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PMG Chapter 1507: Can’t Withstand a Single Attack!

PMG Chapter 1507: Can’t Withstand a Single Attack!

Zhou Tian Ruo crawled on the ground, his body was soaked in his own blood.

“Zhou Tian Ruo and Lin Feng had a draw in the Celestial Walls Manor?” questioned some people.

Everybody had their doubts now because they knew how strong Lin Feng. They had thought that at most, it could be a draw, but apparently, they had underestimated Lin Feng, as Zhou Tian Ruo was crawling before their eyes. Some people looked amused. Was that what he meant by killing Lin Feng in one punch? Zhou Tian Ruo was ridiculous.

Had he used his full strength? Probably not.

“Lin Feng keeps becoming stronger and more aggressive.” thought the crowd.

“I thought you could kill me easily?” Lin Feng was mocking Zhou Tian Ruo in a disdainful way. Zhou Tian Ruo felt humiliated.

Gold holy Qi began rolling in waves again.

“Kaboom!” In a flash, a terrifying strength descended from the sky. The ground crackled and half of Zhou Tian Ruo’s body was dug into the ground. At the same time, Lin Feng ran towards him using the same sword attack he had just used.

Lin Feng’s strength oppressed him.

Craters formed and the ground shook. Zhou Tian Ruo bled even more.

“Boom!” Zhou Tian Ruo punched the ground with his golden fist and dug into it.

Lin Feng smiled coldly. He descended from the sky, a gigantic hand fell on Zhou Tian Ruo. Lin Feng was using earth abstruse energy.

“Hmph!” Lin Feng smiled in a cold way and ran forwards. It was as if his legs weighed thousands of kilos on the ground. The landscape changed drastically around him as the ground continued to quake.

As he was falling deeper into the ground, his facial expression suddenly changed.

He continued releasing gold holy Qi, using all the energies he could.

Lin Feng’s sword crashed onto his body and propelled him away one-thousand meters. His golden armor was completely broken, and even more blood spilt. Zhou Tian Ruo’s internal organs were injured, and he was shaking violently.

“Not bad!” thought Lin Feng. An ordinary cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer would have died already, but Zhou Tian Ruo’s golden armor was strong. Lin Feng knew that if he saw cosmic energy and an imperial weapon, it’d mean that Zhou Tian Ruo was about to die.

The crowd was awestruck.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and landed in front Zhou Tian Ruo. Zhou Tian Ruo shouted in a cold way, “If you don’t kill me, I’ll kill you!”

Zhou Tian Ruo threw himself at Lin Feng again.

“Boom!” Lin Feng hit Zhou Tian Ruo with his sword and made him fly away again. Zhou Tian Ruo fell down from the sky and hit the ground with another thud.

“Die!” shouted Zhou Tian Ruo. He was going insane as his golden Qi continued rolling in waves and surrounded his body.

“You’re only humiliating yourself.” said Lin Feng when he saw Zhou Tian Ruo’s ferocious facial expression. He turned around and walked towards the group from Tiantai. He completely ignored Zhou Tian Ruo. Lin Feng knew that Zhou Tian Ruo wanted Lin Feng to kill him. Zhou Tian Ruo had a precious treasure with cosmic energies, so if Lin Feng infuriated him, his weapon would release energies. Lin Feng wasn’t going to give him such an opportunity though.
Lin Feng’s cultivation level was low, but because he understood abstruse energies and force really well, his strength was already incredible.

“In the Ba Huang Province, in a small world, surprisingly, there’s a genius like him.” thought those young men surprised. If he had grown up in their homeland, he would have been even stronger. Who had taught him how to mix abstruse energies? If he had learnt those things on his own, then he was a real genius.

Lin Feng went back to his friends and glanced at the young men from the Holy City, in particular Qiao Chi Feng and said, “A short time ago, I heard you say that you could easily kill Kong Ming and I. How about we test that?”

The young men from the Holy City were surprised again. After humiliating Zhou Tian Ruo, Lin Feng surprisingly dared challenge Qiao Chi Feng. Qiao Chi Feng had said that indeed, many people had heard him.

Tiantai’s people said nothing. The disciples of Tiantai were all monstrously strong cultivators. However, many of them still had a low cultivation level, and they needed to fight to get stronger. Lin Feng was one of them. He relied on his own strength to become stronger.

Concerning Lin Feng, he didn’t want to humiliate his opponent, he just wanted to fight against some strong cultivators to become stronger. He had had the strength of the sixth Zun Qi layer for too long in his opinion!

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