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PMG Chapter 1498: Tian Long Divine Castle’s Judgement Day

PMG Chapter 1498: Tian Long Divine Castle’s Judgement Day

Tian Long Divine Castle’s territory was very vast. Each building was ancient and had the shape of a dragon.

At that moment, a silhouette appeared. That person was wearing a blue robe and he looked indifferent.

Many people looked at him, but they didn’t recognize him. However, they could see that he was extraordinary. Some people did recognize him and were shaking.

“Emperor Yu!” People started talking all over Tian Long Divine Castle’s territory. Emperor Yu shook his hand and suddenly, gigantic Earthy mountains fell from the sky. Tian Long Divine Castle had existed for thousands of years, but nobody had ever dared come to their territory without permission.

Even though many buildings exploded, nobody died. Emperor Yu was an emperor, so he respected Ba Huang’s rules and controlled himself.

“Emperor Yu!” Suddenly, the sound of dragons chanting thundered. A silhouette rose up in the air. That person was wearing dragon armor. Apart from Emperor Tian Long, who could compete with Emperor Yu?

Emperor Yu looked indifferent. He punched the air in Emperor Tian Long’s direction. Then, they both jumped into an empty space.

They didn’t need to talk. Since Emperor Yu had come, they had to fight. They couldn’t fight outside, otherwise, all the cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle would die.

“Emperors are fighting!” thought the crowd.

“There…” the crowd saw several silhouettes descend from the sky

“Buddha lights, golden lights, Tian Chi!”

“White clothes, ancient sword, Lin Feng!”

“The direct disciples from Tiantai are invading Tian Long Divine Castle!” thought the crowd. Only now did they understand what was going on.

Tiantai has come to their revenge.

Last time, the Qi Clan, the Si Kong Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle had gone to Tiantai. There they had killed many people. Then, Lin Feng and Ruo Xie had killed people in the Qi Clan. This time, Tiantai had come to attack Tian Long Divine Castle. It was even more terrifying.

“Fight.” shouted someone whose voice also carried dragon chants. Tian Long Divine Castle’s people knew what was going on, so they didn’t need to talk.

A gigantic Buddha appeared behind Tianchi. That gigantic Buddha seemed like it could crush the world.

A gigantic Buddha also appeared near Ban Ruo, and he used the Vairocana sword to attack.

Xing Zhan shouted furiously, and his fierce energies filled the sky.

Ku Can released a terrifying desiccated tree.

Li Hen played music. Mo Qing Tian used his star book and created a star sword.

Wu Yong released a gigantic hand. Ruo Xie used a desolation sword attack.

Lin Feng unsheathed his Tian Ji Sword and released thunderous energies.

The ten direct disciples of Tiantai all attacked at the same time. The space around them became completely distorted. Those who were in a crowd started running away chaotically, they wanted to survive. Many people couldn’t escape though and were bombarded by the attacks.

“Turn into dragons and kill them!” said the crown prince of Tian Long when he saw them. His eyes were bloodshot, but he looked a bit scared though. During the meeting of the emperors, the disciples of Tiantai had shown how strong they were. Now, a long time had passed since the meeting of the emperors and they had probably become even stronger.

Those direct disciples were terrifying people and Hou Qing Lin wasn’t there. Amongst the nine princes of Tian Long Divine Castle, Lin Feng had killed seven of them. Only the crown prince and his brother were left.

The strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle all turned into dragons. The crown prince already knew that they couldn’t defeat Tiantai, but he still had to try.

The Tian Long scepter appeared in his hand. Then the crown prince shouted furiously and threw himself at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and moved like the wind. Then black fissures appeared where the scepter was. The crown prince was at the very top of the Zun Qi layer now, coupled with the Tian Long scepter which was an imperial weapon, his strength was astonishing.

“Ban Ruo, Ku Can, Li Hen, follow me, we’ll fight the crown prince. Xing Zhan, Qing Tian, Wu Yong, Mu Bei, you deal with the other prince. Lin Feng and Ruo Xie, you slaughter people!” said Tian Chi.

Lin Feng and Ruo Xie had already joined hands and killed people from the Qi Clan, so if it had worked then, it would work now!

“Alright.” said Lin Feng. He didn’t mind. He had spent a month relaxing, so he was past-due for a bloodbath.
“Slash, slash…” someone wanted to get near them, but Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword lacerated them both and they died.

“Boom!” A terrifying light moved towards those fighting against the princes, however, Lin Feng used his Deadly Demon Punch and destroyed them immediately. Then, Lin Feng landed in front of someone.

“Long time no see!” said Lin Feng smiling thinly. He was standing in front of Jing Gu. He had seen him outside of Tian Yuan City, where he had tried to kill him. Lin Feng would always remember him.

Jing Gu was not happy to see him. Back then, Lin Feng was weaker than him. Now, he smiled with delight in front of him.

Lin Feng raised his hands and condensed demonic energies, at the same time, he also condensed a force which was multiplied by six-hundred times his strength. His energies oppressed Jing Gu.

“Dong!” Lin Feng took a step forwards, forcing Jing Gu to take a step backwards, his face turned deathly pale.

Jing Gu’s blood was boiling as he slowly turned into a demon. Lin Feng smiled coldly and took another step forward. Then Lin Feng condensed his force in his hands.

“Argh…” Jing Gu shouted furiously and raised his dragon fists, using his full strength with his first attack. Explosions sounded and then two holes appeared in Jing Gu’s body. Each of them were filled with demonic energies. His face was deathly pale, even his hands had disappeared.

How weak.” Lin Feng turned around and continued killing people. Then, Jing Gu’s body slowly turned black and then to dust.

Lin Feng continued using his Deadly Demon Punch and nobody could withstand a single attack. He killed everyone in his way.

People in the distance were incredulous, Tian Long Divine Castle was doomed!

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