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PMG Chapter 1494: Arrogance

PMG Chapter 1494: Arrogance

Everybody knew about the monk who had fooled emperors in Xue Yue but apart from people who had seen it with their own eyes, many people were skeptical but now they had the proof it wasn’t a mere legend.

“That guy is brave.” thought many people. Yan Di was just seated on his demon lotus and looked indifferent. He didn’t fear the other emperors at all.

“What is it? Do you want to settle accounts now?” said Yan Di smiling. “I’ve become an emperor, so I’m in a very good mood. Piss off, all of you. Don’t disturb me while my cultivation is stabilizing.” said Yan Di while waving at those people indifferently. He called all those emperors a bunch of insects?

“Oh my…” thought Lin Feng speechless. Yan Di was insane.

Everybody was astonished, even the people from Fire Mountain. Even though he wasn’t from Fire Mountain, he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer in Fire Mountain. Besides, he was a fire cultivator, and Fu Hei and him seemed close. If he took control over Fire Mountain, it would ease a lot of their concerns.

“How insane!” thought Emperor Wen speechless. That damn monk!

“Emperor Wen!” said Lin Feng at that moment. Emperor Wen looked at Lin Feng.

“Mister, that’s just his temperament. He offended you back then, but please don’t be angry, he’s one of my best friends. Please forgive him.” said Lin Feng smiling wryly while using telepathy. Emperor Wen was speechless after he heard Lin Feng, one of Lin Feng’s best friends?

“Back then, in Fortune City, the Diviner said his purpose in life was to protect me. Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue would recognize him. I’m not lying.” said Lin Feng when he saw Emperor Wen’s eyes looking doubtful.

After a few seconds, Emperor Wen smiled and said, “Alright, since it’s that way, I won’t annoy him. Your friend is a wryly one!”

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng.

Emperor Wen forgave Yan Di because they had an alliance, and now that Yan Di was an emperor, that was one more added to their alliance.

Emperor Peng, Emperor Qi, Emperor Tian Long and the others weren’t going to forgive him though. They were furious, their energies were getting colder and colder.

“You’re very ignorant!” yelled Emperor Qi.

Emperor Peng released golden energies which surrounded his body like an armor.

“A little bird dares act arrogantly in front of me! Good, I needed a bird to ride. Come here, I’ll take you as a pet!” said Yan Di indifferently, looking at Emperor Peng. He sounded very amused. Emperor Peng looked incredibly furious, perhaps the most upset he had ever been. Dazzling golden lights illuminated the sky as he opened his wings, which were hundreds of meters wide.

“Die!” shouted Emperor Peng. A golden light shot out towards Yan Di suddenly and black fissures appeared. A strong wind started blowing, forcing the crowd to move away.

“Go!” said Yan Di. Yan Di and Fu Hei quickly moved away.

“Boom boom!” Terrifying flames made Fire Mountains start shaking violently.

Everyone ran back as fast as they could. Even the emperors were stupefied. Emperor Peng had disappeared in those energies.

“Caw!” Emperor Peng shouted, but the crowd still couldn’t see him though.

“He’s insane…” thought Lin Feng. He had almost forgotten how crazy Yan Di was. He had known Yan Di for a long time, but he still didn’t know all his secrets or how strong he really was.

Terrifying sounds were followed by an eerie silence. The fire finally dispersed and Emperor Peng appeared again. However, the crowd was astonished by what they saw.

Emperor Peng’s armor was broken, and he was soaked in blood. Blood was dripping from the sky. Even his wings had lost a lot of their luster.

Emperor Peng’s defense was the best in Ba Huang and now, one attack had sufficed to gravely injure him.

The scene was incredible, Emperor Peng seemed lost as he glanced around. Yan Di appeared again in the sky above Emperor Peng and said, “What a pity, I wanted to eat some roasted great oriental greenfinch roc, that would have been tasty.”

“Caw!” Emperor Peng felt incredibly humiliated. He continued releasing gold cosmic energy, as what seemed like a million sharp golden arrows appeared around him.

Yan Di performed a knifehand strike in the sky and a hole appeared. All the golden arrows effortlessly flew into that hole and disappeared.

“That’s…” Emperor Wen was astonished and speechless. Who was that guy? How could he be friends with Lin Feng?!

“Come and fight!” shouted Emperor Peng furiously.

“Hmph! If he comes out, he’ll just die! He’s only hiding now!” said Emperor Dan mockingly.

“You little piece of trash, if you continue, I will kill you. I will then abandon your miserable body in the Fire Mountains!” said Yan Di whilst glancing at Emperor Dan. He didn’t want to fight against Yan Di. He just wanted to infuriate him some.

Emperor Dan remained silent. Then Yan Di said, “You useless piece of trash. You’re such a bad cultivator yet you dare open your filthy mouth in front of me. If I were you, I wouldn’t have come here, you’re only humiliating yourself.”

“Pfew…” Emperor Dan took a deep breath.

“And you, you’re Emperor Qi? I heard that you like bullying young people. I’ve just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, so I’m not used to it yet. Do you accept fighting against me to help me learn about this new cultivation level?” said Yan Di to Emperor Qi.

“I’ll help you!” shouted Emperor Peng in a cold way.

“It’s not your turn yet. All of you, we will see if you’re just trashy emperors or if you’re strong. If you’re not strong, piss off! From now on, Fire Mountain is my territory.” said Yan Di aggressively.

Then, he looked at Emperor Qi again and said, “Open your mouth and talk! I fooled you in the past, now I’m here, so you can get your revenge. If you don’t fight, you’ll only lose face. If that’s the case, you and the pieces of trash next to you can piss off! Otherwise, I’ll slap your faces silly!”

Emperor Qi was furious. If he refused to battle, he’d lose a lot of face.

“Let’s fight.” said Emperor Qi looking serious. Yan Di just smiled and said, “Since you want to settle accounts with me, just come one after the other. Of course, if you want to join hands and fight against me, I don’t mind.”

“He’s really shameless!” thought Lin Feng rolling his eyes. That guy was insane. Together? If he really didn’t mind them joining hands, he wouldn’t have said it. Instead, he would have attacked immediately, and they would have counterattacked altogether. Now that he had said that though, the emperors couldn’t join hands, otherwise, they’d lose face regardless.

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