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PMG Chapter 1490: My Feet On Your Face!

PMG Chapter 1490: My Feet On Your Face!

“Top level abstruse energy, he also knows some incredible skills. Gold abstruse energy seems to be the same as golden-holy Qi.” thought Lin Feng, observing Zhou Tian Ruo. That armor wasn’t a holy weapon, it was formed from his own Qi.

Zhou Tian Ruo could easily defeat cultivators at the top of the ninth Zun Qi layer. But Lin Feng wasn’t a pushover.

“Come here!” shouted Zhou Tian Ruo while rising in the air. He was already ten thousand meters high in the sky. He rose up in the air because he was a guest and if they stayed too close to the ground, they would damage the Celestial Walls Manor.

Sharp lights emerged from Lin Feng’s eyes. The ground was shaking, and a furious ocean of energies had appeared in the sky. Even the force which had spilled out of the room was being pushed away and turning into smaller threads.

The two fighters hadn’t even punched each other, but their force and energies were already colliding.

“Slash…” millions of threads of golden energies invaded the sky. A sword made of golden holy Qi appeared in Zhou Tian Ruo’s hand.

“Die!” shouted Zhou Tian Ruo. His sword moved towards Lin Feng with incredible speed.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and a metallic ringing sound chimed. Lin Feng used his Deadly Demon Punch to block Zhou Tian Ruo’s sword.

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His demon cursing energies crashed onto Zhou Tian Ruo’s head. His soul and godly awareness kept shaking while the wind was whistling sharply.

Golden lights emerged from Zhou Tian Ruo’s third eye, they were dazzling like the sun. Lin Feng’s demon cursing energies made him feel horrified, so he used his godly awareness to block them. His golden holy sword moved forwards, but he kept getting pushed back. Lin Feng’s attacks were very powerful.

Zhou Tian Ruo looked at Lin Feng’s eyes and frowned. Lin Feng’s fighting abilities surpassed his expectations.

“His demonic Qi is terrifying and brutal.” thought the crowd. Both Zhou Tian Ruo and Lin Feng were excellent fighters. Lin Feng used force but Zhou Tian Ruo was able to oppress his force.

“Golden Holy Hand!” shouted Zhou Tian Ruo. Instantly, gigantic and golden holy hands appeared and moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng released sword energies which contained immortal energies in return.

“Lacerate!” shouted Zhou Tian Ruo extremely loudly. His golden sword energies lacerated the sky and neared Lin Feng.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His sword Qi was whistling. The golden energies and Lin Feng’s sword Qi collided, distorting the sky.

“Amongst Zun cultivators, they don’t have many enemies.” thought the crowd.

Rumbling sounds spread in the air as Lin Feng jumped forwards. He was surrounded by force.

Lin Feng was so fast. Several of his shadows appeared in the sky from just his speed alone.

“Holy marks!” thought the crowd. Rudimentary holy marks had appeared in Lin Feng’s silhouettes.

Zhou Tian Ruo condensed golden holy sword energies, but he felt oppressed. A gigantic hand appeared and descended from the sky towards him.

That was Lin Feng’s holy gigantic punch with abstruse energies condensed inside.

“Break!” Zhou Tian Ruo couldn’t dodge.

After blocking the attack, Zhou Tian Ruo looked even more desperate. He moved away and landed on a mountain.

Lin Feng didn’t look like he was struggling. He also jumped forwards and landed on the mountain. He raised his hands at the same time, as if he was condensing a mountain of energies.

Zhou Tian Ruo shouted furiously. A golden energy surrounded him and the mountain. He was trying to form a golden mountain to protect himself.

Cracks appeared, then metallic sounds rang.

At that moment, Zhou Tian Ruo closed his eyes and released as much golden holy energy as possible.

“This is a skill I created, I will show you! I call it Holy Sky Destruction!” said Zhou Tian Ruo.

The crowd on the ground gasped with amazement. Zhou Tian Ruo looked like a holy entity as he used that attack.

“Boom, boom, boom…” An energy as powerful as a mountain appeared in front of Lin Feng. A gigantic sword also appeared in front of Lin Feng. It didn’t contain any terrifying energies, but it contained pure aggressive energies as well as death and Earth Qi.

“Slash!” a fissure appeared in the sky as Zhou Tian Ruo himself turned into a holy light lacerating the sky.

Lin Feng jumped forwards. His own gigantic sword moved towards Zhou Tian Ruo.

“Boom!” People’s ears felt sore from the strident sounds. The swords met each other and Lin Feng punched Zhou Tian Ruo, causing his golden armor to crack.

Lin Feng continued running towards Zhou Tian Ruo and jumped on top of him. He crushed Zhou Tian Ruo with his feet and half of Zhou Tian Ruo was buried in a mountain.

“How scary.” thought the crowd. Zhou Tian Ruo had lost and Lin Feng had won by trampling him with his feet.

Zhou Tian Ruo looked furious. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng as he shouted, “I created the Holy Sky Destruction skill myself, how could I lose!? What kind of special power did you use!”

Lin Feng looked at him in a despising way and laughed, “Holy Sky Destruction?”

“All my attacks have a name because I created them all myself!” said Lin Feng in a disdainful way.

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