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PMG Chapter 1497: Tiantai’s Direct Disciples

PMG Chapter 1497: Tiantai’s Direct Disciples

Suddenly, Lin Feng understood a lot more. The geniuses from the twelve shrines were geniuses from the other small worlds. He also recalled what Xiao Ya had told him. The Holy City was a different world because it was actually the real world. He also remembered that the three-lives demon emperor had disappeared because he had left that small world. He had probably pierced through its barriers and left.

However, he now had millions of questions again. What was the thing which had pierced through the sky when he had opened the three lives scriptures. Why did cosmic energies pierce through the sky when people broke through to the Huang Qi layer? Were there somethings only emperors could understand?

Yan Di tapped Lin Feng’s shoulders and smiled, “Let’s go down.”

Lin Feng nodded. After a short time, they arrived on Fire Mountain again.

“Lin Feng, even though you’ve never seen the great world, I’m here and I will not disappoint you. I will take you to that great world at some point.” said Yan Di solemnly.

“You should practice cultivation diligently and become stronger. Otherwise, I will soon catch up with you and you won’t be happy.” said Lin Feng teasingly. Yan Di looked at Lin Feng angrily. Back then, he was only a thread of consciousness, it would still be very difficult for him to become as strong as when he was a great emperor.

“I’m going.” said Lin Feng, and then he left looking both confident and at ease. With Yan Di in Fire Mountain, Lin Feng didn’t need to worry. He also didn’t worry about Yan Di’s safety. If the Imperial Assassin Union came to Fire Mountain, Yan Di would just kill them all.

Lin Feng left Fire Mountain and headed towards western Ba Huang. He didn’t travel via portal, he still had plenty of time with twenty days left, so he didn’t need to rush. He had to spend some time relaxing. Even though he knew he needed to kill many people to become stronger, sometimes, he needed time to think. He needed time for himself.

Five days later, on the border between southern and western Ba Huang, there was a wonderful landscape which possessed more beauty than one could possibly take in.

Lin Feng was lying on a small boat, sunbathing. Some people were playing music in the background.

“Biyun lake, birds singing on trees, beautiful landscapes, why don’t you sit down to enjoy it?” said the boatman while smiling at Lin Feng.

“Beautiful landscapes, lakes and mountains, they’re not mine, so why would I watch?” said Lin Feng with his hands on his chest. He then laughed and said, “Why are there so many beautiful women playing music here?”

“You’re an incredible person but there are still some things you don’t know. The islands of the Biyun lake are places where people like to trade. Each island belongs to a powerful group, and those musicians are from those groups. They welcome hosts.” said the boatman smiling. Lin Feng smiled indifferently but didn’t ask much more. He enjoyed the peace and tranquility.

After Lin Feng learnt that his world was a small world, his perspectives changed. He felt indifferent.

The boat moved across the lake. Lin Feng listened to the music, some beautiful women danced on the islands as he passed them.

Ten days later, a silhouette ran through the forests, tossing leaves around.

Half a month later, in a small village, a baby was crying. A young woman took the baby in her arms and breastfed it before it stopped crying. She was resting at the foot of a tree. It was cool outside like an autumn setting. Not far from the tree, there was a handsome young man with an ancient sword resting on his back. He was smiling back at her.

The young girl looked surprised but then she looked happy. The sun was shining on her face.

After a short time, she turned her head and there was another young man.

Twenty days later, in an ancient city, a young man in white clothes was sitting on the ground in front of a very ancient building. He was looking up at the sun with his arms crossed on his chest.

Why were there stars? Why was there a sun in that small world?

When breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, a cultivator condensed cosmic energies. Just what kind of energies were cosmic energies?

Lin Feng was asking himself questions about life, but he had to stop thinking after a while to relax.

It was sunset, and Lin Feng was still sitting there. It became dark outside, and sometimes, people passed in front of him, but it all felt like a dream.

When the sun rose again the next day, Lin Feng stood up and went to the city center. Sometimes, he passed next to some people fighting, and watched the blood splashed, but he didn’t seem interested nor surprised. He was just a guest in that city, not a savior. He couldn’t care about everyone. He wasn’t a kindhearted god, he was a killer.

Maybe someday, he would make his own world, and then he would try to make that a perfect world.


Gu Long City was the closest city to the Tian Long’s Mountain Chain. It was one of Tian Long Divine Castle’s most influential cities.

At that moment, a young man in white clothes was walking around in the ancient city. He looked relaxed.

He was walking slowly, but people thought they were hallucinating when they saw him. He walked slowly, but at the same time, he quickly disappeared from their fields of vision.

“I can bet that he’s a genius from Ba Huang.” said someone in a restaurant while looking out of the window.

“Possibly. Who do you think he is?” said his interlocutor.

“He has an ancient sword on his back and he is wearing white clothes, so it must be Lin Feng.” whispered that person. The people on his sides looked at him, “Lin Feng!” The direction in which he was walking was towards Tian Long Divine Castle!

Was Lin Feng going to Tian Long Divine Castle?

Lin Feng stopped and glanced around, “Where are the others?” Are they here already?”

At that moment, a dozen fissures appeared.

“Haha, you’re punctual, Lin Feng.” said Xing Zhan while jumping out of a fissure. His other disciples also jumped out of the fissures. Apart from Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin, ten disciples had arrived.

“Brothers, you’ve become stronger.” said Lin Feng smiling. “When is our teacher coming?”

“Lin Feng, our teacher is waiting for us in Tian Long Divine Castle.” said Tian Chi smiling. Lin Feng was astonished, Tian Long Divine Castle?

Lin Feng gazed into the distance where he could see Tian Long Divine Castle.

“A year ago, Tian Long Divine Castle, the Qing Clan and the Si Kong Clan attacked Tiantai. Then, Ruo Xie, Lin Feng and Qing Tian went to the Qi Clan and killed a lot of people. Now, we’re all going to attack Tian Long Divine Castle.” said Tian Chi smiling. Then, he immediately jumped up into the air.

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      Xue Yue is not a small world.
      Think of it this way: Lin Fengs world is where Ba Huang and Jiu You is located. They would be like North and South America. Just like continents they have countries and other lesser states. But in this PseudoEarth there are also smaller worlds. So they live in a small worlds filled with pocket worlds created by Emperors who lived in either from the same world or another world. Inception.

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        Xue yue is small world. The real world is holy city. Remember when 3 lives emperor broke the seal? Lin feng said he leave the small world and pierce through the barrier in the sky. He is sealed in death valley in gan yu region.

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      Yan Di meant that the world LF was living in is actually a small world creates by someone and holy city is a whole different world

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    What do others think?

    • Wan Shi Tong May 30, 2018 at 4:54 pm - Reply

      It’s also likely that each world has the 12 shrines, and they are position-linked through cosmic energies. If you enter World #14’s Demon Shrine, you go to the same place as every other world’s people who enter their Demon Shrine.

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