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PMG Chapter 1478: The Fall of the Emperors

PMG Chapter 1478: The Fall of the Emperors

Emperor Yan was astonished. He wanted to leave using an empty space, but fissures appeared and blocked his way.

“You think you can leave?” asked the one who had just attacked Emperor Yan.

“Unfortunately, that pill is good, but nobody wants it. I’ll keep it for myself then.” said the old man with a hoarse voice.

The strong cultivator who had just attacked Emperor Yan with his Earthen territory released even more earth energies.

The energies crashed onto Emperor Yan again.

Lin Feng raised his head and suddenly saw destructive energies oppressing them.

Emperor Yu jumped in front of his disciples, then the Earth shook, and suddenly a lofty mountain appeared above Lin Feng and his fellow disciples. The Earthen territory crashed onto the mountain which slowly crackled and exploded. They were safe.

“Teacher!” shouted Fu Hei who was also injured.

Apart from that, the other members from the Imperial Assassin Union wanted to attack the emperors who had been attacked already.

One of them was terrifyingly strong and attacked the emperor from the Sunset Pavilion. He immediately killed him. He was also the first emperor to die.

“Emperors are dying!” the crowd watched as those lights killed their emperors.

“There’s a medium-level emperor and eight low-level emperors, as well as a dozen cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.” Emperor Yu glanced around.

At that moment, a dazzling light moved towards Emperor Yu. The medium-level emperor looked at Emperor Yu, Lin Feng and the others.

“Bzzz!” that strong cultivator jumped forwards and flew towards Emperor Yu.

Quickly though, Emperor Yu and the five others disappeared inside another mountain.

When Emperor Yu and the others disappeared, a golden man appeared instead. The medium-level emperor landed where Emperor Yu had been, and a large crater was formed after the attack.

“Where are you going!” shouted that cultivator glancing around. The ground exploded, and fissures appeared.

“Boom!” Ten thousand meters away, Emperor Yu, Lin Feng and the others reappeared. The medium-level emperor smiled coldly.

“Since you’re here, why hide!” said that medium-level emperor.

Buzzing sounds along with scorching white lights shot out. Those were sword lights, but because they moved so fast, they burnt in the air as they travelled.

“Hmph!” The medium-level emperor groaned coldly. Then a cage appeared in the air and blocked the sword.

Emperor Yu and the others appeared again, they weren’t that far away. Lin Feng glanced at the medium-level emperor, his heart was racing at full speed. Who were those assassins? Surprisingly, someone had blocked that terrifying assassin’s attack?

More cosmic energies flooded the area: illusion cosmic energies. The emperor from the Magic World Heavenly Palace had died!

“That’s the second emperor!” the crowd was astonished.

“Emperor Dong, you’re a medium-level emperor, even if you’re poisoned, you can still fight and kill low-level emperors. You organized this event, so why don’t you help us?” asked Emperor Yu.

“I’m sorry, if I attack, I won’t be able to protect Qi Yan!” reasoned Emperor Dong.

Suddenly, dazzling lights moved towards Emperor Dong. An assassin with a long sword was attacking Qi Yan.

“Slash…” Emperor Qi and Emperor Dong’s faces turned deathly pale as they shouted, “Try and dare!”

Nobody replied to them. Only sword and empty cosmic energies moved towards them.

“Break!” shouted Emperor Dong. Dazzling lights appeared and surrounded Qi Yan, but the lights broke as soon as the sword energies reached them.

“Boom boom!”

Qi Yan’s face was deathly pale. He wanted to move away but he was imprisoned. He was facing emperors, so he couldn’t do much.

“Break!” shouted Emperor Qi releasing golden empty space energies.

“How come Emperor Qi is not affected by the poison?” asked Emperor Yu at that moment. Emperor Qi suddenly looked petrified and surprised. At that moment, sword energies moved towards Emperor Qi at full speed.

Emperor Dong’s face suddenly changed. He disappeared and reappeared again above Qi Yan. He wanted to protect Qi Yan, however, the sword arrived at the same time.

“Why isn’t Emperor Dong using cosmic energies to deal with those low-level emperors?” said Emperor Yu. Emperor Dong looked nervous too. Then, sword energies penetrated Qi Yan’s throat.

“Is Qi Yan dead?” thought the crowd. What was going on? They had their doubts about the Qi Clan’s emperors but now Qi Yan was killed? Did this event really have nothing to do with the Qi Clan?

“Slash, slash…” terrifying strength invaded Qi Yan’s body and lacerated him completely. Flames of fury appeared in Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi’s eyes as they watched Qi Yan die.

After the two assassins killed Qi Yan, they disappeared and reappeared farther away again while releasing terrifying energies.

On the other side, cosmic energies appeared again. Another emperor died: the emperor from the Church of Desire.

In a short time, three emperors had died and Qi Yan.

Emperor Yan seemed like he was going to die too. Fu Hei was devastated, he didn’t know what to do. He felt powerless in front of all those assassination emperors.

The medium-level emperor was condensing thunder energies, and if he attacked, he could kill anyone. Luckily, so far, he was just observing.

“Kill them.” said the medium-level emperor pointing at Emperor Yu, Lin Feng and the others. Instantly, silhouettes moved towards them. Lin Feng and the others felt like they were going to suffocate.

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