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PMG Chapter 1487: Talent

PMG Chapter 1487: Talent

“Kacha!” the door opened itself again. Lin Feng turned around and saw the beautiful girl. She was glaring at Lin Feng in a cold way, but she didn’t seem like she wanted to attack. She couldn’t attack there.

“Gu Li is still practicing cultivation. He’s been studying force for a month already. I wonder how strong he’s become.” thought the girl while looking at Gu Li. Then, she walked aside and sat down cross-legged as well.

Lin Feng glanced around. The force was illuminating everyone.

“The force here is multiplied by a hundred, so it can’t oppress me.” thought Lin Feng. Then, he looked at Feng Ling and Feng Xuan. It was difficult for them, but they also looked excited, especially Feng Ling.

“Understanding force here is a lot easier than trying outside.” thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng walked towards one of the eight walls. Then, suddenly, he couldn’t move any further.

“Multiplied by two hundred!” Lin Feng realized that each wall held a different strength.

Force surrounded Lin Feng’s body, making his muscles twitched. His blood started boiling as each part of his body was changing.

“Sister, I think my body won’t be able to endure it if I stay here too long. I could explode and die.” said Feng Ling to her sister. Lin Feng heard her and thought she was right. A force multiplied by two hundred was already too much for her.

“No wonder those people from the Celestial Walls Manor understand force so well.” thought Lin Feng. If Lin Feng hadn’t used his death cursing energies, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat that cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer. His force alone could oppress Lin Feng. The beautiful girl’s force was even more terrifying, coupled with the strength of the ninth Zun Qi layer, her force was already multiplied by five hundred times. Those people from the Celestial Walls Manor could take over Ba Huang if they wanted.

“What about the force in the center? How many times is it multiplied?” thought Lin Feng looking at the young man in the middle. Lin Feng had also seen that young man before. It was the one who hadn’t stood up when he raised his glass to Lin Feng.

“Three hundred times, I can handle that.” thought Lin Feng as he arrived in front of the third wall.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. He knew that he couldn’t spend too much time here, he would have to go back to Tianjing City at some point.

Xiao Yu, Feng Ling and Feng Xuan sat down too, but Feng Ling and Feng Xuan sat down in front of the first wall, while Xiao Yu sat in front of the second.

Time passed slowly. Lin Feng felt fine at the beginning but after two hours, his muscles and bones hurt.

After four hours, Lin Feng was sweating, and he was breathing quickly. Feng Ling and Feng Xuan felt the same even though they were only in front of the first wall.

Besides, Lin Feng’s body had been cleansed by the lights of the gate in Tiantai, so even if the force hurt, it was also beneficial. He was learning and studying it. A new kind of force had even appeared inside his body.

He was first oppressed, then he got used to it, then he blocked it and modified it and then he learnt how to use it. Gradually, Lin Feng adjusted to it.

In the end, he could inhale and exhale force.

Four hours had passed. In the outside world, he wouldn’t have such an opportunity in one month or even one year.

Lin Feng moved, his muscles cracked from the pressure.

“It helps to understand force, but it also helps me become stronger and it improves my physical body.” thought Lin Feng. He looked around and thought that the creator of those walls was incredible.

“I should be able to endure a force multiplied by four-hundred now.” thought Lin Feng. He walked towards the fourth wall, instantly, the force oppressed him again.

Lin Feng sat down and studied the force again, not wasting any time.

Five days later, Lin Feng walked towards the fifth wall.

Nine days later, Lin Feng walked towards the sixth wall, where force multiplied by six hundred. Lin Feng thought he was going to explode under that incredible pressure. This time, he spent six days in front of that wall to get used to it. On the seventh day, he walked to the seventh wall.

Lin Feng spent less time in front of the seventh wall though, only four days.

After the eighth wall, he made a circle around. He was not far from the first wall, but the force there was a lot stronger than the one on the first wall. The force was more powerful and Lin Feng’s understanding of force was becoming better.

In front of the seventh wall, the beautiful girl opened her eyes and saw Lin Feng. She looked furious.

Lin Feng only needed twenty days to study the force in that place. He was even faster than Gu Li.

“I wonder how strong his force has become.” thought the girl. Studying and enduring force were two different things. Lin Feng had only sensed the force, he had endured and understood it. However, it was impossible that his force had been multiplied by eight hundred times, otherwise, he would have left already.

The beautiful girl stood up and left. She had lived there for many years. Studying the force in there had become pointless for her, but for outsiders, it was a treasure.

The beautiful girl’s opinion about Lin Feng had changed. He was famous and even in the Celestial Walls Manor, he had proved how talented and gifted he was.

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