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PMG Chapter 1500: Surrounded

PMG Chapter 1500: Surrounded

The Tian Long scepter appeared, and Emperor Yu grabbed it. That was an imperial weapon, so he couldn’t waste it.

“Die!” shouted Emperor Tian Long as went insane. He released crazy amounts of cosmic energies. However, at that moment, he didn’t have time to finish condensing his energies before Emperor Wen’s attack reached him. Emperor Wen had already condensed two sorts of cosmic energies, energies from the Earth and sky, as well as empty space cosmic energies.

“Kaboom!” two fists collided and terrifying fissures appeared in the sky. Emperor Wen’s Earth and sky cosmic energies continued moving forwards.

“Emperor Tian Long!” said the second prince. Emperor Yu released a gigantic hand which moved towards the second prince. That was Emperor Tian Long’s last living son.

Emperor Tian Long was devastated again. He wanted to cry and shout in furry. A horrible shriek sounded, and blood gushed. The second prince’s body exploded after Emperor Yu crushed him to death.

“Emperor Tian Long will go insane.” thought the crowd. Tian Long Divine Castle’s nine princes had all died now.

“Die!” shouted Emperor Tian Long furiously. “Die, kill them all!” shouted a voice. That voice resonated far off into the distance.

From the distance, a gloomy dark silhouette stepped out from a castle. If you hadn’t seen them yourself, you wouldn’t even know that they were there.

“Who are they?” thought the crowd. Tian Long Divine Castle had hidden cultivators? He had shouted for help because he had no other choice.

“They look like assassins from the… Imperial Assassin Union!” thought some people.

Emperor Wen and Emperor Yu looked at them and then smiled coldly.

“How do you explain that?” asked Emperor Wen.

“Emperor Wen, I guarantee you that you will regret what you did today.” said Emperor Tian Long while staring at Emperor Wen. Then, he looked at Emperor Yu and Tiantai’s people, “You will all die! Kill them!”

The people in black clothes didn’t make any sounds as they attacked.

“Your opponent is me!” said Emperor Yu, releasing Qi. A strong cultivator in black clothes, who was also an emperor, moved towards Emperor Yu.

Lin Feng saw someone heading towards him. He suddenly took out his Tian Ji sword and his eyes turned pitch-black.

“How cold.” thought that cultivator. The one in front of him started shaking, but then he shouted and ran forwards again.

“Eh? How cold!” thought Lin Feng in return. He released more sword Qi and slashed his sword in front of him.

“Cosmic strength!” thought Lin Feng. That person wasn’t an emperor, otherwise he would have borrowed the force of the Earth and sky. However, he could already control cosmic energies. When a cultivator’s force was multiplied by a thousand, he could also control cosmic energies. It was due to the changes which occurred in the physical body.

Back in the Qi Empire, some cultivators who had attacked them by surprise also used cosmic energies even though they weren’t emperors. They had gone abroad before coming back to kill their teachers.

Lin Feng used his force which was multiplied by six-hundred and slowed down his opponent. Lin Feng condensed sword energies in both hands as well as immortal energy.

“Boom boom!” thunder blasted, and a gigantic canyon appeared in the ground. Waves of sword energies flowed, looking almost gentle. It was the duality of things: everything had two sides, life and death, yin and yang.

“Boom!” Lin Feng’s sword energies were destroyed by the cosmic energies though. Even though Lin Feng’s sword attack was powerful, it still couldn’t compete with cosmic energies.

“I still can’t fight against cosmic energies.” thought Lin Feng. Then, he moved like the wind and turned into a shadow.

“Where are you going?” shouted that cultivator in a cold way. He performed a knife-hand strike in the sky and a celestial river moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng coughed blood after it hit him.

Cosmic strength was terrifying. Because his opponent hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet, his cosmic energies were weaker. Otherwise, Lin Feng wouldn’t have just coughed blood.

Even amongst emperors, some of them were better than others at controlling cosmic energies.

Terrifying energies surrounded Lin Feng again. His opponent was condensing cosmic energies again. Even emperors had been injured in the Qi Empire after their disciples had attacked them by surprise. Lin Feng was in mortal danger now.

Lin Feng wanted to escape but everything around him had turned into a gigantic lake. It was as if Lin Feng was going to drown in it.

“Slash…” An arrow streaked across the sky. That person sensed how dangerous the arrow was, but it was too late. It lacerated the lake’s cosmic energies and pierced through that cultivator’s head, killing him instantly.

Lin Feng was a meter away, he was soaked, his muscles hurt.

Ruo Xie went through the same thing. Someone saved him at the last second, arrows killing those who wanted to kill him.

Lin Feng raised his head and saw the Watchers. The one who looked the most heroic was standing in the middle. He looked stronger than the others for it was the Watchers’ Father.

After Emperor Tian Long saw the Watchers’ Father and the Watchers, his facial expression changed drastically. What was going on? He hadn’t expected them to show up. Had Emperor Yu planned it all? Did he really want to wipe Tian Long Divine Castle off the map for real?

When he looked at Emperor Yu, Emperor Yu was already looking at him mockingly with the largest of grins!

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