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PMG Chapter 1480: Flinching!

PMG Chapter 1480: Flinching!

“Save me!” shouted a voice. People turned around and saw Emperor Si Kong being attacked by two assassins. He had already lost an arm and was bleeding profusely.

The Watchers’ Father glanced at that, but he seemed pensive.

“Emperor Si Kong is friends with Emperor Qi and Emperor Dong, so why don’t you help him!” said Emperor Wen suddenly.

But the Wen Clan wasn’t friends with the Si Kong Clan and the Qi Clan, Emperor Wen didn’t actually hope someone would save Emperor Si Kong.

“The Si Kong Clan has a medium-level emperor, why doesn’t he come out?” asked someone else. The crowd frowned. It was the emperor who hadn’t shown up yet, the one who had attacked the emperors with the Imperial Assassin Union. He was blocking the other medium-level emperor and preventing him from attacking.

“Slash, slash…” deadly energies sealed the space. However, that medium-level emperor still didn’t appear.

A horrible shriek sounded as Emperor Si Kong lost another arm. Two assassins from the Imperial Assassin Union were oppressing him and were attacking him relentlessly.

“Who are you?” asked Emperor Si Kong furiously. He released empty space cosmic energies with his eyes, but the two assassins entered another empty space and released their own cosmic energies.

Someone else was in an even more difficult situation than Emperor Si Kong, it was Emperor Yan. He had almost disappeared completely. Emperor Deva-Mara and a Watcher were blocking the cultivators who were attacking him, but he was disappearing in a fire.

“Fu Hei, come here!” said Emperor Yan to Fu Hei.

“Teacher!” Fu Hei’s eyes were bloodshot. Emperor Yan was burning too intensely so Fu Hei couldn’t get near.

“After I die, you will manage the Fire Mountain.” said Emperor Yan. Fu Hei nodded, his face was deathly pale. He looked devastated.

“He can’t receive all your fire cosmic energy alone, much of it will spill over and go to waste. Give some to him and he will avenge you.” said the old man next to Lin Feng, pointing at Lin Feng.

Emperor Yan slowly turned around and glanced at the old man and then at Lin Feng and nodded, “Alright, Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi’s disciple is an incredible genius. You’re right.”

Then cosmic energies moved from Emperor Yan’s body and two lights appeared.

One light moved towards Lin Feng and one towards Fu Hei, instantly penetrating their bodies. The terrifying cosmic energies suddenly made their blood boil.

“Fire!” Lin Feng sensed the energies overwhelm him. He was worried that he was going to burn to death. Unfortunately, he wasn’t an emperor, so it was difficult for him to assimilate those energies.

“Emperor Yan is dying, and he can transmit these energies only when he is dying. Don’t waste them, cleanse your body with them.” said the old man to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded and closed his eyes while sensing the pure cosmic energies.

Lin Feng had cleansed his body with many sorts of energies before. His fire energies were becoming even stronger. Unknowingly, his body started burning. Fu Hei was the same. Behind Fu Hei, a fire silhouette appeared which looked like a fire spirit.

Fu Hei apparently had a celestial fire body type.

“No…” at that moment, a voice resonated in the air. A sword pierced through Emperor Si Kong’s head and his head exploded. His cosmic energies turned into a light which dashed to the skies.

“Emperor Si Kong is dead too!” the crowd was astonished.

The Imperial Assassin Union was finally losing the advantage. Those who weren’t emperors died quickly. Even though the emperors were poisoned, they could easily kill people who weren’t at the emperor level. Concerning the two strong cultivators who had just killed Emperor Si Kong, they were now moving towards Emperor Qi.

“Help me kill them!” shouted Emperor Qi.

“I told Emperor Dong to help the other emperors, but he didn’t. So why would we help you.” said Emperor Yu while fighting against another emperor. Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi looked devastated.

“Let’s forget about our conflicts and help each other!” shouted Emperor Dan. He wanted to join hands with Yu and Emperor Qi to fight off the assassins.

“Emperor Qi and Emperor Dong are my enemies, surprisingly, you want to help them. Besides, it seems like the two Qi emperors are not that affected by the poison. I believe that you joined hands with them and created the poison!” said Emperor Yu.

Had the assassins joined hands with Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi? Had Emperor Dan made the poison?

Many emperors thought that way at that moment, but why had the assassins killed Qi Yan then? And why had they killed Emperor Si Kong, Emperor Qi’s friend? Now, they were going to attack Emperor Qi too. Was that the price to pay for a dodgy alliance?

The battle was insane. The two medium-level emperors were fighting against the two other medium-level emperors. A medium-level emperor from the Imperial Assassin Union was about to die. The other medium-level emperor was fighting against the Watchers’ Father.

“Escape!” finally, the medium-level emperor shouted furiously. The members from the Imperial Assassin Union started running away.

The assassins had failed and were now running away.

The Watchers and the emperors didn’t chase them too closely. The assassins from the Imperial Assassin Union were incredibly strong, so they couldn’t be underestimated even whilst running.

The two low-level emperors were still fighting against Emperor Qi, they were adamant about killing him.

“Haven’t you heard!” said one of the medium-level emperors. The two cultivators then moved away at full speed.

“We’ll meet again!” said the two medium-level emperors while rising in the air. They hadn’t killed the Watchers’ Father and the medium-level emperor who had been hiding.

Emperor Yan was dead too. Lin Feng and Fu Hei opened their eyes and looked at the corpses. They both looked extremely sad.

“Don’t be too sad, Emperor Yan is not completely dead.” said Emperor Yu. Emperors could make their godly awareness disperse if they weren’t completely dead.

Lin Feng was surprised but came back to his senses. However, to recover his current strength, Emperor Yan would need a very long time. Yan Di was a perfect example of such a case.

“It’s a pity that we can’t destroy them!” said Lin Feng looking at the assassins from the Imperial Assassin Union run away.

“Even at the same level, it’s difficult to kill them.” said Emperor Yu indifferently. Lin Feng still didn’t know how to differentiate emperors in terms of cultivation level!

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