, Lin Feng released sword energies beheaded all of them at once.
Lin Feng turned around but found that the fourth assassin had disappeared again.
“Godly awareness palace!” said Lin Feng. In a flash, a dazzling godly awareness palace appeared.
“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng. His godly awareness palace turned into ten thousand threads of awareness and they moved in every direction around him. Very quickly, a thread of his godly awareness palace touched something. Lin Feng instantly lunged towards that direction while releasing sword Qi.
“Slash, slash!” the enemy’s sword appeared. He knew he couldn’t hide any longer. Almost as soon as his sword appeared, it collided against Lin Feng’s Desolate Ksana attack.
Lin Feng disappeared and released more cursing energies, “Curse!”
“Boom!” the scepter’s cursing energies collided against the enemy’s sword, corroded his body. The assassin wanted to escape, but a demonic territory surrounded them.
A horrible shriek sounded after Lin Feng’s death sword destroyed his own sword. Lin Feng’s sword, which contained death and immortal energies continued moving forwards and cut off his arm, and then Lin Feng grabbed him by his throat.
His demon territory disappeared. Lin Feng raised the fourth assassin’s body, which was already soaked with blood.
“I can’t wait to meet the first and second assassins!” said Lin Feng, smiling devilishly. His sword Qi then descended from the sky as he shouted, “Die!”
His sword Qi lacerated the fourth assassin’s body and he turned to ashes.

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