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PMG Chapter 1464: Nightly Massacre

PMG Chapter 1464: Nightly Massacre
That night, in the vast territory of the Qi Clan, people were chatting but as it became later, less and less people were active. Some people slept while some practiced cultivation. All in all, it was an average night.
The Qi Clan was such a powerful clan that they didn’t need night guards or guards in general. They were very confident that their reputation was high enough that it would deter any unwelcomed visitors.
There were special cultivation towers in Qi Clan, one of them was a fire cultivation tower. Someone came out of it, but it wasn’t necessarily heat but some type of cold fire that was emanating from him.
“Who’s that!” someone suddenly shouted. Some lights appeared, and that person was suddenly surrounded by energies.
“Don’t talk.” said someone. A black robe appeared, and someone grabbed his neck.
That person looked at the cultivator in black clothes and pulled a long face. Then, he told him using telepathy, “Your Excellency, this is the Qi Clan!”
“I know. I just want to use your teleportation portal, I have no other intentions. Bring me there, of course, if you do anything reckless, I can guarantee that you’ll die before the Qi Clan even knows I’m here.” said the cultivator in black clothes indifferently. Then, he disappeared in the darkness again. That person was freaked out.
“Alright, I’ll take you there.” said the Qi Clan’s cultivator walking towards the portal. After all, Emperor Dong had organized a ceremony, so if that person wanted to use their portal, it was only normal. Surprisingly, he used force though, but he didn’t ask himself too many questions. Would anyone dare attack the Qi Clan anyways?
The Qi Clan’s portal was in centered in a courtyard. There was an ancient room with a hole inside.
“There are two guards there, you must go through them to use the portal.” said that person to Lin Feng using telepathy.
“Alright, you take me there.” said Lin Feng. That person was surprised and Lin Feng disappeared again. He couldn’t refuse so he continued walking towards the room.
They walked in, and there was, indeed, a portal filled with empty space energies and two guards just calmly standing there.
“Masters, I want to use the portal to go abroad and practice cultivation.” said that cultivator. The two guards opened their eyes and frowned. They found it strange. They had broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer, so their perceptions were acute.
“Slash…” suddenly, dazzling lights appeared, and the cultivator’s head was cut off.
“Die!” a terrifying death energy surrounded the two guards. Then, sharp sword lights, and a Desolate Ksana attack made one of the elders’ head explode. The other guard noticed a black robe, but it was only for a second. Terrifying empty space holy marks surrounded his body, preventing him from moving. Then a gigantic black hand grabbed his head.
He was soaked in a cold sweat. He was surrounded by death energy. It was the first time that he thought he was going to die. Surprisingly, someone was attacking them in their own territory.
“Did Qi Qian Xing leave with Emperor Qi?” asked Lin Feng using telepathy. His voice sounded like a demon’s voice. His eyes were pitch-black.
“He did.” said that person, he was obviously terrified. Demon cursing energies were corroding his body. He realized he had replied to Lin Feng only after having spoken.
“How many people did Emperor Qi bring?” asked Lin Feng.
“Some outstanding young cultivators, Qi Qian Xing and some core disciples.”
“Bzzz…” while they were talking, suddenly, two more people appeared at the entrance. They were stupefied and stopped. Someone was threatening a strong cultivator from the Qi Clan? That’s exactly what they wanted to do!
“Brother!” Lin Feng was astonished. It was Ruo Xie and Mo Qing Tian!
“You are…” that strong cultivator’s face changed drastically. Then, sword Qi emerged, and Lin Feng beheaded him.
“Lin Feng!” Ruo Xie and Mo Qing Tian recognized Lin Feng and smiled. “We were wondering if it’d work and now you’re here. We’re even more relieved.”
Lin Feng laughed, he was happy.
“Lin Feng, it’s not the first time we’ve done that.” said Mo Qing Tian smiling at Lin Feng. They had done something similar in Tian Yuan City at the Yang Clan. It was just more dangerous this time since it was an imperial clan.
“Brothers, we have to hurry up because this place is huge.” said Lin Feng.
“You’re right. They left this morning so let’s kill as many people as possible. We have to get our revenge.” said Mo Qing Tian.
“We should change our plan now. Leave a memory with Lin Feng and me. Then, stay near the teleportation portal and if you see them come back, break the memory to inform us. We’re better at killing so Lin Feng and I should go.” said Ruo Xie to Mo Qing Tian. Mo Qing Tian knew how to use the power of the stars, so he could change colors to become sneakier.
“Alright, I’ll wait in the empty space until they come back. Then I’ll inform you that you must leave immediately.” said Mo Qing Tian. Initially, they were only two, so it wasn’t enough.
After having organized a strategy, Mo Qing Tian left some memories in Lin Feng and Ruo Xie’s bodies and then entered the empty space.
Lin Feng and Ruo Xie didn’t leave immediately, they waited for Mo Qing Tian to arrive first.
“Ruo Xie, brother, we can’t show ourselves too soon, we must first slowly kill people.” said Lin Feng. Ruo Xie knew desolate abstruse energy, speed abstruse energy and was good at killing people with speedy sword attacks. But Lin Feng knew even more things.
Two people silently left the teleportation room and then disappeared into the darkness of the night.
In some room, a cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer was lying down sleeping. He had practiced cultivation and had just broken through to the six Zun Qi layer, so finally, he could have a rest.
However, at that moment, he sensed something and opened his eyes. A black shadow had appeared in front of him.
“Slash…” a sword beheaded him. He hadn’t even had time to react, he was killed in his own room.
The killer disappeared into the darkness again and moved from room to room killing Zun cultivators.
Ruo Xie was doing the same. His speed abstruse energy had reached the top of the eighth level already, so he could move like an illusion.
Of course, Ruo Xie wasn’t as fast as Lin Feng. After all, Lin Feng used shadow abstruse energy and could hide in the darkness perfectly. He killed countless people in the first half an hour.
“Cultivator tower!” Lin Feng saw some cultivation towers in the distance. The fire tower was illuminating the darkness of the night.
“There must be a lot of cultivators there.” thought Lin Feng, smiling evilly. Then he flew over to the tower. Any member of the Qi Clan could go in without any restrictions so there were no guards.
Lin Feng entered the tower and glanced around. There were many people, most them being low-level Zun cultivators who were sitting cross-legged and practicing cultivation.
“The fire on the top floors is hotter!” Lin Feng released fire energies, so nobody paid any attention to him. Besides, the Qi Clan was gigantic, people couldn’t possibly know everyone else in the clan.

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