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PMG Chapter 1468: Difficulties for the Qi Clan

PMG Chapter 1468: Difficulties for the Qi Clan
“Stop him, use the Celestial Death attack!” shouted the patroller furiously. This travesty was starting to look like a joke. So many powerful Zun cultivators, a protection spell, and their terrifying sword were all paling to just two Zun cultivators.
“Die!” Lin Feng moved like the wind. A cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer landed in front of him, but an ocean of cursing energies surrounded him. Lin Feng’s death Qi made him feel like suffocating. At the same time, but he continued condensing energies above. Even if Lin Feng had killed so many people already, those who remained sufficed to condense enough energies for the Great Protection spell.
“Piss off!” that person released empty space energies and released his spirit.
“Kill him!” shouted Lin Feng. In a flash, several people threw themselves at that cultivator. Those who had already died were now obeying Lin Feng’s orders.
That strong cultivator was furious and upset that his friends were attacking him. He released empty space energies, but it was not efficient because they were already dead.
“Die!” said Lin Feng. He threw himself towards the opponent.
“You must want to die!” shouted that cultivator furiously. He released Qi, but his Qi dispersed after the cursing energies arrived near him. His life was drained out and his face turned grey. Then, Lin Feng condensed sword energies in his hands and beheaded the guy. At the same time, the gigantic sword of the Qi Clan stopped condensing and had disappeared. That cultivator stood as the core of the spell, which mean that after he died, the spell fell apart.
“Let’s go!” shouted Ruo Xie punching the empty space surrounding them. His holy marks lit up and the light curtain opened itself. A hole appeared allowing Ruo Xie to jump through it.
“Lin Feng!” shouted Ruo Xie. Lin Feng had continued killing people instead of following him!
“Go!” said Lin Feng while running towards Ruo Xie. The Qi Clan didn’t want to stop Lin Feng anymore, they knew they weren’t strong enough.
The Great Protection spell was still working, but Lin Feng and Ruo Xie weren’t inside anymore.
Suddenly, a terrifying pressure oppressed the entire territory of the Qi Clan. Everything became illusionary as a silhouette appeared in the sky.
“Emperor Qi!” all the cultivators of the Qi Clan were elated. Emperor Qi had come back but Lin Feng and Ruo Xie had just left. They seemingly knew the emperor was coming back.
Emperor Qi was with Qi Qian Xing. However, all they saw were corpses, hundreds of corpses in fact. It was as if all the Zun cultivators were killed.
“Who did this?!” screamed Emperor Qi. The crowd was horrified, their lives were in Emperor Qi’s hands, so if he was furious, he could kill them all.
“Lin Feng from Tiantai as well as Ruo Xie.” said someone in a low voice. Suddenly, a terrifying energy surrounded those people.
“Lin Feng!” Qi Qian Xing condensed strength which rose to the skies. Back then, he hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng and now the Qi Clan had lost face. They were a joke.
“Now, the whole city knows about this. In just two days, this news could spread all around Ba Huang and even to the Qi Empire!” thought Qi Qian Xing. Not only hadn’t they managed to kill Lin Feng, but they had used the Great Protection spell at night so everyone in Xuri City knew about it.
“How did they know I wasn’t here? Find out why!” yelled Emperor Qi. How come Lin Feng and Ruo Xie knew he was away. It seemed like someone had told them. Also, how did Lin Feng know Emperor Qi had come back?
In Eastern Ba Huang, powerful cursing energies were creeping outside a cave, which was hidden inside a mountain range. Ruo Xie was sitting outside the cave, cross-legged, on a gigantic stone. He opened his eyes and looked at the cave.
“In a few days, Qi Yan’s actual wedding ceremony will start. I hope we can catch up with them.” whispered Ruo Xie. After Lin Feng and Ruo Xie had left the Qi Clan, they immediately hid themselves. Emperor Qi had been looking for them in Xuri City, but they had hidden themselves in the Jade Emperor’s palace. After that, they made their way to that mountain range and Lin Feng had non-stop practiced cultivation. He still had cursing energies corroding inside his body. Even though the scepter fusion had allowed him to display amazing powers, he might have to keep those cursing energies in his body forever.
“Eh?” At that moment, Ruo Xie frowned. He saw some cursing Qi coming out of the cave which then turned into several whirlwinds. Besides, that Qi was getting stronger. After the last whirlwind disappeared, Ruo Xie couldn’t sense the cursing Qi again.
Finally, Lin Feng came out.
“Are you alright?” asked Ruo Xie smiling at Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t have cursing Qi surrounding his body anymore. He looked normal again.
“Yes.” said Lin Feng nodding. Finally, he had managed to modify the cursing strength in his body and had swallowed it completely. Now he could use it for himself without any consequences. It was part of his energies. He had lost his scepter, but at least his cursing strength had become stronger.
“Since you’re alright now, let’s go.” said Ruo Xie jumping off the big stone. Then, he smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Qi Yan’s wedding ceremony is going to be great. Incredible people from all over Ba Huang and Jiu You will be attending. We’ll have some fun.”
“What if Emperor Qi sees us? He’ll kill us on the spot.” said Lin Feng. Ruo Xie was insane.
“Emperor Dong invited many geniuses. Even the Messenger was invited. That day will be Qi Yan’s wedding, so do you think Emperor Qi will attack people there? He killed some of our disciples too, so we just avenged them.” said Ruo Xie.
“Haha, maybe Qi Qian Xing will attack us then.” said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. If Qi Qian Xing said he wanted to avenge the Qi Clan’s people’s death, nobody would say anything against him. Qi Qian Xing wasn’t an emperor, so he didn’t need to respect cultivation emperors’ rules.
“And on top of that, Tiantai still has some people!” said Ruo Xie shrugging and smiling. Qi Yan’s wedding ceremony would be similar to the meeting of the emperors in that many geniuses were going to gather there!

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