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PMG Chapter 1481: Complex Situation

PMG Chapter 1481: Complex Situation

The crowd looked around as the Watchers’ silhouette flickered.

“Everybody, you saw how evil the Imperial Assassin Union is. They want to take over the Ba Huang Province and Jiu You.” said the Watchers’ Father before adding, “Five emperors died today, amongst them, the emperors of the Church of Desire, the Sunset Pavilion, the Magic World Heavenly Palace, and the Fire Mountain are four influential imperial groups. They no longer have emperors to protect themselves. I know that many of you will try to attack the Imperial Assassin’s Union for revenge, but I must warn you, if you attack, or if you join hands with the Imperial Assassin Union to attack these wounded groups, you may regret it.”

Everybody was surprised. Those who had lost their emperors were also moved. The Watchers’ Father was telling them that he was going to protect them for a while and that they had to break through to the Huang Qi layer if they didn’t want their groups to fall and disappear.

“Besides, the emperors from the Qi Feng Mountain and the Island of the Thunderbirds also got severely injured and need time to recover. If anyone attacks them, they’ll be considered a part of the Imperial Assassin Union’s accomplices.” added the Watchers’ Father in a cold way. The Imperial Assassin Union wanted to take control of Ba Huang and Jiu You, which was unforgivable.

“The situation in Ba Huang and Jiu You is dangerous. The Imperial Assassin Union used their full strength to attack today. I hope that all the emperors can cooperate and fight against this common enemy. I’m off now. See you.” then the Watchers’ Father’s silhouette flickered, and he left with all the other Watchers.

“The Watchers have existed for a long time. The emperors have no choice but to join hands and work together with the Watchers for now. With the Imperial Assassin Union so active, there might be another catastrophe.” said the old man next to Lin Feng after everybody left. He coughed and put his hand in front of his mouth, but Lin Feng still saw that he was coughing up blood.

“Master, you’re sick and yet, you still came to protect us younger people. I will never forget that.” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng had always known that he was an amazing cultivator. Whether he was Emperor Wu Tian Jian or not, it wasn’t important, he was a sick emperor now.

The old man shook his head and smiled, “Back then, the Watchers’ Father protected me too. I didn’t come for only you today.”

Lin Feng nodded. When the old man was younger, the Imperial Assassin Union and the Watchers had already existed.

“I’m going now.” said the old man nodding at Lin Feng. Then he turned around and left.

After that, people started leaving. The wedding ceremony had no point anymore because Qi Yan was dead.

Xue Bi Yao looked confused. That was her wedding but Qi Yan was dead. She wasn’t sad at all though, it was as if a stranger had died. Even if she had become amnesic, she should have been saddened by Qi Yan’s death.

“Boom!” at that moment, some extremely powerful Qi filled the air.

“A medium-level emperor’s Qi!” thought the crowd. They saw a silhouette approach Emperor Si Kong. He was looking at Emperor Si Kong, then he exploded Emperor Si Kong’s head, and his soul dispersed. Now he would never be able to come back to life.

“The medium-level emperor from the Si Kong Clan has arrived.” thought the crowd. That was probably the Si Kong Clan’s medium-level emperor.

“The Imperial Assassin Union seems to hate the Si Kong Clan and the Qi Clan. They killed Emperor Si Kong, Qi Yan and they wanted to kill Emperor Qi.” said Emperor Dong. He looked at Emperor Wen and said, “You prevented people from protecting Emperor Si Kong when the Imperial Assassin Union attacked him. What is that supposed to mean?”

“Are you trying to insinuate that the Wen Clan and the Imperial Assassin Union joined hands?” said Emperor Wen smiling in a cold way. “Don’t forget that you organized the banquet, and that all the emperors were poisoned besides you. You could have done more but you didn’t.”

“The Imperial Assassin Union killed Qi Yan!” shouted Emperor Dong furiously.

“It doesn’t mean that the Qi Clan has nothing to do with them.” said Emperor Wen in a cold way.

“Hmph!” Emperor Dong looked upset, “The banquet is over. You can all leave.”

What was supposed to be a happy event had turned into a tragedy. Emperor Dong was furious as he glanced at Emperor Wen, Emperor Yu, Lin Feng and the others.

“We’ve all been poisoned here in the Qi Empire and now you’re asking us to leave? How shameless.” said Emperor Wen smiling coldly. He looked at Xue Bi Yao and said, “Xue Bi Yao, you heard what the Qi Clan said. Emperor Yu and I have the same thought, you’ve been fooled. The one who treated you badly is now dead, so you should leave.”

“Boom!” Emperor Dong released a terrifying Qi.

“Emperor Dong, you’re a medium-level emperor but you didn’t even protect Qi Yan.” shouted Emperor Wen extremely loudly. Everybody looked at Emperor Dong, so he recalled his Qi and said coldly, “You’re very insolent. Qi Yan died and you continue humiliating my family, you even humiliate Qi Yan who is dead. Let the dead rest in peace.”

“Everybody knows that we don’t like each other. I can humiliate your dead son if I want to. I’m in your empire now, so if you want to kill me, go ahead.” said Emperor Wen. He was seemingly infuriating Emperor Dong on purpose.

Emperor Dong looked furious but didn’t attack, “Get the hell out of my empire!”

“Don’t forget that you invited everybody here. We are still not cured of our poison. And now you want us to leave? You’re ridiculous.” said Emperor Wen. Then, he looked at Xue Bi Yao and said, “Xue Bi Yao, even though you’re amnesic, you can still make your own choices. Your teacher got close to the Qi Clan, and now you’ve become their tool. Your teacher didn’t describe the relationship you have with Lin Feng properly. If you go to the Ba Huang Province and ask people, they will tell you the truth and you will realize your teacher’s lies.”

Xue Bi Yao looked surprised. Indeed, people in Ba Huang would tell her the truth.

“Ba Yao, do you trust your teacher or other people?” said Emperor Dan indifferently.

Xue Bi Yao remained silent for a few second and finally shook her head, “Teacher, I need time to think. I need some time alone, so I’m going.”

Then, Xue Bi Yao’s silhouette flickered, and she left. Emperor Dan was surprised and glanced at Emperor Wen in a cold way.

“Everybody, Emperor Dong has things to do too. We shouldn’t disturb him any longer. The effects of the poison are slowly dispersing. Of course, we still can’t afford to be careless.” said Emperor Wen. Then he waved at Emperor Yu.

“Emperors from the Deva-Mara Palace, of the Six Desires, of Qi Feng, let’s go together.” said Emperor Yu.

“It would be a great pleasure.” said Emperor Deva-Mara. The other emperors didn’t refuse either.

“Let’s go.” said Emperor Yu to Lin Feng and the others. Then, they left.
After a long time, the Messenger and the young men also left. The scene was chaotic. Many tables, glasses, and plates were broken. Food and alcohol lay wasted on the ground. Emperor Dong was clenching his fists. Emperor Qi and the medium-level emperor from the Si Kong Clan were standing next to him.

“Bzzz!” suddenly, a silhouette descended from the sky. That person looked like Emperor Dong.

“What’s going on here?” asked the emperor from the Si Kong Clan angrily.

“There are two people we can’t find.” said that person.

“Those who killed my son and Qi Yan?” asked the emperor from the Si Kong Clan furiously.

The other one nodded and clenched his fists too.

“Ridiculous. The two Zun cultivators became emperors, you know that.” said the emperor from the Si Kong Clan coldly.

“We couldn’t do anything. Do you think they would have listened to me if I had told them not to kill Qi Yan and your people?” he explained. The emperor of the Si Kong Clan continued looking at him in a cold way.

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