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PMG Chapter 1467: Cursing Myself!

PMG Chapter 1467: Cursing Myself!
The demon was soon destroyed, and the axe moved back to Lin Feng. His immortal swords was struggling to deal with all those cultivators as well.
“Slash!” Lin Feng released more sword energies. At the same time, gigantic silver wings appeared from his back, they were a few dozen meters long. Lin Feng wrapped himself up in them.
“Die!” shouted a few strong cultivators of the Qi Clan.
“Slow!” shouted Ruo Xie furiously. Everything slowed down around them again. The sword attack slowed down and then Ruo Xie released sword energies again while condensing acceleration energy. His sword collided with the sword which had been slowed. Even though he knew he couldn’t destroy it, he used his full strength to weaken it a lot. At least, Lin Feng had less chances to die that way.
The sword in the sky slowed down for a few seconds but picked up some speed again towards Lin Feng and destroyed his sword. It also destroyed Ruo Xie’s sword and then crashed onto Lin Feng’s wings with a loud “Crunch!”
Lin Feng opened his silver wings and found that there was a hole in one of them. Then, the wound became larger as the terrifying sword pierced through his wings again.
Lin Feng condensed some immortal energies into his wings, then he released sword and immortal energies together again.
“Break!” shouted Lin Feng. He was furious but tired. His whole body became a sword filled with immortal energies before he threw himself at the gigantic sword.
“Boom boom!” A hurricane of terrifying energies swept the crowd. Some people even exploded and died. A loud metallic ringing sound hung in the air for a few seconds before the gigantic sword of the Qi Clan slowly turned into an illusion and dispersed. Lin Feng had also turned back into his own self, though he was panting with exhaustion.
At that moment, the Qi Clan’s people were even more horrified by Lin Feng. The sword of their clan was incredible and yet it still failed.
“Die!” shouted Ruo Xie. He moved using speed abstruse energy and killed another cultivator.
“Kill Lin Feng first, he has run out of energies!” shouted someone. It was the chief patroller. Lin Feng’s demon king had been destroyed by the sword and then he had condensed so much energy to break the Qi Clan’s sword. Now was the perfect time to kill him.
“Bzzz!” Many people threw themselves at Lin Feng while releasing empty space energies. Lin Feng was surrounded once again.
“Death curse!” shouted Lin Feng, taking out his scepter. Everybody was surprised by his strength, they had the feeling that they were going to die.
“Bzzz!” Lin Feng threw his scepter in the air and it turned into a gigantic, ancient-looking tree.
“Ruo Xie, brother, go and lacerate the empty space around us. Leave them to me!” said Lin Feng. He sounded a lot like demon. Ruo Xie was surprised by Lin Feng’s voice but nodded. His silhouette flickered, and he jumped into the empty space lights. He had to break the empty space which had trapped them, otherwise, if Emperor Qi came back, they wouldn’t be able to escape.
“How can you be so confident?” there were still too many strong cultivators in the empty space. Lin Feng was suggesting that he was going to kill them, but how could he be so sure?
“Curse!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. In a flash, his gigantic ancient cursing tree released a terrifying amount of cursing energies which surrounded his own body.
“He cursed himself, but why!” the crowd was astonished. Some marks appeared while his ancient tree looked even more like an illusion.
“There’s something wrong. The tree is integrating itself with his body. He’s probably turning into a curse himself!” thought some of the strong cultivators. He was cursing himself, so nobody naturally wanted to touch him.
“Kill him!” a cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer condensed a black fire and attacked Lin Feng from behind.
Lin Feng suddenly turned around and looked at him with his cold eyes. That person instantly turned grey and looked hopeless.
“Kill him!” shouted Lin Feng to that cultivator. He listened to Lin Feng and threw himself at the some other members of the Qi Clan.
Lin Feng raised his head and swallowed the ancient cursing tree. It was completely absorbed by his body now. From that moment on, Lin Feng didn’t have the scepter anymore, instead, he was the scepter.
“Die!” Lin Feng glanced at someone next to him. That person looked scared but then collapsed, dead. Lin Feng could glance at people and kill them instantly now.
“Bzzz!” Someone else threw themselves at Lin Feng, Lin Feng turned around and looked them in the eye. That person wanted to kill Lin Feng, but they stopped immediately, their face turned grey and he collapsed. He was dead as well.
The other strong cultivators were a bit perplexed, what to do? Lin Feng’s cursing energies were becoming more powerful the longer they waited.
“Use the Great Protection again!” shouted someone. They joined hands and dazzling lights appeared again as well as the picture scroll.
Lin Feng’s began to run forward, but someone’s silhouette flickered in front of him. No matter, that person’s life was drained out and he died on the spot.
Someone else wanted to attack, but Lin Feng released more cursing Qi and killed them.
At that moment, Ruo Xie was releasing twinkling marks which were intertwining together. They condensed into a pattern. Its Qi wasn’t that powerful, but Ruo Xie wasn’t in a rush, so he continued carving marks in the air. He needed time to destroy the sealed space.
People from outside the empty space could only watch as all those corpses fell from the sky. They were massacring all those Zun cultivators. Apart from the people Emperor Qi had brought to the wedding, those people were the strongest cultivators of the Qi Clan.
“We must inform Emperor Qi!” thought the crowd. If they didn’t inform Emperor Qi, the Qi Clan would be in danger.
“Slash, slash!” two sounds sounded in Lin Feng and Ruo Xie’s minds. A special Qi surrounded their bodies as the memory Qing Tian had put in them was broken. That meant that Emperor Qi was coming back.
“Lin Feng, let’s get ready to leave!” shouted Ruo Xie. Two more corpses fell down from the sky. Lin Feng knew they had to leave, so they couldn’t waste time. Emperor Qi was fast, so he’d arrive soon. If they didn’t hurry, he could easily kill them!

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