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PMG Chapter 1462: Tiantai’s Disappearance

PMG Chapter 1462: Tiantai’s Disappearance

All four emperors were in the empty space, so nobody knew what the battle looked like inside, but many people were still recovering the initial fight. Three emperors had attacked Tiantai, so things were going down.

Elsewhere in Tianjing City, there were three groups of people. Ordinary people looked at them and they were shaking in fear. Those three groups of people wanted to attack Tiantai because they belonged to their enemies.

When Emperor Yu wasn’t there, Mu Chen was the leader. He rose up in the air and said to Tiantai’s people, “Everybody, disperse now, it’s too dangerous. If Tiantai comes back to life, you can come back. Of course, if you want to join other groups, Tiantai won’t blame you.”

Lin Feng and the others were together while looking up at Mu Chen. They were speechless. Did he want to dismantle Tiantai?

People from Tiantai looked at Mu Chen but remained silent. Mu Chen smiled and said, “Don’t be sad. Tiantai will come back and it will rise to even greater heights. For the time being, you can just go elsewhere and practice cultivation.”

“Brother, can’t we fight against them?” asked someone. Why was Mu Chen acting like that? The emperors were fighting, so would more people come to attack Tiantai?

Mu Chen shook his head, “Two big clans, plus Tian Long Divine Castle which has existed for over a thousand years, while Tiantai has existed for a short time only. Let’s disperse. We’ll gather again someday.”

Mu Chen was right. If people fought, they had to at least be Zun cultivators or else they’d die on the spot.

“Take care, brothers!” Many people waved at Mu Chen and the others and left.

Mu Chen turned around and looked at Lin Feng and the other direct disciples.

“You can also disperse, I’ll leave some memories in your brains so that I can find you in the future. If I don’t, remember that since you came out of the ancient battlefield, you’ve started your real journey. In one year’s time, come back to Tiantai.” said Mu Chen smiling. He then left memories in Lin Feng and the others’ brains.

“Brother!” the direct disciples were unhappy.

“If we get destroyed, we’ll never rise again. Please, brothers, just take care of yourselves.” said Mu Chen smiling.

“Alright, there are eight more months, become stronger and come back.” said Mu Chen waving.

“Go and become stronger!” said Hou Qing Lin to everybody. Then, he jumped and left. He was the first one of them to leave.

“Brothers, take care.” everybody started dispersing. If one of the teachers remained, as well as the direct disciples, Tiantai wasn’t dead. Concerning Tiantai’s territory, it was just a symbol. It could have been situated anywhere else.

Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin flew over to Lin Feng.

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng smiling at the girls. They nodded at Mu Chen and then they jumped onto Lin Feng’s gigantic sword and left.

After everybody left, the three armies arrived in Tiantai, but there was nobody there. It was empty, as if Tiantai had never existed in the first place.
“Damn you!” said Qi Qian Xing. He clenched his fists and released terrifying energies meaninglessly into the sky.

The crown prince and the second prince of Tian Long were also upset.

“If you see any disciples from Tiantai, kill them!” shouted Qi Qian Xing furiously. Immediately, people’s silhouettes started flickering away.

“Roger!” replied the members of the Qi Clan. At the meeting of the emperors, Tiantai’s people had killed so many people from the Qi Clan, but that didn’t mean the Qi Clan was weaker. It was just that the medium-level Zun cultivators from Tiantai were too strong.

“All disciples from Tiantai must die!” said the members from Tian Long Divine Castle as well. Even if Tiantai’s disciples were running away, they still had to die.

A sword was whistling outside of Tianjing City. Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin were leaning against Lin Feng. Qiu Yue Xin said, “Lin Feng, why did Mu Chen make that decision?”

Qiu Yue Xin didn’t understand.

“We are the twelve direct disciples. We’re not only talented, but we’re also close to each other. Mu Chen wants to protect us, but it’s also a kind of test. We have to become stronger, we have to become emperors.” said Lin Feng raising his head to the sky.

Then, he whispered, “Of course, maybe I don’t understand everything. Emperor Shi has never shown up. What were Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu thinking?”

A day later, the news spread all around Ba Huang that Emperor Tian Long, Emperor Si Kong and Emperor Qi had joined hands to attack Emperor Yu. That and Tiantai had disappeared without leaving a trace.

Concerning the result of the battle, some people said that Emperor Yu had been chased and that Emperor Wen had appeared to help. However, nobody knew the results of the battle.

One month later, in many influential imperial groups in the Ba Huang Province, many former disciples of Tiantai had started integrating themselves. However, nobody knew what the emperors of Tiantai or their direct disciples had become. However, some people said that Tian Long Divine Castle and the Qi Clan had captured some former disciples of Tiantai.

Two months later, it was said that a young man had been to the Island of the Nine Dragons on the Huang Sea and had killed people there. He had even chased the leader of the Island of the Nine Dragons. Some people said that the young man was Lin Feng, one of the incredible geniuses from Tiantai. The leader of the Island of the Nine Dragons had, before dying, shouted, “Lin Feng, we’re not enemies, why kill us?”

Some people said that he was with two beautiful girls, so it was probably Lin Feng.

Four months later, in the Qi Empire from Jiu You, Emperor Dong’s son, Qi Yan, had announced that he was going to get married a month later and had invited many people from everywhere to attend.

At that moment, Lin Feng had also come out from the ancient battlefield, and that four months were left before he could go to the Holy City.

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