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PMG Chapter 1466: Kill Lin Feng!

PMG Chapter 1466: Kill Lin Feng!
“Activate the protection spell!” shouted some people.
Lin Feng watched a group of people move down to the ground while yelling that, so he frowned. The great protection spell?
Then, dazzling lights suddenly appeared, illuminating the entire territory.
“It’s the Great Celestial Protection Spell.” thought some people who still didn’t understand what was going on. How long had it been since the Qi Clan used the protection spell?
“Someone dared attack the Qi Clan, but who?” thought some others.
“What a terrifying strength.” thought Lin Feng. The Qi Clan was gradually being filled with golden energies. Besides, everybody was illuminated, so if he killed anyone, everybody would see him.
“Everybody stop. Apart from the patrollers, nobody can move. If anyone disobeys, they’ll die!” shouted someone furiously. Then, everybody stopped moving.
“What an impressive organization.” thought Lin Feng.
The patrollers inspected the surroundings first, then they inspected the crowd in the sky. Lin Feng was there, but he wasn’t moving though.
“They’ll find me.” thought Lin Feng. If he moved, he’d die though. The protection spell could also illuminate people who were hiding, so he couldn’t hide if he wanted to. Even using his spirit was useless with that protection spell up.
Lin Feng finally decided not to move and wait patiently. Finally, the patrollers arrived near him. The leader of the patrollers was a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer.
“Turn around.” shouted the strong cultivator to Lin Feng. Lin Feng slowly turned around. Those people frowned.
“I’ve never seen you. Which branch are you from? Who are your parents?” asked the patroller. He didn’t ask Lin Feng for his name because it was too easy to make up a name. Instead, he checked his background, which was more difficult to make up.
“How dare you talk to me that way!” said Lin Feng. He slowly turned back around and walked towards that guy.
“Eh?” the crowd frowned.
“I’m Lin Feng!” said Lin Feng and then his scepter appeared, and he released cursing energies. At the same time, he released sword energies with his other hand.
“Be careful!” When Lin Feng said his name, everybody released a terrifying Qi, but Lin Feng’s cursing energies made them stop in their tracks. Many people immediately exploded under his strength. The patrollers were either drenched in a cold sweat or were lying dead on the ground.
“Lin Feng!” that person was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Without a doubt, that was Lin Feng. His sword was terrifying. Apart from Emperor Wu Tian Jian, only one person had a sword with so many energies condensed inside: Lin Feng.
“Die!” Lin Feng released an infinite amount of demon Qi. Ruo Xie and Lin Feng had already killed over two hundred people, including inside the tower.
The Qi Clan had existed for ten thousand years, but this was one of their greatest tragedies.
“Great Protection Spell, Lock!” shouted the strong cultivator rising in the air.
“Death!” Lin Feng released sword and immortal energies. However, the chief patroller used his Empty Space Agility Technique dodge.
Then, empty space punches appeared behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng released sword energies and destroyed them, at the same time, he released terrifying demon intent and his Tian Ji Sword shot out from his body. It immediately cut off that person’s head.
A gigantic picture scroll appeared in the sky and turned into a cage surrounding Lin Feng, just after he killed the strong cultivator.
“Bzzz!” Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered. However, he found that the picture scroll threads were following him. His body became even more dazzling, so now everybody could see him.
“Break!” Lin Feng’s sword lacerated the space around him, but it didn’t work. It seemed like he was in an illusion and whatever he did, the picture scroll would follow him.
People quickly surrounded Lin Feng, trapping him. They were all medium-level Zun cultivators or higher. The weakest cultivator around him had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer. There were hundreds of people even. The Qi Clan had existed for such a long time, so it was no surprise that they had so many extremely strong cultivators.
“Argh…” demon energies rolled in waves. Lin Feng condensed energies which turned into a demon. Surprising the crowd, a gigantic demon appeared behind Lin Feng’s back holding a gigantic axe. As soon as he formed he threw himself at the crowd. The gigantic axe contained cosmic energies, creating fissures in the sky when it attacked, instantly killing some people.
“That demon is not affected by the empty space!” thought Lin Feng. He then released sword intent.
“Empty space lock!” shouted the patroller. Lin Feng and people around him were stuck in the empty space with him.
“Enlightenment!” shouted the strong cultivator again while condensing terrifying energies. The Qi Clan’s own people were illuminated by dazzling lights.
“What a terrifying protection spell, it connects all the cultivators of the Qi Clan together!” thought Lin Feng. He condensed sword energies all around him. He didn’t chase anyone, instead, he condensed immortal Qi and sword intent.
“Celestial Death!” shouted the chief patroller coldly. The strong cultivators from the Qi Clan condensed their energies together and a gigantic sword appeared in the sky.
“Die!” Suddenly, terrifying lights illuminated those people. It was Ruo Xie with his own terrifying sword. Some people collapsed and fell down from the sky. Those people’s target was Lin Feng, so nobody had noticed Ruo Xie.
“There’s someone else!” the Qi Clan’s people realized there was someone else with Lin Feng.
“It’s Ruo Xie from Tiantai!” shouted someone who recognized him.
“Die!” a fist moved towards Ruo Xie.
“Slow!” shouted Ruo Xie furiously. The fist then slowed down.
“Decay!” shouted Ruo Xie again. The entire crowd around him started growing old.
“Argh!” the demon killed someone else with the gigantic axe at that moment.
Lin Feng continued condensing sword and immortal energies.
The strong cultivator looked at Ruo Xie and the demon, then he shouted, “Die!”
“Die, die, die, die, die…” that voice resonated far away in the distance.
“Go, go!” Sword energies emerged from Lin Feng’s hands and collided with all the other energies aimed at them. At the same time, he continued condensing more sword energies in his hands.
“Argh!” his demon continued attacking people with his gigantic axe.

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