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PMG Chapter 1471: Qi Yan’s Wife

PMG Chapter 1471: Qi Yan’s Wife
“Lin Feng, Ruo Xie!” Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi smiled at Lin Feng and Ruo Xie and said, “You did a good job!”
Lin Feng shrugged. He knew what he meant. They were talking about the massacre at the Qi Clan. The Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle had killed many people from Tiantai, so it was very warranted. Lin Feng and Ruo Xie had slaughtered people from the Qi Clan in their own territory, that was an incredible humiliation.
After what happened at the Qi Clan, Tian Long Divine Castle’s people stopped killing people from Tiantai and they became much more discreet.
“The Qi Empire seems even more powerful and larger than the Qi Clan though!” Lin Feng had glanced around. There were many people, all of whom were incredible and heroic warriors.
“The Qi Clan is powerful. They wouldn’t give up a territory which has a shrine. Many years ago, the Qi Clan took over this land, but in the past this place wasn’t called the Qi Empire!” explained Emperor Yu. Lin Feng nodded. The ice emperor and the snow leader ruled over the Ice and Snow Empire. Being an emperor was sufficed to take over an empire sometimes. The Qi Clan was powerful because they had a medium-level emperor.
At that moment, Lin Feng sensed some sharp lights. He turned around and saw the two princes from Tian Long Divine Castle as well as Jing Gu arriving. If the first and second prince of Tian Long Divine Castle and Jing Gu died, Tian Long Divine Castle would have no proper descendants left.
Lin Feng took a glass of alcohol, he raised it up and smiled at Emperor Tian Long indifferently. Emperor Tian Long groaned coldly and ignored Lin Feng. He stood up, with his glass in hand, and went to another table, the one at which the Messenger was sitting.
Lin Feng smiled in a cold way and slowly downed his drink. He was staring at the table where the Messenger was. Many people raised their glasses at the Messenger as a sign of respect. His seat was higher up than everyone else’s since he had a higher social status. He also raised his glass and smiled at people who were cheering with him, however, he looked indifferent.
“The Messenger must be a medium-level emperor!” whispered Lin Feng. Emperor Yu nodded, “Indeed, he’s a medium-level emperor but his position is a bit special.”
The Messenger controlled the road which led to the Holy City. He also managed the ancient battlefield of the Huang Sea. He alone could determine some rules.
“Let’s go and have a drink with the Messenger!” said Emperor Yu to Lin Feng and the others. Then they all walked towards the Messenger.
The Messenger was sitting with some extraordinary and heroic, yet arrogant, young men.
“They must all be from the Holy City.” thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng noticed that some of the young men looked arrogant while some of them didn’t. They just looked indifferent.
“Your Highness The Messenger, my disciples and I raise our glasses in your honor!” said Emperor Yu politely.
“You’re too kind, Emperor Yu!” said the Messenger while still smiling indifferently. He also raised his glass and even bumped his glass against Emperor Yu’s glass. He didn’t look arrogant at all, he looked indifferent and friendly.
“You’re Lin Feng!” said a young man at that moment.
“That’s me, indeed!” said Lin Feng nodding to them.
“I’ve heard about the geniuses of the Ba Huang Province, including you, Lin Feng. If we have the opportunity today, I’d like to fight against you.” said the young man, smiling and raising his glass. He didn’t stand up though, he remained seated.
“If we do have the opportunity, I’d be happy to!” said Lin Feng smiling. However, he didn’t raise his glass. Then, Emperor Yu and the others turned around and walked away.
The young man looked angry as Lin Feng walked away.
“How disrespectful!” said a young man on his side.
“If he knew your social status, he wouldn’t dare be disrespectful.” said another one in a calm and serene way.
The young man smiled and didn’t say anything else. He just glanced at Lin Feng from time to time.
“Those young men must be from the Holy City if they can stay with the Messenger.” whispered Hou Qing Lin.
“I guess so.” said Emperor Yu smiling in an uncaring way. Lin Feng smiled indifferently, he didn’t care either. That young man had remained seated whilst raising his glass, which was a sign of disrespect, so Lin Feng didn’t raise his glass in return.
Emperor Tian Long stayed with Emperor Qi the entire time. It was as if he wanted to show off how great he was because he knew Emperor Qi. Many people despised him for that but said nothing, after all, it was the Qi Clan’s event.
“Emperor Yu, what do you think?” asked some people at that moment: Emperor Wen, Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue.
“Emperor Wen, please sit down.” said Emperor Yu politely. Then, he looked at Emperor Tian Long and said indifferently, “He knows Tian Long is falling, so of course he’s not happy.”
“We can’t blame him. After all, he lost so much already, he won’t be able to rise up again anytime soon.” said Emperor Wen. He talked loudly though, loudly enough that the two princes from Tian Long Divine Castle looked at him in a cold way.
They knew that their father didn’t want to follow Emperor Qi like a dog, but he had no choice. Without Tiantai, they wouldn’t have had such problems. Now, if Tiantai didn’t completely disappear, they would suffer, perhaps even disappearing themselves.
“By the way, do you know who Qi Yan’s new bride is?” asked Emperor Wen smiling at Emperor Yu.
“The Qi Clan didn’t give any hint. Do you know already?” asked Emperor Yu. Qi Yan was Emperor Dong’s son, so his wife had to be outstanding. But still, the Qi Clan didn’t say who she was.
“We’ll know soon enough.” said Emperor Wen smiling. He was curious. Everybody was.
Emperor Deva-Mara and some strong cultivators from the Deva-Mara Palace went and sat down next to Emperor Yu and the others as well. Many people were chatting and enjoying themselves. At that moment, a gong resonated. At the same time, in the distance, a golden crow with nine heads was pulling a golden-carriage which shined like the sun.
Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi looked at the carriage and smiled. Many soldiers rose up in the air and opened the way for them.
The door of the carriage opened itself and someone came out: Emperor Dong’s son, Qi Yan.
Qi Yan stretched out his hand and a slender white arm appeared. With the sun shining upon that arm, it looked even more beautiful.
“Who is she?” thought some people. A silhouette gradually appeared in people’s field of vision. She seemed so beautiful.
“She’s perfect for Qi Yan, what a perfect match!” thought some people. However, many people from the Ba Huang Province were astonished because they recognized her.
Lin Feng frowned, he was surprised, how could it be her!

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