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PMG Chapter 148: The Furious Teacher

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The student remained motionless. At that moment, he felt extremely ashamed especially the people who were passing outside Lin Feng’s living quarters at the time had seen him being humiliated.

He had thought that he could behave rudely because the teacher had sent him but in the end he was humiliated and forced to wait outside.

Lin Feng already knew that the student had come because of the issue at the Prisoner Arena.

Lin Feng knew that sooner or later, the people from the Prisoner Arena would come to look for him.

Lin Feng went back into his room and put on his chang pao and then he moved towards the door.

The noise of a door being opened spread to Lin Feng’s ears.

“Wait, wait.” said a cold and indifferent voice. It was Meng Qing who had opened the door.

“What’s wrong?” said Lin Feng while turning around. Meng Qing had already put on her fine veil which was covering her face. She was slowly walking towards him.

“I should always be with you when you go outside.” said Meng Qing which made Lin Feng smile wryly but he had a warmth fill his heart.

“Alright.” said Lin Feng while nodding. She was worried about his safety but she would never say it.

They both left the living quarters and closed the door behind them.

The student looked at Lin Feng and Meng Qing and said: “what about the two slaves?”

“Bring us outside.” said Lin Feng with such a strict tone that the student didn’t dare say anything back.

On the way, everybody was pointing at the student while laughing which made him feel more and more ashamed.

At that moment, there was a multitude of people who had gathered outside of the palace. The middle aged man in blue clothes was standing before a group of people while looking majestic.

“He came! Lin Feng came!”

At that moment, the crowd saw Lin Feng slowly come out from inside the palace.

Next to Lin Feng was a gorgeous young girl. Even though she looked graceful, delicate and innocent, a strange Qi was emerging from her beautiful body.

However, two people were missing. The two slaves weren’t there at all.

The teacher in black robes looked at the student he had sent to look for Lin Feng and asked him: “What’s going on?”

The student scratched his head and didn’t dare to reply.

“Piece of trash. Not capable of doing a simple thing.” said the teacher in black robes. He then looked at Lin Feng and asked: “Did you cause trouble at the Prisoner Arena and then kidnap two slaves and bring them into the academy?”

“I did cause trouble at the Prisoner Arena but I didn’t kidnap two slaves, I only brought back my two friends.” said Lin Feng while looking at the teacher in black robes. Only because he had said the word “slave”, Lin Feng felt disgusted.

“Slaves are slaves! And they are your friends?! .. How am I supposed to allow slaves to enter into the academy?” said the teacher in black clothes coldly not caring about Lin Feng’s face.

“Well then, teacher, I would like to ask you about what makes a person a slave? What does it mean to be a slave?”

“A slave is someone who had been marked as someone’s property. Because they are marked they are forever a slave.” replied the teacher.

“Well then, teacher, I have another question for you. There is a slave in front of you now, how come you have let him into the academy?” said Lin Feng coldly.

“Huh?” The crowd was surprised. Lin Feng was really audacious to talk that way to the teacher.

The teacher in black robes was perplexed and asked Lin Feng: “Where do you see a slave?!”

“Hm.” Lin Feng smiled and pointed at the golden masked person standing behind the man in blue clothes. He then said: “Make him take off his mask and you will find a slave.”

The golden masked young man was Bai Ze. How could Lin Feng not recognize him?

“I see that this is how the Celestial Academy works, people are not respected and students are not taught discipline.” said the man in blue clothes.

The teacher in black robes suddenly had an ice cold expression on his face. How could Lin Feng make him lose face?

“I told you to bring out the two slaves, did you not hear me?” said the teacher in black robes while fixedly staring at Lin Feng. A strong Qi was emerging from his body. He looked extremely strict.

Lin Feng was surprised and then smiled: “Having such teachers is a disgrace for the Celestial Academy. These people come and cause trouble yet the only people you blame are your own students. You make all the members of the academy, lose face. If you dare to try and punish me, it will affect the reputation of our academy… and it will mean that you are nothing more than the Bai Clans little dog.” said Lin Feng coldly.

“PSSSSHHHHH….” a strong Qi emerged from the teacher in black robes. The entire atmosphere was filled with a deadly Qi. How could Lin Feng dare to humiliate him in front of so many people? Did he want to die?

“Do you want to die?!” furiously shouted the teacher.

“Die? I don’t want to die this young.” replied Lin Feng coldly. He immediately took out a card from his pocket. Everybody was surprised.

“I don’t have to respect the rules of the Celestial Academy because on the registration day when I came here, I already met a teacher who was a real bastard, but when I met the vice-principal, he was nice enough to invite me to enjoy all the benefits of the academy without any obligations. He also said that I could bring anyone to the academy. On that day, I wouldn’t have thought that I would meet such a crappy teacher so soon. It is rare to find someone who would act like the little lap dog for outsiders. You are a great humiliation for the Celestial Academy and all of its members.” said Lin Feng coldly.

The whole crowd was stupefied. The vice-principal himself had invited Lin Feng to join the academy without having any obligations. No wonder he brought people in without any restrictions.

The teacher in black robes was astonished. That card was really a privilege card delivered by the vice-principal himself.

“He just humiliated me, how can I regain my face now? Nobody will ever respect me again.” thought the teacher in black robes. The expression in his eyes was incredibly sharp.

“It is the first time that I have heard that someone can obtain a privilege card without being a student at the academy.” said teacher.

He then shouted: “How audacious, Lin Feng. You dared steal that card from the vice-principal! Today, I will deliver your punishment on behalf of the vice-principal.”

“Steal??” Lin Feng was astonished. He even saw that the crowd was nodding showing that they believed him. Lin Feng was speechless.

“Are you a moron? Do you know how strong the vice-principal is, how could I even steal that card from him?” Lin Feng was sneering at the teacher. The teacher seemed determined to harass Lin Feng in anyway possible.

“You’re good at manipulating people but it will not work with me. If you think that you get away that easily then keep dreaming.” said the teacher strictly.

Strong force and Qi was emerging from his body and he rushed straight towards Lin Feng. He had moved rapidly because he couldn’t let Lin Feng continue to speak. It was unbearable for him and every sentence was making him lose face.

Lin Feng was in grave danger. He had made the teacher furious from disrespecting him.

At that moment, Lin Feng looked indifferent. Behind him, a graceful silhouette immediately moved in front of him.

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