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PMG Chapter 1483: Celestial Walls Manor

PMG Chapter 1483: Celestial Walls Manor

Three months later, Lin Feng was still in that mountain range, now sitting cross-legged and focusing. He wasn’t fighting against the Earth anymore, but he could still sense its every single pulsation. It was as if he had become part of the Earth.

“Pfew…” Lin Feng took a deep breath and stood up. He started walking and energies rolled in waves around him. Canyons appeared under his feet. With the power of his thoughts, Lin Feng carved a gigantic word in the ground in the form of canyons, “EARTH”.

“Earth energies are robust and imposing.” whispered Lin Feng. He had a yellow Earthy aura at that moment which looked like an armor. However, when he thought about something else, the armor disappeared.

“Not bad, in three months, my Earth abstruse energy is already level eight. Now I need to catch up with my fire abstruse energy.” thought Lin Feng. He glanced at Emperor Yu in the distance and smiled, “Teacher!”

“Very good. You will soon be going to the Holy City. I’ll take you somewhere else and then I think we can go back to Tianjing City and gather with your fellow disciples.” said Emperor Yu smiling. Then, he looked at Feng Ling and Feng Xuan, “Your teacher went back to the Qi Feng Mountain and asked me to take care of you, so you should come with Lin Feng and me.”

“Thank you, Emperor Yu!” they both replied politely.

“Let’s go.” they rose up in the air together. Hou Qing Lin and the others were gone already.

“Teacher, where are we going?” asked Lin Feng standing on a cloud.

“There is an ancient city in the Tian Wen Empire. There is a manor there, the owner is an incredibly strong yet discreet cultivation emperor. He doesn’t really care about worldly affairs. In his manor, there are walls which can help cultivators improve their understanding of the great force of the Earth and sky. The name of the place is the Celestial Walls Manor.” replied Emperor Yu.

The group of people traveled across the sky in a cloud. Even if people passed by, they wouldn’t see them.

Just like Emperor Yu had said, the Celestial Walls Manor was in a small ancient town, in a small country of the Tian Wen Empire.

After Emperor Yu and the others arrived in the small city, they realized that the people in the city had low cultivation levels. Most of them were Xuan level or Tian level cultivators, while Zun cultivators were extremely rare there.

“Sixth Zun Qi layer!” a group of young men looked at Lin Feng angrily and released their Qi in the distance.

They also noticed that the others were all quite strong. They couldn’t see how strong Emperor Yu was though.

“How come so many people come to the Celestial Walls Manor these days!” whispered the young man who had noticed them. Even though he whispered, Emperor Yu and the others heard him perfectly. Those people were locals, so they weren’t used to seeing so many strong cultivators.

“It’s the same every hundred years, people come here to study the strength of the Earth before going to the Holy City.” replied another one. Lin Feng was surprised, even though that place was secret, many people seemed to know about it.

After a short time, they arrived in front of the gate to a gigantic manor. Lin Feng could already sense its incredible energies. That place seemed like it was one with the Earth and sky.

“Lin Feng, we arrived. You go in alone and focus on studying the walls.” said Emperor Yu to Lin Feng and the others. Then, he disappeared.

“Let’s go in.” said Lin Feng to Feng Xuan and Feng Ling. They then entered the house, and nobody prevented them from entering.

They walked down the main alley and saw some people in front of them.

“My name is Lin Feng, I just came to the Celestial Walls Manor to observe the walls.” said Lin Feng. One of the young men smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Some people are already using them. Come back another day.”

“We came from very far away and we don’t have much time. If we need to pay anything, just tell us.” said Lin Feng politely. The Celestial Walls Manor was a place hidden by an emperor. Lin Feng was a guest, so he had to be polite.

“There’s no price. People can come, and we are happy to have guests. In normal circumstances, I would let you but today is really not a good time. It would be better if you waited for a few days. I can help you find a place to sleep, as well as food and drink.” said the young man politely. He was from the manor, so he had to be polite to guests.

Lin Feng looked disappointed. Was it not a convenient time?

“You’re lying.” said someone at that moment. A silhouette appeared outside the manor. It was a young man who was smiling in a cold way and had his arms crossed on his chest.

Lin Feng turned around and recognized that young man. He smiled and said, “Brother Xiao Yu!”

“Brother Lin, the Celestial Walls Manor was created by an incredibly strong cultivator. Anybody can come and use it as they wish. There’s no such thing as convenient or inconvenient times here. He’s lying to you.” said Xiao Yu indifferently. The young man’s facial expression suddenly changed as he glared at Xiao Yu.

“And you’re an evildoer!” said that young man.

Lin Feng frowned. Xiao Yu was right. Why did people from the small town want to prevent him from going? The one who had created that place had wished that anyone could use it.

“So you just don’t want me to go in?” said Lin Feng to the young man. He sounded angry. The young man initially sounded polite and courteous, so he believed him, but it seemed that Xiao Yu was right. What was going on?

“I said it’s not the right time so it’s not the right time. Leave now.” said the young man.

Lin Feng suddenly released sharp energies.

“Brother Xiao Yu, what’s going on?” asked Lin Feng.

“A month ago, some people came here. You know them already because they were at the banquet in the Qi Empire. The locals found them nice and agreed to prevent other people from observing the walls while they were here. Those people want to have the walls for themselves is all.” said Xiao Yu. Lin Feng immediately understood, “The Messenger and the others?”

“You’re very smart.” said Xiao Yu smiling.

“So they despise us?” said Lin Feng smiling coldly.

“Seems like it.” said Xiao Yu nodding and smiling.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the locals, “Does the creator of this place agree with you doing this?”

“The creator of this place is a hermit, he doesn’t know what’s going on here. He doesn’t manage this place every.” said Xiao Yu.

“Are you done talking?” asked the young man. “You’re right. Our teacher doesn’t manage this place, but we do. Thank you for leaving.” said the young man pointing at the exit.

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