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PMG Chapter 1503: The Holy City’s Disciples

PMG Chapter 1503: The Holy City’s Disciples

Xuri City, millions of years ago, used to be the most beautiful city in the eastern part of Ba Huang. In the last thousands of years, the Qi Clan played an important role in Xuri City’s success.

Tian Long Divine Castle had been annihilated seven days ago, everybody knew in Ba Huang had heard the news now. Surprisingly, Tian Long Divine Castle was a part of the Imperial Assassin Union, of course, even more astonishing was that Tiantai and the Watchers had joined hands to eradicate Tian Long Divine Castle from Ba Huang.

Emperor Tian Long had lost his sons, his disciples, his territory, everything he had created. Only corpses and wrecked buildings were left of his former headquarters.

In Xuri City, there was a tea house where people drank the best varieties of teas and shared opinions on cultivation. People there were educated and knew a lot about current affairs. At that moment, less than ten people were sitting in a circle, while other people who were outside of the circle didn’t dare get close.

Those people in the center had done incredible things, even erudite elders didn’t dare disturb those young men.

“The one sitting on the western side is Xia Tian Fan, he defeated many geniuses from Ba Huang. He even defeated Wen Tian Ge in a single attack.” whispered someone was pointing at one of the young men.

“Xia Tian Fan is strong, but his cultivation level is not that high. He has only broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer. You see that one in golden clothes? His name is Zhou Tian Ruo, he’s broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer and he killed a young man from the Feng Clan recently because of something he had said. Then he destroyed the Feng Clan. Even the Qi Clan told him they hoped he could be merciful, but he didn’t care.” said someone else to his friend.

Indeed, three days before, people had heard that the Feng Clan, a clan which was neither too strong nor too weak, had been destroyed completely. A young man of the Feng Clan had infuriated Zhou Tian Ruo and Zhou Tian Ruo had annihilated them to the last person. The elders of the Clan had sought Zhou Tian Ruo to get their revenge and the result was just as tragic. Even the Qi Clan couldn’t do anything against it.

After that, everybody in Xuri City knew how strong Zhou Tian Ruo was.

“That one there must be Gu Li. He’s friends with Zhou Tian Ruo. Zhou Tian Ruo talks to him in a polite way, which means that Zhou Tian Ruo must be weaker than Gu Li.”

“Brother, we’ve been here for a while, but there isn’t a single genius here.” said a young man who had a feather fan and a silk kerchief.

“There are many people who have an undeserved reputation here, but there are some real geniuses. I fought against Kong Ming from the Celestial Thunder Temple and lost.” said Xia Tian Fan calmly. Many people were astonished. Xia Tian Fan and Kong Ming had fought, and Xia Tian Fan lost? Nobody had heard about that! Kong Ming was discreet, so he wasn’t like most people who liked to show off.

Xia Tian Fan was very humble too, he wasn’t conceited in the slightest.

“Also, Wen Tian Ge and Si Kong Xiao are extraordinary cultivators too.” said Xia Tian Fan looking pensive. Even though he had defeated them, he still admitted they were talented and strong. Besides, he knew he had grown up in a better environment with more cultivation resources, so there was no reason to compare himself with them.

People from Ba Huang Province didn’t have access to as many cultivation resources as those young men. Those young men had come to that world to practice cultivation, that’s all. They were avid travelers who had been to many small worlds already and would go to many more. They were only interested in seeing how strong people were in the different worlds.

“Jun Mo Xi would be stronger than me if he had the same cultivation level as me.” said another young man smiling thinly. It was a young man in blue clothes. He was smiling in a gentle way and looked easy to get along with.

“Jun Mo Xi has the legendary imperial immortal body. The emperor of the palace of the immortals also transmitted knowledge to him, so it’s no wonder that he’s talented.” said the others around nodding.

In the crowd outside the circle, Lin Feng was eavesdropping. He had come to that tea house to see if he’d hear any interesting news before he found out that a meeting was going on.

“Mo Peng from the Bestial Imperial Palace has a great oriental greenfinch roc body.” said someone else.

“Bei Yan Yun from the Celestial Walls Manor has broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer and her force is multiplied by five hundred already. She’s also very strong.” said Zhou Tian Ruo indifferently. Many people look skeptical. Bei Yan Yun from the Celestial Walls Manor?

Many people didn’t know about the Celestial Walls Manor!

Gu Li smiled indifferently. Zhou Tian Ruo talked about Bei Yan Yun but hadn’t talk about Lin Feng!

“I heard that the twelve direct disciples of Tiantai are monstrous geniuses, unfortunately, Tiantai has disappeared and its disciples have joined other groups. Otherwise, we would have met them and we could have exchanged views on cultivation with them.”

“Indeed, there must be some incredible cultivators from Jiu You that we haven’t seen either. There are also outstanding geniuses from Tiantai. Mu Chen is a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer. Hou Qing Lin controls reincarnation energy. Tian Chi is an incredible Buddhist cultivator and there’s also Lin Feng, he’s extremely aggressive and famous. I wonder if they deserve their reputation.”

“I think Brother Zhou already knows about that.” said one of the young men looking at Zhou Tian Ruo and smiling in a deep and meaningful way.

“I don’t know what you mean.” said Zhou Tian Ruo looking back at that young man. He was trying to control himself.

“I heard that Brother Gu, you and Lin Feng met in the Celestial Walls Manor. I’ve even heard that you and Lin Feng had a battle.” said that young man calmly.

Everybody stared at Zhou Tian Ruo. Why did he mention Bei Yan Yun but not Lin Feng? Did that mean that Zhou Tian Ruo didn’t consider him a strong cultivator?

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