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PMG Chapter 1479: Condensation of Strong Cultivators

PMG Chapter 1479: Condensation of Strong Cultivators

Now they were starting to kill emperors who hadn’t been attacked by surprise, such as Emperor Yu.

“Three emperors.” Emperor Yu looked worried. Three emperors were going for him. What a terrifying army. There were also two emperors standing idly who were ready to attack anyone with a moment’s notice.

“I would have never thought I’d die like this.” thought Emperor Yan.

Even though the enemies listened to the medium-level emperor and ran towards Emperor Yu, they already knew that they should attack him.

Who was behind all that?

“Hurry up.” said the medium-level emperor.

“Boom!” Emperor Yu jumped forwards and released a mountain attack. Then, Emperor Yu, Lin Feng and the others disappeared in the Earthen cosmic energies.

“Slash, slash…” the earth shook and broke. An emperor had attacked the mountain with sword energies.

The three emperors disappeared and flew inside the mountain.

“Break!” shouted Emperor Yu. He had reappeared again with an Earthen armor on. Lin Feng and the others were also wrapped up with Earthen energies.

“Illusion!” said someone suddenly. Illusional cosmic energies rose up in the air. Suddenly, Lin Feng realized his fellow disciples and teacher weren’t together anymore. They were in separate empty spaces.

“You two, fight against the emperor, I’ll go and fight the others.” said one of them. The two others moved towards Emperor Yu while that one went to Lin Feng and the others.

“Slash…” at that moment, a terrifying cosmic energy passed in front of him and he immediately stopped.

“Move!” shouted the medium-level emperor furiously. Then, the emperor continued running towards Lin Feng.

“Bzzz!” Oppressive energies surrounded Lin Feng. He had the impression he was going to choke to death. Even though he had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer, he couldn’t do anything against emperors. Even some emperors were dying around them.

That cultivator stretched out his hand towards Lin Feng while releasing some cosmic energies.


Lin Feng’s face turned deathly pale. He felt that he had no chance.

“No…” shouted Lin Feng while releasing demonic Qi. How could he die? When the cosmic energies were just about to kill him, suddenly, terrifying sword energies descended from the sky. Lin Feng sensed that the energies attacking him weakened and had disappeared.

“Who!” the one who wanted to kill Lin Feng looked furious. Who was helping Lin Feng?

In the distance, sword Qi appeared and whistled. It was an ancient sword Qi.

“Dong!” A metallic sound rung.

“Who’s that now?” thought the crowd. Everybody gazed into the distance.

“Dong!” another sound appeared as a silhouette appeared at the top of the stairs. It was an old man who had numerous wrinkles on his face. Although he looked old, his eyes look sharp. He slowly walked towards them.

“How strong!” thought the crowd. The one had tried to kill Lin Feng looked furious.

The medium-level emperor looked horrified.

“It’s him!” Emperor Qi’s facial expression changed drastically. The old man was getting nearer and nearer, his robe was fluttering in the wind. Even though he looked extremely old, he also looked incredibly powerful. Lin Feng recognized him because he had seen him before in Jiange, when he had taken Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword!

“It doesn’t have anything to do with you.” said the medium-level emperor to the old man.

“You went too far.” said the old man.

The medium-level emperor looked furious. However, at that moment, he seemed even more vigilant.

“Bzzz!” another silhouette appeared. That person looked terrifying as well.

“Another medium-level emperor!” the crowd was astonished.

“Brother, help me tidy up.” said the medium-level emperor smiling in a cold way.

“Alright!” said the person in a hoarse voice who had just appeared. However, at that moment, more and more people appeared. They were all wearing plaited bamboo hats and nobody could see their faces.

“You’re too impatient.” said a cultivator with a plaited bamboo hat. Half of his body was covered by his hat.

“Watchers, eighteen of them!” the crowd was amazed.

Lin Feng was surprised but smiled and thought, “It seems like my way of thinking was too simplistic. Anyone can wear a plaited bamboo hat, so there’s no limit to the number of Watchers.”

The assassins looked furious.

“The Watcher’s Father!” the medium-level emperor looked at the cultivator wearing a plaited bamboo hat who had appeared in the sky. Then he said, “Get ready!”

“How else should we defeat you?” said the Watchers’ Father indifferently. He then shook his hand and suddenly dazzling arrows appeared in all the Watchers’ hands. They were aiming at the strong cultivators from the Imperial Assassin Union.

That person didn’t reply. The medium-level emperor who had appeared in the distance looked at the old man. There were four medium-level emperors, two vs. two.

“I hope you won’t get involved.” said that cultivator to the old man.

“I came to protect some people. I don’t care about the rest.” said the old man calmly and indifferently.

“Thank you, Your Excellency.” said that person calmly. Then he said to the Watchers’ Father, “I have even more emperors.”

“Did you think that the emperors of the Ba Huang Province and Jiu You can be killed so easily?” said the Watcher’s Father. The Watchers and the members of the Imperial Assassin Union were starting to argue.

“Argh…” a gigantic stick blotted out the sky and a gigantic black silhouette was holding it. The wooden stick moved towards an assassin. That person wanted to dodge the attack but failed. He was immediately crushed to death.

“What a terrifying strength!” thought the crowd. That was the Great Ape Emperor.

“Why don’t you attack? Are you waiting to die?” asked the Great Ape Emperor trying to wake some people up.

Many emperors started releasing their energies. They felt a little bit more relieved as the Watchers were there to help.

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