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PMG Chapter 1460: Powerful Attack

PMG Chapter 1460: Powerful Attack

”No problem, I love attending classes.” said Lin Feng smiling.
“Alright, I told your fellow disciples about how to become an emperor. Mu Chen probably told you some things too. Is there anything you still want to ask?” asked Emperor Yu to Lin Feng.
“I want to know, how strong is cosmic energy compared to abstruse energy?” Mu Chen had told Lin Feng that if a cultivator’s force was a thousand times stronger, something happened in their body. It meant that cosmic energy had to be a certain amount stronger than abstruse energy to turn into cosmic energy.
“Why do you ask?” asked Emperor Yu.
“Emperors’ force is a thousand times stronger from my understanding. For Zun cultivators, cosmic energy is too powerful, so they belong to two different worlds. I have broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer, but I can kill cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer. If I get a little stronger, I’ll be able to kill cultivators at the very top of the ninth Zun Qi layer, but I have the feeling that after that, no matter how strong I get, I won’t be able to defeat emperors.” said Lin Feng calmly.
“Teacher, I’ve also heard that Zun cultivators could never possibly defeat emperors.”
Emperor Yu was surprised, he looked at Lin Feng in a strange way. What was Lin Feng thinking?
Lin Feng’s fellow disciples thought the same as him, they also had the feeling that emperors and Zun cultivators belonged to two different worlds.
Emperor Yu then smiled and glanced at Mu Chen, “You tell them.”
Mu Chen smiled and nodded, “Amongst all of you, if anyone with the strength of the Zun Qi layer, could defeat an emperor, it would be you, Lin Feng!”
“Me?” Lin Feng was surprised. What? Of course, it was an “if”.
The others looked disappointed but still smiled at Lin Feng.
“Indeed, you. I’m not saying that the others aren’t strong. Can you try and guess what advantage emperors have compared to Zun cultivators?” asked Mu Chen.
“Of course, there are two things, a force that is a thousand times stronger which means being able to fuse together with the Earth and sky, and then cosmic energies.” Neither of those were easy to accomplish though.
“For a Zun cultivator, without a force that is a thousand times stronger, defeating an emperor is impossible. Being able to fuse together with the Earth and sky is an absolute requirement. And it’s impossible to resist against cosmic energies as well. Abstruse energies are far from being as powerful, but what about two types of extremely powerful abstruse energies? And three types? Four types? Seven, eight? Not enough, if that’s not enough, then you need to make more types of abstruse energies fuse together, and then?” said Mu Chen slowly.
Everybody understood what Mu Chen meant at that moment. Lin Feng had amazed the whole province because he knew so many types of abstruse energies and his fighting abilities were incredible because he could make them fuse together. The better a Zun cultivator’s abstruse fusions were, the more chances he had to defeat emperors.
“You have great abilities, Lin Feng. Even after you become an emperor, you’ll become incredible, you’ll probably become the strongest of all of us.” said Ruo Xie.
“Of course, don’t try and fight against emperors. If you can, study cosmic energies first. It would be better if you became an emperor before challenging other emperors.” said Emperor Yu. He was worried that Lin Feng would go and offend an emperor alone.
“I understand.” said Lin Feng nodding.
“Teacher, let’s study the force of the Earth and sky first or abstruse energies.” asked Mu Bei.
“As you wish, the most important thing is determination though. When you think you need to understand a kind of strength, study it, there is no need for a particular order.”
“You can have a fight against Mu Chen, he’ll show you what force feel like as well as high-level abstruse energies.” said Emperor Yu.
“Alright. Let’s do it!” said Xing Zhan smiling. He wanted to try.
“Alright, I’ll show you!” said Mu Chen laughing teasingly.
Xing Zhan jumped in front of Mu Chen, and suddenly, he couldn’t smile anymore. Mu Chen’s force was oppressing him incredibly with a force one-hundred times stronger than him.
Lin Feng wasn’t far, but he also sensed the force.
As expected, when Xing Zhan wanted to counterattack, but he collapsed. He couldn’t stand such an oppressive force.
“How does it feel?” asked Mu Chen.
“Again!” shouted Xing Zhan furiously. Bestial Qi emerged from his horn this time.
“Alright.” Mu Chen smiled, his oppressive strength had disappeared, but Xing Zhan had the impression that Mu Chen had the situation under control.
Everybody had the same impression, even Lin Feng was astonished. The space around Xing Zhan had turned into a cage.
“Mu Chen’s force is already a thousand times stronger, which is a requirement to break through to the Huang Qi layer!” Lin Feng and the other disciples were astonished. Mu Chen was a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer. His abstruse energies were also at a high-level. Did that mean he was going to become an emperor soon?
“Do you know how to build a small world?” asked Mu Chen. Lin Feng was astonished, a force a thousand times stronger! That small piece of space had become Mu Chen’s own small world.
“I’ll show you.” said Emperor Yu smiling. An incredibly oppressive energy surfaced, making everybody suffocate. Emperor Yu was just calmly sitting there, but the energies he was giving off were insane.
“Teacher, when emperors fight…” Lin Feng said.
“That’s exactly what I was getting to. Two sorts of energies need to intertwine. For that you need cosmic energies and a force which is a thousand times stronger than yourself.” said Emperor Yu. Lin Feng nodded. A thousand times stronger…
“Boom!” At that moment, the ground shook violently. It seemed like the Earth and sky were going to collapse, including Emperor Yu’s small world even.
“Boom, boom…” everybody was looking around.
“What’s going on?” It seemed like that world was really going to collapse.
Emperor Yu raised his head and sharp lights appeared in his eyes.
“Bzzz!” gigantic clouds appeared, and then black hole appeared. From it, a silhouette appeared.
“Emperor Qi!” Lin Feng and the others were astonished. Emperor Qi was attacking Emperor Yu’s small world.

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