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PMG Chapter 1474: Seven Strong Cultivators

PMG Chapter 1474: Seven Strong Cultivators
“Since you’re so confident, don’t blame us for not being polite.” said Qi Yan in a cold way. “You’re a guest here, so you shouldn’t get involved. You even injured my wife, so I must kill you.”
“If you want to fight, then come and fight already!” said Lin Feng. However, Qi Yan just smiled coldly and shook his hand. Instantly, seven soldiers jumped towards Lin Feng.
“Is the Qi Empire going to use those seven soldiers to fight Lin Feng?” the crowd was surprised. Lin Feng was extremely strong, and everybody knew that. By now, he had probably become even stronger. They didn’t know yet that even cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer couldn’t really compete with Lin Feng anymore.
Lin Feng looked at one of them and shivered. Those cultivators didn’t seem easy to defeat.
“I’ll go and kill him.” said one of them. The six others moved back, and that cultivator stepped in front of Lin Feng.
“One person!” they thought that one person could kill Lin Feng?
That strong cultivator took out a spear, and with it, dazzling white lights illuminated the sky. Lin Feng narrowed his eyes to avoid being blinded by those lights.
Then, the cultivator ran towards Lin Feng as fast as he could.
He wanted to kill Lin Feng as quickly as possible, so his spear was aiming for Lin Feng’s throat.
The crowd understood how strong that soldier was when they saw his attack. He understood acceleration abstruse energy, a type of speed abstruse energy.
How many of those soldiers did the Qi Empire have?
Lin Feng wasn’t any slower than that cultivator though. With his wind and empty space abstruse energies at level seven, plus his Xiao Yao agility technique, he was also terrifyingly fast.
Lin Feng was surrounded by dazzling and beautiful white lights as a light moved towards him.
“How fast!” thought Lin Feng dodging the light beam. He didn’t stop though, he continued moving running around.
“An ordinary cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer couldn’t have dodged that attack. Even a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer could have died.” thought the crowd shivering. The two cultivators were extremely fast. Lin Feng had anticipated he might have to fight, but he hadn’t thought that their soldiers would be so strong.
“Die!” shouted that strong cultivator. In a flash, the sky was filled with force and other energies. Some black lights had even appeared.
“Those are empty space fissure lights!” thought the crowd.
“So Close Yet So Far!” Lin Feng released empty space energies and used his So Close Yet So Far technique. However, a metallic ringing sound dinged. Lin Feng’s opponent’s spear was too fast and powerful, it immediately destroyed Lin Feng’s So Close Yet So Far technique.
Lin Feng flew back at full speed, but his opponent’s spear continued moving towards him. His speed abstruse energy was level nine!
“Slow!” shouted the opponent while releasing deceleration abstruse energy. Instantly, Lin Feng felt slower.
“Boom!” Instantly, demonic energies emerged from his eyes and rose to the skies.
“Die!” said Lin Feng, now sounding like a demon. He also released sword energies and condensed the natural force of the Earth and sky inside.
The soldier’s spear and Lin Feng’s sword collided, the sword broke apart, but Lin Feng also broke through the deceleration abstruse energy and got a little bit farther away. Not too far though because he still wanted to look at his opponent with his pitch-black eyes.
The soldier didn’t know too many types of abstruse energies, but those he did were at a very high level.
“Who are those seven soldiers? They aren’t ordinary soldiers. It’s just impossible to say that ordinary soldiers could fight against Lin Feng. Even though that one doesn’t know too many kinds of energies, his attacks are truly terrifying. That soldier could even kill Qi Yan if they fought.” thought some people. Emperor Yu frowned as well.
“Emperor Dong, how come you had such terrifying cultivators come? What did you want to do during the wedding ceremony?” thought Emperor Yu. Lin Feng was releasing terrifying amounts of sword and demon energies to defend himself.
The soldier’s spear was emitting buzzing sounds as terrifying lights shot out from it. Lin Feng couldn’t see clearly because of those lights, however, he didn’t care because his pitch-black eyes were strong enough.
The soldier moved again. At the same time, he released more deceleration abstruse energies which surrounded Lin Feng.
“Die!” shouted that soldier. A dazzling light appeared and moved towards Lin Feng with incredible speed.
Lin Feng was surrounded by demonic energies which blocked the deceleration abstruse energy and at the same time, he raised his hands and released sword and death energies. His sword energies moved slowly but it seemed very stable.
“He’s insane!” thought the crowd. Lin Feng saw the terrifying light moving towards him, but he didn’t decide to dodge. Instead, he decided to counterattack with sword energies. The attack was too fast anyways, so he couldn’t dodge. However, if his sword attack was destroyed, he might die.
The spear and the sword collided. Lin Feng’s sword contained immortal energy, therefore, the spear’s lights moved aside and couldn’t break it.
“Slow!” shouted the strong cultivator while releasing deceleration abstruse energy again. However, his deceleration abstruse energy was instantly destroyed. Then, Lin Feng’s sword energies surrounded his face and made it explode!
“That cultivator’s abstruse energy was level nine. Only cultivators whose abstruse energy is at the very, very top or even those who have cosmic energies can pose a threat to Lin Feng. Besides, if that cultivator didn’t have level nine speed abstruse energy, he wouldn’t have been able to resist that long.” thought the crowd. The six other soldiers ran towards Lin Feng and surrounded him while releasing ice-cold energies.
If those six cultivators were as strong as the first one, then Lin Feng was in mortal danger.
“Hmph!” Hou Qing Lin groaned coldly and stood up. Those six cultivators wanted to join hands to kill Lin Feng so how could he sit idly by.
“Speed abstruse energy, level nine, earth abstruse energy, level nine, empty space abstruse energy, level nine, thunder abstruse energy, level nine…” those six cultivators were terrifying. The situation looked bad for Lin Feng.
“It looks like Emperor Dong was prepared to welcome Lin Feng.” thought the crowd.

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