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PMG Chapter 1486: Walls

PMG Chapter 1486: Walls

“It’s you!” whispered one of the young men. He had seen Lin Feng in the Qi Empire. Even though Lin Feng’s cultivation level was low, he was a terrifying cultivator. He had even killed a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer.

Lin Feng looked at them and knew that they were from the Holy City. Xiao Yu was right. People from the Celestial Walls Manor didn’t let anyone in because of them.

“Who is he?” asked the girl of the ninth Zun Qi layer glancing at Lin Feng. He didn’t have a high cultivation level but had managed to make it there. She knew that cultivation level and fighting abilities were two different things. She had said that she wanted nobody else there, but those people had managed to get in.

“Lin Feng, you must have heard about him before. He’s famous.” said that person to the girl while smiling.

“Lin Feng!” whispered a guy in purple clothes. “Lin Feng from the Ba Huang Province. He’s very famous, even abroad. Even in this small city we’ve heard about him. During the meeting of the emperors, he killed some of the emperors’ sons. He even killed some people from the Qi Clan in their own territory.”

“I’ve heard about him too. I wouldn’t have thought that he only had the strength of the sixth Zun Qi layer. Not bad.” said the girl nodding.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything and just calmly listened to them.

“He must have come for the walls. What do you intend to do?” asked one of the young men from the Holy City with a smile.

“What do you think I intend to do?” asked the beautiful girl.

“Brother Gu hasn’t shown up yet. Wait for him, he doesn’t like being disturbed by other people!” said that young man happily.

The beautiful girl nodded and said to Lin Feng, “You should come some other time. Now is not the right time.”

“Who is the owner of the Celestial Walls Manor?” asked Xiao Yu.

“My teacher.” said the beautiful girl indifferently.

“I think the rule is that anyone can come and use it though.” said Xiao Yu.

“Indeed.” said the girl nodding.

“Since it’s that way, we’re guests here. Why do you want to prevent us from coming?” said Xiao Yu.

“You’re weak outside and you’re weak in here.” said the beautiful girl to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was getting more furious. His eyes turned pitch-black. Lin Feng glanced at Xiao Yu and asked, “There’s a door over there. We just want to observe the walls, should we?”

“It seems like we should.” said Xiao Yu nodding.

“Since it’s that way, according to the rules, I can just go in and observe the walls.” said Lin Feng. Xiao Yu smiled indifferently and said, “Indeed.”

“So why do we waste time here talking to those useless people?” said Lin Feng. Then, he walked to the door and ignored them. Since those people despised him, he didn’t need to take what they said to heart. Why pay attention to them?

The group of people glanced at one another. Now they realized what it felt like to be humiliated, as they had humiliated those people before.

Even though Lin Feng was famous and had done many incredible things, they didn’t think they were any less than him. They practiced everyday. Usually, people who weren’t locals, at the same cultivation level, weren’t stronger than them and didn’t stand a chance while facing them. Those cultivators from the Holy City were different though.

Of course, they were just a small group of people from the Holy City. Not everyone in the Holy City was like them.

“Capture him!” said the beautiful girl. She suddenly seemed furious.

Someone stood up and ran towards Lin Feng while releasing force which surrounded Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng sensed a force which was multiplied by three-hundred times. He stopped because that force made it difficult to breathe. Xiao Yu released demonic Qi but didn’t look happy. That cultivator had the strength of the eighth Zun Qi layer and his force was multiplied by three hundred times, so he could oppress Lin Feng.

Feng Ling and Feng Xuan couldn’t breathe and were instantly propelled away violently.

Lin Feng took a step forwards and released sharp energies. He released cursing strength, and in a flash, the opponent’s body turned black and lifeless.

“Piss off!” Lin Feng jumped forwards and raised his fists. His opponent was suddenly much weaker because of the cursing energies. He used his Deadly Demon Punch and that cultivator was immediately thrown away. He looked surprised, he even felt like he was going to die.

Lin Feng glanced at him and continued walking forwards in a free and unrestrained way, as if he hadn’t made any effort to fight. Lin Feng’s cursing abstruse energy was level eight. Mixed with death abstruse energy, it was even more terrifying.

“Next time, I won’t be so merciful.” said Lin Feng indifferently. The strong cultivators looked at him angrily. He had just defeated a cultivator whose force was multiplied by three-hundred times.

“His death energy is terrifying. Even a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer can barely compete with him.” thought those people. They looked hesitant now. Lin Feng was already in front of the door.

“Bzzz!” The girl stood up, her silhouette flickered, and she was suddenly standing in front of Lin Feng. Her force surrounded his body, it was multiplied by five hundred times. With her strength of the ninth Zun Qi layer, she was even more terrifying.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously while releasing death and cursing energies. He stomped the ground and a huge fissure appeared. He then mixed death and sword energies and slashed the air in front him. At the same time, he also punched the door down. “Let’s go!”

Feng Ling, Feng Xuan and Xiao Yu followed. Lin Feng looked at those cultivators in a cold way. He shook his hands and sword energies moved towards them. Then, he crossed the door.

After he crossed the door, he sensed a force surround his body. He raised his head and looked at the walls. A special strength emerged from them which were actually marks capable of oppressing their bodies.

“What an incredible strength. Surprisingly, force can turn into something almost physical which we can study.” thought Lin Feng. Those walls were priceless. No wonder that people from the Holy City came all this way to study them.

As expected, someone was seated cross-legged. The walls were twinkling and the force was shining upon their body.

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