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PMG Chapter 1504: To The Qi Clan!

PMG Chapter 1504: To The Qi Clan!

Lin Feng was famous in Ba Huang and had a lot of influence. After the events in Fortune City, he had done many incredible things. He had killed Long Teng, Qi Tian Sheng, he had been oppressed by two emperors and was then banished. During the meeting of the emperors, he had killed some of Tian Long’s princes, and had killed Qi Qian Ren. He was famous for being a strong demon and a sword cultivator.

Besides, each time he killed people, they were seemingly stronger than him. Lin Feng was a true genius. Such people were rare. Even amongst that group of people, he could be considered strong. Nobody would believe him if Zhou Tian Ruo said Lin Feng wasn’t worth mentioning.

Therefore, everybody couldn’t wait to hear Zhou Tian Ruo’s answer!

“You seem to know a lot.” said Zhou Tian Ruo looking at that young man in a cold way. Then he said indifferently, “Lin Feng is not a bad cultivator, we fought, there’s nothing exceptional about that.”

The nice-looking young man smiled indifferently and said, “If you didn’t kill him, it must mean that he’s a real genius.”

“Zhou Tian Ruo, you have broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer, and you control golden holy Qi. Yet, you can’t compete with a cultivator from Ba Huang. How ridiculous is that?” said a voice in a cold way. The one who was talking was sitting on the southern side. He hadn’t said anything so far. But when he heard that Zhou Tian Ruo couldn’t defeat a cultivator from Ba Huang, he looked at Zhou Tian Ruo in a disdainful way.

“Qiao Chi Feng, do you think you’re so strong?!” said Zhou Tian Ruo.

“I wouldn’t describe myself as a strong cultivator but we’re in Ba Huang. I don’t think that people from Ba Huang who aren’t at the very top of the Zun Qi layer can defeat me here. I haven’t met anyone yet either.” said Qiao Chi Feng in a cold way. What he meant was that he was stronger than Zhou Tian Ruo, at least.

“Brother Qiao is right. The same applies to me.” said another young man smiling thinly. He despised cultivators from Ba Huang.

Many people from Ba Huang who were around looked unhappy after they heard that.

Amongst those young men, there were two kinds of people, those who thought there were geniuses in Ba Huang and those thought nobody in Ba Huang could compete with them. After all, they were geniuses who had grown up in incredibly beneficial environments for practicing cultivation.

“Interesting conversations, brothers!” said someone else. A silhouette appeared in front of them.

“Brother Yu Chen, what is your opinion?” said Qiao Chi Feng, smiling at that young man.

“Brother Qiao, what you say is not unfounded. There are no geniuses in Ba Huang.” said Qi Yu Chen smiling.

“You can’t say that, in the Ba Huang Province there are many geniuses who have special bodies which grant them incredible powers. They will even have the opportunity to leave Ba Huang Province soon. Maybe then they will exceed our expectations.” said the young man who had praised Jun Mo Xi, while glancing at Qiao Chi Feng and Qi Yu Chen.

“Why ruin people’s determination? If Kong Ming and Lin Feng were in front of me, I could kill them in one punch.” said Qiao Chi Feng arrogantly.

When Qiao Chi Feng said that, he glanced at Zhou Tian Ruo in a deep and meaningful way.

Zhou Tian Ruo hadn’t defeated Lin Feng in the Celestial Walls Manor, so when Qiao Chi Feng said he’d kill Lin Feng in one punch, it was to infuriate Zhou Tian Ruo. After all, he had no qualms against Lin Feng.

“I am convinced you could!” said Qi Yu Chen calmly.

When Zhou Tian Ruo heard them, he became upset. In that small world, those people were just like him, so how could he admit that he was any weaker than them?

“I could do the same! I could kill Lin Feng in one punch if I used my full strength!” said Zhou Tian Ruo after remaining silent for a few seconds.

In the crowd, Lin Feng was smiling quietly.

Lin Feng turned around, wanting to leave. However, at that moment, someone smiled at him.

“Brother!” Lin Feng was very surprised to see that person. He was just behind him, but Lin Feng hadn’t sensed his presence. If they were enemies, he could have killed him instantly.

Of course, enemies couldn’t find him easily. Mu Chen had left some memories in Lin Feng’s brain to find him no matter the technique.

“Come with me.” said Mu Chen, indifferently glancing at the young men from the Holy City. Then, Lin Feng and Mu Chen left.

“Thank you for inviting us, Brother Yu Chen.” said Qiao Chi Feng. “If someone could compare their strength with Brother Zhou, that’d be even more interesting.”

“I have no objection!” said Qi Yu Chen. The others didn’t refuse. But the young men stood up and left. The crowd was disappointed, they wish they could have seen those people fight.

Lin Feng followed Mu Chen and they walked through Xuri City, gathering together with their fellow disciples. That was Emperor Yu’s plan. After destroying Tian Long Divine Castle, Tiantai’s disciples had all converged in that ancient city.

At that moment, all the twelve disciples of Tiantai, including Hou Qing Lin and Mu Chen were there.

“Brother, are we going to the Qi Clan?” asked Lin Feng smiling. Why else would they gather in Xuri City?

“Of course. Last time, there was only you, Ruo Xie, and Qing Tian. This is something we should do together.” said Mu Chen smiling. Then, he looked at Hou Qing Lin and said, “Qing Lin, bring our fellow disciples to the Qi Clan, you know what to do. I’m going to inform our teacher.”

“I understand.” said Hou Qing Lin nodding. Everybody looked excited. It was going to be the Qi Clan’s turn again!

“Let’s go.” said Hou Qing Lin. Everybody’s silhouette flickered, but they didn’t fly, they stayed inconspicuously on the ground.

“What an incredible Qi! Who are those people!” thought many people who were on the main road. A short time before, they had seen a dozen young men who had an incredible Qi and an imposing appearance as well. Now, there was another group. What was going on?

“I think I saw Hou Qing Lin from Tiantai.”

“I think I saw Tian Chi the monk!”

“I think I saw Lin Feng!” thought some people. Tiantai’s people!

They suddenly thought about Tian Long who had been destroyed by Tiantai.

“I also saw Xia Tian Fan in the air, the one who fought the geniuses from Ba Huang!”

“Are you sure! They’re all going to the Qi Clan it seems!” many people were realizing what was going to happen.

“Let’s go to the Qi Clan!”

Suddenly, many people followed the group from Tiantai.

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