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PMG Chapter 1493: Yan Di

PMG Chapter 1493: Yan Di

“Fu Hei is practicing cultivation, so has he broken through to the Huang Qi layer?” thought some people, even though they knew that wasn’t possible. Fu Hei still had a long way to go before breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. But apart from Fu Hei, who in the Fire Mountain could break through to the Huang Qi layer?

“Could it be Yan Lie?” thought the crowd. Yan Lie was at the top of the Zun Qi layer, so it was probably him.

“No, he’s there!” some people saw Yan Lie in the crowd with them.

“Bzzz!” a terrifying ball of energy exploded, and a silhouette appeared. Emperor Dan arrived. People from the Fire Mountain hated him. Emperor Dan had dared come to the Fire Mountain because Emperor Yan had died.

“Who became an emperor? Please show yourself!” said Emperor Dan loudly. His voice caused the fire energies to move chaotically about. People from Fire Mountain were even more furious. Emperor Dan dared disturb someone who was breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. He was going too far.

Emperor Dan wanted to say something else but Lin Feng shouted, “Emperor Dan!”

Emperor Dan turned to Lin Feng and said coldly, “What do you want?”

“Emperor Dan, he’s breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, you need to wait until he’s done.” said Lin Feng.

Emperor Dan glared at Lin Feng in a cold way. Then, his Qi surrounded Lin Feng.

“Who the hell are you to tell me what I have to do?” a terrifying force made Lin Feng and everyone else around him start sweating.

“I’m not telling you what to do, Emperor Dan, it’s just that the situation in Ba Huang is unstable. Someone is breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, that’s one more person who’ll be able to protect us against the Imperial Assassin Union. We need such people now more than ever.” said Lin Feng. Even though he was being oppressed, his facial expression hadn’t change.

“Hmph! I’m happy too, of course! I came here as fast as I could, that proves how happy I am.” Emperor Dan retorted in a cold way. “However, you’re a young man and you caused trouble in the Qi Empire, we haven’t settled our accounts yet.”
“Hehe. Emperor Dan, even though you’re an emperor, you’re still attacking my disciple. We should settle accounts now.” said a voice at that moment. Lin Feng smiled and shouted, “Teacher!”

“Emperor Dan dares disturb someone who’s breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, that’s outrageous. Emperor Dan, does it mean you’re on the Imperial Assassin Union’s side?” asked someone else. It was Emperor Deva-Mara, he had also released Qi to oppress Emperor Dan.

“Emperor Dan’s excuse is ridiculous! He just came to disturb that cultivator!” said Emperor Wen as he arrived as well. The three emperors surrounded Emperor Dan and oppressed him.

“You’re trying to accuse me? Well, you’re joining hands to put pressure on me, that could also mean that you’re helping the Imperial Assassin Union.”

“We’re just considering facts. If you touch my disciple again, Emperor Shi and I will destroy the Celestial Land of Alchemists.” said Emperor Yu. Everybody was surprised at how aggressive Emperor Yu had become.

Besides, Tiantai had two emperors, so they had no reason to hesitate in destroying the Celestial Land of Alchemists if they bullied their disciples.

“Good, very good!” said Emperor Dan.

Emperor Yu didn’t look at him again. He looked at Feng Ling and Feng Xuan and said, “Your teacher asked me to take care of you. You don’t need to go back to the Qi Feng Mountain anymore, instead you can stay with me from now on.”

Feng Ling’s eyes twinkled. She wanted to say something but Feng Xuan talked first, “Thank you very much, Master Yu.”

Even though they wanted to go back to the Qi Feng Mountain to have a look, Emperor Yu was telling them not to, which meant he knew it was better not to.

“Don’t be too sad. Practice cultivation as hard as you can, and you will be able to avenge your teacher’s death someday.” said Emperor Yu. Feng Ling and Feng Xuan agreed with that.

More and more people arrived. Emperor Qi, Emperor Tian Long, Emperor Xiao Yao and the others all arrived. Emperor Dan, Emperor Qi and Emperor Tian Long stayed grouped together. Emperor Si Kong wasn’t there anymore because he was dead. Emperor Si Kong had died, so now Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Qi had Emperor Dan on their side.
The cosmic energy was gradually weakening, and the fire was becoming even more terrifying. Very soon after, the new emperor appeared. Ba Huang hadn’t had any new emperors for hundreds of years now.
At that moment, from inside the fire, some black threads appeared.

“Eh?” the crowd was surprised. That cultivator wasn’t a cultivator from the Fire Mountain?

Lin Feng suddenly smiled, he looked happy. He knew that would happen, he had even guessed so. That guy had disappeared for so long, so he had been hiding in Fire Mountain all along!

“Finally, he broke through to the Huang Qi layer!” thought Lin Feng smiling happily. Fire continued rolling in waves like a furious ocean. A silhouette appeared, that cultivator was seated cross-legged on a pitch-black demon lotus.

He had a Taoist robe on, and he had the demeanor of a transcendent being.

“Fu Hei is there too!” thought the crowd. Next to the Taoist monk, there was a dark young man who was also on a lotus. They looked very close.

But when the Taoist monk opened his eyes, he didn’t have the demeanor of a transcendent being anymore. He frowned and narrowed his eyes. He looked fierce and ferocious.

Many emperors instantly released a terrifying Qi at him. People were caught off-guard, what was going on?

Emperor Peng, Emperor Qi, Emperor Xiao Yao, Emperor Tian Long… a few emperors looked at that cultivator in a cold way. Emperor Wen was also glaring at him as he shouted furiously, “That’s that bastard!”

When Lin Feng heard Emperor Wen shout like that, he was suddenly soaked in a cold sweat. That guy had offended eight emperors in Xue Yue after all. Even though some of the emperors had died, some of those who were still alive were in front of him.

“Who is the bastard who dared disturb me, a Great Emperor, while I was becoming an emperor?” People were speechless. That Taoist monk narrowed his eyes and shouted furiously. And on top of that he called himself a Great Emperor who had become an emperor!

“How arrogant. A new and ordinary emperor actually dares call himself a Great Emperor.” Emperor Dan smiled coldly.

“You bastard, you should remember what you did in Xue Yue!” said Emperor Peng. He threw himself at Yan Di.

“You dared fool emperors and now you actually show your face again!?” said Emperor Qi.

“Damn Taoist monk. You finally showed up!” yelled Emperor Tian Long.

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