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PMG Chapter 1475: Battlefield

PMG Chapter 1475: Battlefield
Not only did those six strong cultivators have level nine abstruse energies, they were also gifted at using them.
The one with earth abstruse energy released an ancient seal which oppressed the Earth and sky. It contained terrifyingly hard and heavy energies which created craters all around them.
The one with empty space abstruse energy lacerated the air, he condensed golden empty space abstruse energy which eventually turned into a sword.
The one with thunder abstruse energy sealed the space around them with destructive Qi, making the scene look even darker.
Another one released speed abstruse energy which surrounded his colleagues’ attacks, making them faster. The ancient seal, the thunders and the empty space sword moved at the speed of light.
The crowd was covered in a cold sweat. They could only imagine how they would feel if they were Lin Feng. Five attackers, one assistant who could make their attacks faster and slow Lin Feng down, and all of them had level nine abstruse energies…
“Reincarnation!” shouted Hou Qing Lin. He released reincarnation energies which surrounded those young men. They instantly sensed a pain invade their bodies.
Ruo Xie rose in the air too and released acceleration abstruse energy to surround Lin Feng and deceleration abstruse energy to surround the enemies.
Everything happened in the blink of an eye, Lin Feng released Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi and he suddenly looked like an animal.
An empty space appeared, and Lin Feng jumped inside. The enemies’ attacks crashed onto his empty space, causing the space in front of him to become distorted, breaking the space he had just hid inside.
After Lin Feng appeared, energies continued bombarding his body, causing him to cough up blood while throwing him backwards. Those six cultivators were terrifyingly strong, the weakest one had broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer while the others had the strength of the ninth or at the top of the ninth Zun Qi layer. They also understood the force of the Earth and sky, so their force was a thousand times stronger as well.
However, at that moment, Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi and Ruo Xie also arrived and released terrifying energies at the six strong cultivators who were attacking Lin Feng.
The six soldiers stopped and looked at Lin Feng and then the others in a cold way. Lin Feng and his friends couldn’t see their faces, but they could still see their eyes.
“Tiantai came here on purpose to cause trouble and ruin the wedding ceremony!” said Qi Yan walking forwards. Xue Bi Yao was still frowning because her thoughts were chaotic. She wanted to remember, she wanted to understand what was going on with her.
“You sent people to kill me!” said Lin Feng.
Qi Yan smiled and said to Xue Bi Yao, “Bi Yao, go back to your teacher, I’ll deal with this.”
“Alright!” “Alright.” said Xue Bi Yao nodding. She felt a bit guilty. What Qi Yan said didn’t imply anything, besides, she trusted her teacher more than Qi Yan.
Xue Bi Yao moved to her teacher and Qi Yan looked too Lin Feng and the others. He was smiling coldly. He slowly turned around and smiled at the Messenger, he looked sorry, “I’m sorry, you must think we’re ridiculous.”
“I just came here to enjoy some fine liquors.” said the Messenger shrugging. That thing had nothing to do with him, so he didn’t need to get involved.
“Everybody, someone wants to ruin the ceremony. The Qi Empire is an empire in Jiu You and the Qi Clan is an influential imperial group in Ba Huang, we can’t let these people humiliate us. If you could step away, we don’t want our battle reaching you, that way, you can continue drinking.” said Emperor Qi to the crowd. Instantly, the tables moved aside.
Emperor Dong smiled at the Messenger, but still, The Messenger didn’t mind.
“The Qi Clan wants to fight Tiantai even though it’s a wedding ceremony.” everybody was surprised. Emperor Qi was very bold.
“Hehe, some people came to cause trouble, so we have to take measures.” said Emperor Si Kong smiling indifferently.
“If you need any help, Tian Long Divine Castle can give you a hand.” said Emperor Tian Long smiling indifferently.
“Thank you very much, Emperor Tian Long!” said Emperor Qi smiling politely. Many emperors looked excited about finally dealing with Tiantai.
Emperor Wen, Emperor Deva-Mara, Emperor Yu, none of them moved. The Great Ape Emperor didn’t move either.
“Eating here is the same as over there, so there’s no need to switch seats!” shouted the Great Ape Emperor extremely loudly.
“I think so too. No need to switch seats.” said the empress who was next to Yi Ren Lei.
Many people didn’t move. They were all from influential groups: the Fire Mountain, the Island of the Thunderbirds, the Mang Niu Mountain, the Celestial Palace of the Immortals, the Celestial Thunder Temple, the Qi Feng Mountain and so on didn’t move. Many people laughed and said, “Some people will regret causing trouble.”
The crowd perfectly understood what was going on. Those who moved were giving face to Emperor Dong and the Qi Clan.
Even though everybody was smiling, they were ready to fight. Some emperors thought that by asking them to move, the Qi Clan was asking them to position themselves between the two sides.
“Your Highness The Messenger, I’m going to deal with this situation.” said Emperor Dong smiling at the Messenger again.
“No need to worry about me.” said the Messenger waving and smiling. Then, Emperor Dong stood up and walked to the middle of the floor. He was smiling, but he looked annoyed.
Emperor Dong smiled and then said, “Everybody, do as you wish!” Then he walked away with a sharp expression on his face!

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