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PMG Chapter 1465: Chaos At The Qi Clan

PMG Chapter 1465: Chaos At The Qi Clan
On the higher floors, people were a lot stronger. Lin Feng also released more powerful fire energies, but he still drew some people’s attention. They had never seen him before but, he was so strong.
When Lin Feng arrived at the top of the tower, there were only four people, each in a corner of the room. Their eyes were closed, and they were bathing in flames.
“Three cultivators of the eighth Zun Qi layer and one of the ninth.” thought Lin Feng. Killing those people silently would be impossible.
Those people were meditating. The Qi Clan had one rule too, such that it was forbidden to fight in the towers, otherwise, they wouldn’t be allowed to come back to the towers. Nobody liked being disturbed while practicing cultivation, therefore, silence was mandatory.
He went back to the flight of stairs again where there were cultivators of the seventh and sixth Zun Qi layer. There was something like seven to eight people there studying fire energy.
“Sixth and seventh Zun Qi layers!” thought Lin Feng glancing around. Then he walked over to someone. That person opened their eyes and looked at Lin Feng.
Lin Feng immediately stared back at him and released death-cursing energies. That person’s soul shook, and he instantly lost his determination. That cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer didn’t stand a chance.
After that, Lin Feng walked to the second cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer and sat down opposite him. He poked that person, who then opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng in a cold way, but Lin Feng released death energy from his eyes and grabbed his throat. That person’s mouth was open, but he couldn’t move. Only some choking sounds could be heard, but nobody paid attention to that.
After that, to the third person, Lin Feng did the same, and then the fourth. But when Lin Feng had killed the fifth cultivator, someone else opened their eyes having sensed danger. Lin Feng moved like the wind and quickly beheaded that person with sword Qi.
The others opened their eyes too, but as soon as they opened their eyes, they died instantly. Lin Feng was too fast. Nobody heard or sensed anything on the floors above or below.
Lin Feng glanced at them and went down the stairs again. People were still practicing cultivation, and nobody had sensed any danger.
Very quickly, Lin Feng killed everyone on the floor below. They were weaker so it was easier for Lin Feng to curse them.
In a temple inside the Qi Clan, two old men opened their eyes.
“What time is it!” asked one of the old men.
“It’s time, let’s go and see.” replied the other one.
The Qi Clan had a rule, some members of the Qi Clan were chosen to check the temple regularly to see if everyone was still alive.
“Why would we? Nothing could’ve possibly happened anyways.” said the other old man nonchalantly. There was a list of names at the back of the temple, a list of names connected to the cultivators’ souls.
Without that list, it would have been difficult for the Qi Clan to know how many people there were and so on. It was of the utmost importance for maintain the organization of the clan.
One of the old men walked to the list and looked at the names. But suddenly, he looked alarmed.
“Oh no!” shouted the old man loudly. So many soul plates had broken. They weren’t broken just two hours ago!
“Slash, slash, slash…” some soul names continued breaking before their eyes. The two old men were suddenly covered with a cold sweat. Something serious was going on.
“Someone is killing our people inside our own territory.” the two old men were dumbstruck. They immediately went outside to sound an alarm.
They were moving as fast as they could, and they were making extremely loud sounds as they ran. Many people suddenly got nervous and stopped practicing cultivation. What was going on?
“That’s the alarm, the most serious one. But it hasn’t happened for so many years!” the crowd was terrified. Someone dared attack the Qi Clan by surprise, but who?
“Who came to the Qi Clan?” shouted an extremely loud voice. Lin Feng had just finished killing everyone on the first floor when he heard that voice. He had probably only killed a hundred people so far, yet he had been noticed. What he didn’t know was that the Qi Clan hadn’t lost so many people in a very long time. In two hours, more than two hundred of their strongest cultivators had died.
Those from the top of the tower came down and saw that everybody was dead. Then, on the first floor, they came across Lin Feng. Since they were still surprised, Lin Feng used his Ksana sword attack and released death cursing energies at the same time. The two cultivators of the eighth Zun Qi layer didn’t have time to react and died.
“Who are you!” the two others released terrifying energies, fire filling the room.
“Die!” said Lin Feng as he moved like the wind while releasing sword energies. The last cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer died with that attack. Now, only the cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer remained.
“Boom!” The cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer punched the air and his fire punch ignited outside, not aiming for Lin Feng. That cultivator wanted to warn people outside the tower before dealing with Lin Feng.
“The enemies are in the tower!” shouted someone furiously. People from all direction ran towards the tower.
“Die!” death cursing energies surrounded the cultivator.
“Piss off!” A fire-man appeared behind him, looking like a fire god.
Lin Feng used his Desolate Ksana attack again.
That cultivator’s hand turned into an ancient imprint, at the same time, the fire was destroyed by sword energies.
“Slash…” sword lights filled the tower. The cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer was quickly surrounded by immortal sword energies. He raised his head and his face turned deathly pale. He wanted to use his full strength to resist the energies but had failed.
“Over there!” some strong cultivators rushed over. Lin Feng smiled coldly. His sword streaked across the sky and lacerated the group of people. They still had desperate facial expressions after they died.
Lin Feng moved like the wind and disappeared into the night. He didn’t want people to see him, so even if he could easily kill those people, it was better not to waste time.
Lin Feng quickly put on some white clothes and hid in the middle of a crowd.
“Where are the enemies?” Some people were heading in Lin Feng direction as fast as they could.
“Perfect!” Lin Feng moved like the wind, and then lacerated them one after the other.
The Qi Clan was huge, so Lin Feng could kill people in every corner.
“Shouldn’t we inform Emperor Qi and the Respectable Elder?” asked someone at that moment.
“Emperor Qi left today, how can we inform him?” said a strong cultivator pulling a long face.
“But we’re talking about Lin Feng!”
“So what? Activate the great protection spell!” said that person. Since Lin Feng had come, he had to die.

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