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PMG Chapter 1506: Explosive Attacks

PMG Chapter 1506: Explosive Attacks

The Qi Clan was under a lot of pressure from all those emperors.

“You’re here.” said Emperor Yu, nodding at the old emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals. He then said to everybody, “Back then, Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Qi joined hands to attack my small world. Three powerful groups attacked Tianjing City, so I had to make my people disperse. Everybody already knows about that.”

“We must solve that issue, so I invited some emperors to come. I also invited the old immortal emperor to come to supervise. Today, Tiantai will fight against the Qi Clan.” said Emperor Yu calmly. He looked at the twelve disciples and said, “My disciples are here, and they will fight, whether the Qi Clan accepts or not.” Everybody shivered.

“Old emperor, Great Ape Emperor, the tensions between the Qi Clan and Tiantai have nothing to do with the Celestial Palace of the Immortals and the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, right? Why come?” said Emperor Dong, ignoring Emperor Yu. They had never fought for or against Tiantai and the Qi Clan, what were they doing there?

“Emperor Yu is my good friend.” said the Great Ape Emperor happily. Emperor Dong was astonished and looked at the old emperor.

“People know that I will die soon, and ever since people learnt about that, the Qi Clan has attacked the Celestial Palace of the Immortals a few times. There’s no need to talk about that, besides, the Qi Clan oppressed Tiantai, that’s a fact. The Qi Clan is not the only group which can attack other people. As far as the tensions between Tiantai and the Qi Clan are concerned, I won’t get involved if the other emperors don’t get involved.” said the old emperor clearly.

“Since it’s that way, I don’t have anything more to say then.” said Emperor Dong. He looked at Lin Feng and the others in a sharp way, “Since you think you can do what you wish in the Qi Clan’s territory, come!”

“So if you don’t reply, it means that you don’t accept and that you want a chaotic battle?” asked Emperor Yu mockingly. “Does the Qi Clan fear my disciples?”

“Empty words.”

A group of people appeared on the Qi Clan’s side. They were young like the cultivators of Tiantai, their Qi was extraordinary, and they looked mysterious.

“It’s them!” thought Lin Feng. There were nine people, those he had just seen in the tea house in Xuri City. They were actually from the Holy City.

“We were just talking about how strong cultivators from Tiantai are. What a coincidence!” said Qi Yu Chen smiling. The young men from the Holy City looked excited, they wanted to fight. They had come to that world to fight, and now they were facing geniuses.

“All those who have nothing to do with Tiantai or the Qi Clan, move aside.” said Mu Chen, glancing at the crowd. What were those people from the Holy City doing there? It would be difficult for Tiantai’s disciples to fight if those people were involved.

“You already determined the rules, I represent the Qi Clan. If my friends want to fight, they can.” said Qi Yu Chen, he knew those people really wanted to fight. They would love to fight against those people from Tiantai.

“I really want to see how strong cultivators from Tiantai are!” said Qiao Chi Feng.

“Mu Chen remained calm and said, “Since it’s that way, let’s fight.”

The nine young men from the Holy City rose up in the air, readying to fight.

Emperor Dong smiled and said, “Nine people, they can fight against your eleven disciples.” said Emperor Dong. He already excluded Mu Chen because Mu Chen’s strength was unfathomable.

“Wait.” said someone. People turned around and looked at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng took a step forwards, he was looking at Zhou Tian Ruo as he said, “Zhou Tian Ruo, we fought not so long ago, and it was a draw. Then you said you could easily kill me if you used your full strength, is that right?”

Zhou Tian Ruo looked at Lin Feng in a cold way. He was petrified. He had only said that because Qiao Chi Feng thought he was a weakling. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would hear him.

Many people who were in the tea house looked excited. Zhou Tian Ruo had been very clear about how easily he could kill Lin Feng.

“Come here and fight!” shouted Lin Feng as he suddenly threw himself at Zhou Tian Ruo.


Zhou Tian Ruo couldn’t dodge and he had no excuses.

“Brother Zhou, he’s saying you’re arrogant, so just go and kill him!” said Qiao Chi Feng when he saw that Zhou Tian Ruo was hesitating.

Zhou Tian Ruo released gold holy Qi and it formed into a dazzling armor.

Lin Feng smiled devilishly. Zhou Tian Ruo dazzled at that moment, but he had already lost against Lin Feng, his most powerful attack couldn’t even break Lin Feng’s sword. How could he win now?

Energies rolled in waves in the sky before turning into a sword. It wasn’t dazzling, it looked rather plain.

“Dong!” Lin Feng jumped forwards. The crowd shivered. Even people in the distance could sense how badly that sword smelt like death.

Lin Feng suddenly turned into a shadow and flew forwards.

“Kacha!” the ground crackled. Lin Feng’s sword, which looked like a dark mountain, descended from the sky. Very quickly, lights appeared and their attacks collided. Then, the golden lights faded.

“Fissures!” the crowd was amazed because Lin Feng’s attack created fissures in the sky.

“Argh!” Zhou Tian Ruo shouted furiously, but he was propelled to the ground with some more rumbling sounds. He was sitting there, on his knees, he was bleeding, his golden body was broken, and Lin Feng was just standing in the air, looking down at him in a despising way.

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