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PMG Chapter 1482: Making Lin Feng Stronger

PMG Chapter 1482: Making Lin Feng Stronger

Clouds were rolling in the sky as Emperor Yu was in front of Lin Feng and the others.

Emperor Yu, Emperor Wen, Emperor Deva-Mara and the others had made an alliance and were becoming good friends. The Six Desires empress had gotten involved when the Qi Clan was trying to kill Meng Qing at the meeting of the emperors and then emperor Qi Feng was injured and was moved after Emperor Yu and the others agreed to stay with him.

“Emperor Yu, are you sure that Xue Bi Yao’s memories haven’t been sealed or injured?” the emperors were talking about Xue Bi Yao’s condition.

“Without a doubt. Even if a medium-level emperor had sealed her memories, I would feel a special strength in her godly awareness.” said Emperor Yu calmly.

Emperor Wen remained silent for a few seconds, he seemed perplexed. He whispered, “No wonder that she’s losing her memories.”

“I’ve heard about a special skill which is related to memory. Those who practice it use it to forget everything except cultivation, that way, they focus solely on cultivation.” said Emperor Wen.

“There are many strange things in the world of cultivation.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling over at Lin Feng.

“Xue Bi Yao is a strong cultivator. If she studies rare skills, she could become extremely strong. No wonder the Qi Clan thought highly of her and wanted her to marry Qi Yan.”

“Now Qi Yan is dead and Xue Bi Yao is alone. It would be sad if she ended up alone. Little Tian, I’m old too now. You should go and find Xue Bi Yao. She could stay with you and travel with you.” said Emperor Wen smiling at Wen Tian Ge.

“Eh…” Wen Tian Ge smiled wryly.

The other emperors also looked at their disciples. Emperor Deva-Mara smiled and said, “We all have some girls and boy, they should make friends with each other. They’re all outstanding.”

“Good idea.” said Emperor Wen smiling. Three girls were there: Yi Ren Lei, Feng Xuan and Feng Ling. They were all extremely beautiful.

“If they wish. I don’t mind.” said Emperor Qi Feng looking at Feng Ling and Feng Xuan. The Qi Feng Mountain was a bit weak and Emperor Qi Feng was injured, so he was happy to have better relations with the others.

“Teacher, I will stay with you.” said Feng Ling to Emperor Qi Feng. Emperor Qi Feng looked old and tired, he even had wrinkles now.

“Little girl, you’re growing up so you need a good family.” said Emperor Qi Feng while caressing Feng Ling’s head.

“Little Xuan, you tell us whom you like and we’ll arrange everything.” said Emperor Qi Feng looking at Feng Xuan and smiling.

Feng Xuan looked at the young men around her and shook her head, “Teacher, I don’t want to think about those things.”

“Silly girl!” said Emperor Qi Feng shaking his head and smiling.

“Yi Ren Lei, whom do you like?” asked Emperor Wen to Yi Ren Lei. Yi Ren Lei knew the Kamadhatu – the Six Heavens of Desire and Passion skill, if she married a young man from his clan, the young man could only benefit from it.

Yi Ren Lei’s teacher shook her head and smiled, “She already has a man, I hope you’re not too disappointed.”

She couldn’t help but glance at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was embarrassed and glanced over at Yi Ren Lei as well.

Yi Ren Lei smiled and bowed before Emperor Wen, “Don’t blame me.”

“Haha, I see. I wonder whom you like? He must be outstanding.” asked Emperor Wen.

“Master, I think he doesn’t want me to say his name. Sorry.” replied Yi Ren Lei. Emperor Wen was even more curious, but he just laughed and didn’t insist.

“Unfortunately. I wish you could join my clan.” said Emperor Wen shaking his head. He looked at Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue and said, “What about you? You’re both outstanding.”

“Many things have changed in Ba Huang. The road to the Holy City is open so you should practice cultivation, become stronger and then your chances of success will be higher.” said Emperor Yu smiling at them. Everybody nodded.

“Teacher, if we go to the Holy City while some of our emperors have become weak, what will happen?” asked Xiao Yu to Emperor Deva-Mara.

“Some people will eventually come back. Some people won’t go to the Holy City and will still become emperors. Everything is possible so don’t worry. Just take care of yourself.” replied Emperor Deva-Mara.

The continued traveling and left the Qi Empire.

“Everybody, we’re in the Tian Wen Empire, we’ll stay here for a few days. I should act as a host while we are here.” said Emperor Wen smiling. The Tian Wen Empire was where the medium-level emperor of the Wen Clan lived.

“Good. I didn’t have any plans. A holiday in the Tian Wen Empire sounds like a good idea. Thank you for your hospitality.” said Emperor Yu smiling. Tiantai had dispersed, so Emperor Yu could spend time anywhere.

“I have some things to do though. I’m off.”

Emperor Deva-Mara and the empress of the Six Desires didn’t want to stay, they wanted to go back to Ba Huang.

Everybody dispersed.

Two days later, in the mountain range of Tian Wen Empire, there were two silhouettes in a valley: Emperor Yu and Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin and the others were in the distance with Feng Ling and Feng Xuan.

“Lin Feng, Earth abstruse energy is extremely easy to study and understand because we’re almost always on the Earth. Sense the strength of the Earth, sense its vitality, its existence.” said Emperor Yu to Lin Feng who was seated before him cross-legged.

“Teacher, I understand the concept but actually understanding it is easier said than done.” replied Lin Feng.

“Alright, your feet must be in contact with the ground, I will teach you how to sense it.” said Emperor Yu calmly. Lin Feng nodded. Lin Feng put his feet on the ground and sensed the pulsations of the Earth.

After a short while, Lin Feng had a mysterious sensation, it was as if the Earth was alive and breathing.

Suddenly, Lin Feng sensed danger and moved back. Some sounds then came from the ground, and sharp energies seemed to be moving towards him.

“Bzzz!” After Lin Feng moved away, a fissure appeared where he was initially standing. It continued crackling under his feet and he moved away again. The sensation was becoming more intense. Dust rose up and gigantic craters and canyons appeared. Energies seemed to be gathering under his feet as Lin Feng moved faster and faster.

Lin Feng was moving around nervously. His perceptions became more acute the longer he avoided the attacks, but he had to be faster if he didn’t want to play the victim.

After a short time, the ground was riddled with gaping wounds. Lin Feng had dodged many attacks.

After seven days, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu still hadn’t stopped. Meteorites were now falling from the sky. The meteorites continued aiming for Lin Feng as the sky was completely distorted, making things look rather ominous.

“Sister, Emperor Yu is so kind to Lin Feng.” said Feng Ling smiling at Feng Xuan.

“Our teacher is like that too. We must become stronger and repay our teacher.” said Feng Xuan smiling at Feng Ling in a gentle way.

“Indeed!” said Feng Ling nodding. Then, she continued watching Emperor Yu teach Lin Feng cultivation principles. They could also learn by watching.

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