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PMG Chapter 1496: This World

PMG Chapter 1496: This World

Yan Di was very strong, he controlled holy marks, cosmic energies, skills and techniques which were all incredible. He had even oppressed Emperor Peng.

“Piss off now! Do you need me to kick you out?” said Yan Di to Emperor Qi and the others in a cold way.

“Hehe, congratulations for taking control over Fire Mountain.” said many people before leaving. Very quickly, most everyone dispersed. Even though Emperor Qi was furious, he knew he couldn’t defeat Yan Di. After breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, nobody had ever humiliated or even injured Emperor Peng.

“Emperor, do you intend to stay here?” asked Lin Feng to Yan Di. After all the emperors left, only the people from Fire Mountain, Emperor Yu and the others remained.

“Do you want to stay here too? I can teach you more about fire cultivation.” said Yan Di. Even though he was a great emperor from the previous world, he had come back to life using only a small thread of consciousness, and now he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer. He still needed to stabilize his cultivation. Otherwise, he would have easily killed the roc.

“I’ll come back another time. You should make your cultivation more stable in the meantime.” said Lin Feng smiling. He understood what he meant.

“Teacher, where are you going?” asked Lin Feng to Emperor Yu.

“I’m going to take them to the Qi Feng Mountain. Lin Feng, don’t forget our meeting in the western part of Ba Huang in one month.” said Emperor Yu indifferently. Feng Ling and Feng Xuan were touched by Emperor Yu’s words.

“Let’s go.” said Emperor Yu. Then, he left. Emperor Deva-Mara looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “You should become stronger too, and once you become an emperor, don’t forget our deal!”

Then, Emperor Deva-Mara glanced at Yan Di in a deep and meaningful way and left.

After they left, Lin Feng went to the mountain. Bathing in flames, he said, “Emperor, I have a question.”

“Go ahead.” replied Yan Di.

“Why do energies pierce the sky once a cultivator breaks through to the Huang Qi layer?” asked Lin Feng.
“Lin Feng, you should know some things now. I’m going to take you somewhere.” said Yan Di as he grabbed Lin Feng’s arm. Then, they flew up into the air.

They pierced through the clouds and Lin Feng sensed a strength which oppressed him. He couldn’t see the ground anymore. He had never been that high up in the sky.

Yan Di continued pulling Lin Feng higher into the sky. Were they going to reach space?

Finally, in front of Lin Feng, the limit of the sky appeared.

“Do you understand now?” asked Yan Di.

Lin Feng stretched his hand and touched the limit, it was palpable. They could touch the sky with their hands. The sky had a limit!

In Lin Feng’s previous world, the sky didn’t have a physical barrier, but in the cultivation world, it did.

Most cultivators couldn’t go that high in the sky. Without Yan Di, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to go that high up either.

“Do you understand why cosmic energy pierce through the sky? Do you understand why peerless cultivators hide all the time? Do you understand why there are no great emperors in this world?” asked Yan Di. Lin Feng’s heart was pounding, he was astonished. He tried to calm down. He had guessed several of those things before.

“The sky is not the only thing which has a limit, Ba Huang and Jiu You do too. And nobody knows where the Holy City is because it’s in another world.” said Yan Di solemnly.

“The world in which you live is like the world in which I was sealed. It’s a world which was perfectly made.” explained Yan Di.

He had thought that in Emperor Yu’s small world, after he had seen the people who lived there. They didn’t know that their world was a small world until Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Qi attacked. Lin Feng felt so sad for those people, but he imagined how he would have reacted if he had been them.

Lin Feng remained pensive for a long time. There were many mysteries in the cultivation world. What about the Holy City? What about the ancient battlefield in the Huang Sea? What about Fortune City and the twelve shrines? Who were those people who had appeared in the shrines? Lin Feng guessed that many people he had seen in those shrines had lived in other worlds, just like him.

“Of course, that world exists on its own now. It has existed for such a long time. It almost doesn’t have limits. It’s like people and animals who live in other worlds, unless you’re very strong, you can’t know it. For ordinary people, living in a small world or in a real world is the same. And strong cultivators who know about that don’t talk about it, otherwise ordinary people would panic.” said Yan Di.

“Then, there must be many, many small worlds? Could it be that the Holy City is a great world? The center of the worlds?” asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed. You will realize how big the world is only after you go to the Holy City. There are many strong cultivators there who have lived for thousands, even dozens of thousands of years. The history of the world is a part of their memories. The strongest ones all have small worlds. They can even create small worlds with their own rules. You can imagine how many small worlds there must be in the cultivation world!” said Yan Di.

Lin Feng recalled the twelve shrines, then he suddenly understood that those people were just like him, they were geniuses from the other small worlds.

The young man who had a king’s body, the ice and frost dragon, the mysterious girl in black, Lin Feng remembered them all. They would probably all go to the Holy City like him and the other geniuses from Ba Huang and Jiu You.

“Someday, I will go to that place and will see countless incredible cultivators. I will also have memories which will date back thousands of years. Someday, I will be a part of those cultivators whom everybody has heard of.” thought Lin Feng.

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